Why is this community so full of ****?

I am so sick of the behavior of some guys here.


Get it in your brain and stop being so toxic to free content creators. This whole #paid-media / #direct-dl bulls*** again and again. You can ask the community member for free links, if you are not smart enough to find them on your own. That was never a problem. But so many times the first comments are “where free links”, “add paid-media tag”, “please mega” …

It must be very hard to be respectful or thankful for the hard work those creators give you for free. A simple “thanks” kills you or what?

Since this forum is more open, it getting worst every day. Please delete all paid-media / direct-dl tags, ask nicely for free stuff and be thankfull.


It always baffles me how bad people are at finding this shit themselves. Tech and internet literacy really peaked a decade ago.


Monitoring at the same time is peaking currently. And malware is still as relevant as it was 20y ago. Someone who isnt tech savy enough should not be looking for such concent to avoid getting their pc infected, or be even more unlucky and get cought (still their own mistake on that, but i still dislike those companies as they generaly go after the wrong people).

I guess its most of the time just lazyness, why search if someone else can do that for you?

Now for the script request part there is a catch, since if the script maker releases his script for free. That script could generate income for those paid videos. Giving that person a decent counter argument (he could decide to make the script paid, and in many countries has the legal rights to do so). But if those free links then get spammed, that argument wont hold.
And this can again be used as an argument that he is still aiding in spreading the illegal content. Those free links are on that harmfull towards the script maker.

Also, asking for a free link is on that in most countries illegal! Dont think that because you only ask that you are being legal. If your question is expected to be done on that, it is illegal as you are taking part in the crime.
If someone happens to find it on PH or some other site that normaly has legal content, then sure, share it (you cant always tell why it was uploaded, and as long as there is no other connection. sharing a link to such site is safe as the sites themselve are generaly very well regulated). If its illegal that gets taken down.
But do not ask for it, since even if it then gets uploaded to such site. It can be considered a response to you, and therefor still mark you as part of the crime.
Piracy rules arent as simple as they appear. Since they often are surrounded by more general rules of handling crime. Asking someone to commit a murder with the expectation they will do so makes you part of the crime. And it takes 1 company to ask for logs, or active logging about users that shared those things to be able to find you. If the site refuses, it might kill the site. If the site agrees, those users might get punished, and the site can survive (and guess what most site owners will choose, and should choose).


Personally. I just use the site as a backup to the scripts i made. Also to check out what other people are doing and try to incorporate stuff i liked. I’ll be honest, i kinda share the same sentiment. I made a lot of scripts that i already forgot i made or forgot to upload. One factor is that i felt compelled to find a way to share the source vid. I even bought 300gb mega just to be considerate. In hindsight, i shouldnt have been compelled and just uploaded the script lol.

Another reason is when making posts, im honestly too lazy to spend extra time to make gifs and heatmap. I do it because everyone does it and i didnt mind it because it really does help when looking to scripts. I just got used to the time in rts where you just put the title in, link and script lol. I dont mind doing this because it helps when being selective in the stuff i want to try out and really help out find legit paid sources.

Edit: also another reason im scared to post links sometimes. I dont want any attention from big porn studios to be directed on this site. I love the script community.


I think it just comes with the territory of pornography communities. They’re thinking with their Dicks. Best to just shun them and promote and befriend useful people


This is why I only script content from PH and Spankbang. If I ever script for paid media I would just ignore people asking for free links. Better yet I’d delete the requests. I haven’t needed to do that yet so I don’t know if it’s possible.


hi, please continue the convo over here

I won’t close this topic in case there’s stuff that doesn’t directly fit into this linked convo.

Please give feedback on the proposal I linked :pray:

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I totally agree. So much more rudeness and demanding attitudes. It’s starting to morph from a community into a smash-and-grab storefront for scripts.

In my opinion, scripters are the life-blood of what make this site work. Full stop. No scripters = no site. All improvement suggestions should first answer the question - how do we make this into a better home for scripters?

There are SO many topics that can be brought up, but the one that is top of my mind is…

Do scripters want to maximize reach to EVERYONE?
Do scripters want to share scripts with a constructive, engaged community?

