Should DMs be restricted to higher user levels?

Currently it’s available to trust level 1 users, but some convo in Why is this community so full of ****? - #