The open-ness of the forum is definitely leaning towards the first, with some negative effects in terms of the types of users and conflicts that have popped up a bit more. However, it may have a positive effect on some scripters that are are monetizing their scripts via Gumroad, etc. I don’t know enough scripters to be able to answer this issue, but I do see it as a potential point of divergence in what kind of “home” ES is for valued scripters.


My apologies. I usually just download and don’t say anything. Thank you for all that you have contributed!!

I may be asking for links a lot here soon. My hard drive crashed and I will be trying to get a lot of the stuff I had back.


maybe there are differences, but this does remind me of a similar discussion a while back. I think a lot of the same ideas are still relevant Hidden script category for higher level users only? - #25 by defucilis


I usually skip scripts if no download is provided, but attempt to find if video is enticing


Thats what I want. But I am not a dreamer and don’t believe, that a 100% positive community is possible. The opening of this community didn’t bring a added value to me. My subjective perception tell me that not expectional more people starts scripting per year then before. Only more scroungers.

I only start to sell my script instead of giving away for free because of this sick community.

Sorry hugecat for starting such a discussion… again. The moment I saw that Husky was treated like that, I was pissed af. No existing topic fitted to my feelings at this moment. Your linked topics are similar but this is more a all over problem.

The existing user level can’t provide a functional hidden script category. The user level must be set manual by mods or some kind of committee, based on the way a user is part of this community. It would be a great wish of mine if something like that were possible. But I’m only a guest here and I know that it’s only the decision of the operator what he wants to do with this forum.

I don’t want to blame the inactive users here as much as it maybe seems. But the statistics here are really sobering. Last month 13k active users in 30 days. Around 30-100 likes per posted free script and 1-3 not free links related comments. Thats an activity of 0.2% - 0.8% on likes and 0.007% - 0.02% on comments.

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You need to separate content consumption from content creation.
Those few hundred or so people who write scripts are usually very adequate and socially correct people.
Those who use scripts are, as in any society, different.
You understand the ethical and moral issues of society as a whole, not this forum in particular. The whole world is like that now - consumption, the popularity of social media, instagram and tiktok confirmation. And the topic of the forum is also on the border between posted and forbidden topics.
The issue of the ethics of the scripts we deal with is broader than it seems and more complex. Especially in today’s world, it seems to me, people are degrading even more, and it’s all going back to the Middle Ages.

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I have long been accustomed to the fact that few people write comments, and it depends more on the choice of video. but when someone asks for a free link and it is provided, often there is no gratitude even for this, this is already a problem with the basic norms of communication.

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You turned my whole worldview upside down with that link.
I will no longer sell scripts. They will all be free from now on. I will only leave a subscription for early access to them.
I will change the terms tonight and thank you so much for that!
It’s too bad if my scripts won’t be seen and tried out by hundreds of people.


Yeah I do feel it’s gotten a tad odd as of late. I’m not on here downloading stuff as much as I used to be, but damn. At least like the post and say thank you once in awhile. I know I can’t speak for some because I’ve only contributed like two scripts, but the people who liked them did make ne feel good about then. Even if you don’t download the script and it interests you, just shoot a thank you. It can make a difference.


I dont think paid scripts are a bad idea in general. But the problem is mostly that its something on top of an already paid video. This gives such low exposure that it might feel like a waste. But in the end, you spent effort, and its fine if you at least want to be rewarded for that.

Early access on that can be a nice method to allow people to still give some sort of donation.

Personaly im not interested into making paid scripts as i do this as a hobby anyway. Just like the plugin i made… i will be adding a few more features (and i do have some ideas for that), and maybe even manage 2 versions (if i can get runtime editing effects to function properly and not cause lag). My scripts are often partialy as experiment, and often because i simply just like a video and want it to work on the handy. Making those public wont harm (and could even in some cases promote the maker of the video).

Ofcourse, if someone would like to pay me to make something, i could be interested, but as its as a hobby, that is just going to be too unreliable.

There is a whole paid scripts area. Which i have on the ignore list. If this could work with paid videos, then maybe there is also a better ground for handling those links in them (as then it can be made clear its simply not desired behaviour).

Sure, you can still search yourself (why not?). just dont share it then, i think that would be a fine enough balance.

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I’m one of those people who very rarely replies or comments on any topic. Often, I will even download a script without liking the post unless it’s a scene I am particularly excited about.

However, I’ve also released several scripts for free on this site. So I hope the dozens of hours I’ve spent on those would be enough to show the respect and appreciation I have for others who do the same.

The reason I don’t “engage” much is not because I don’t appreciate the work of all the fine scripters here, but because I don’t feel I have anything tangible to add to the conversation for the post. And that, to me, is what the purpose of the comments are.

I don’t want my topics to be filled with everyone posting their thanks for my script. Just imagine if every person who submitted a like were to post a reply instead, much less those who neglected to even like it. Topics would quickly have 100+ posts saying nothing really, and the few that may have important info in them would be impossible to find easily.

I would want replies on my topics to focus on specific feedback on the quality of my script or ways I might be able to improve. Or if someone feels that one of my scripts was particularly good, it can be nice to hear about that as well.

As for the piracy discussion: regardless of personal views of piracy (and for the record, I very much prefer nobody pirate any content and only post creator links in posts about the scripts I make) someone asking about or posting a free link does actually fit in my definition of what a comment is intended for. It is requesting and posting additional tangible information that is not included in my own post.

For me, the better indicator of community health is not any metrics on engagement of any particular script post. Rather, it is with the posts requesting help, which tend to be engaged with and answered very quickly. It is also with the various tools that people have created and maintained and posted about here to improve scripting. It is also in posts like this one where people do engage and get passionate about when they think they have something to add. So, I think our community is doing okay.


Asking a question has no legality attached to it, no matter what country you are in. Even if totalitarian entities try to imply they can censor your words and thought… they’re the one’s violating human rights.

The unfortunate (for content creators) part of the internet is that the reality is, once you expose your content to the internet you have to expect that it will be pirated. That is simply the nature of a free and open environment (meaning limited censorship and not subject to totalitarian oppression). People will share. As we have learned (especially since 2020), a lot of people will simply steal and walk off. That’s just how some people are.

You have some copyright legality if you created the content, but again, it is not 100% enforceable.
This is, again, just the harsh reality of an open and free (meaning limited censorship and not subject to totalitarian oppression) environment. The internet should remain in limited censorship, just like individual rights in the daily lives of people.

I don’t condone stealing someone’s work they created as paid media, but also, I understand the nature of the harsh reality of the internet… especially a porn related entity. I’m a software developer, I understand.

You are posting in a ‘seedy’ section of the internet. A back-alley, so to speak, and complaining someone runs off with property, or asks you for a hand-out… Did you expect some other outcome? We aren’t in Disneyland here… you can even get mugged at a Disneyland…

If you put your content behind a secure portal that requires payment to access, that is 90% of the option you have to secure it. You have a small percentage left to pursue legal recourse, if you can find the person(s) involved with distributing that content (without your consent or consent of the author) either after they paid for it or having had acquired it from someone who did. IF you can find their true identity.

That’s about it.

There will always be a small percentage where you can not recover your property.
That is also true for real world crime.

I agree it is in bad taste to beg for free links, but do you go around punching beggars on the street when they ask you for a dollar as you pass by them? Or do you ignore them and continue about your day?

On here, at least, their comments can be muted or removed. But you will always have people wanting to get for free what other’s have paid/worked for.

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At the end of the day, the site will be different things to different people. For a lot of the older members, this site is a community of peers, in which mutual trust and respect are important. That’s delightful and all, but that’s not how everyone uses the site, and we need to keep that in mind.

As toys that use funscripts become more popular and common, more and more people will treat this site as a source of content. As I said in my post about trust levels, as the site grows, the ratio of “community members” to “lurkers” will skew more and more towards lurkers. The endgame is something like YouTube - how many YouTube creators are there compared to YouTube users who never create videos or even write comments?

I’m sure that for a lot of these new users it’s inconvenient and frustrating that the main location to get funscripts on the internet is a forum! They want funscripts, they don’t want a community - and that’s totally OK in my book - that’s just how the internet works.

Obviously, if people are acting rude or entitled in threads with scripts of paid content, expecting links from script creators and such, then that’s a different issue entirely - if users are being rude, report their posts and the mod team will bring them to swift justice by politely asking them to be nicer :slight_smile: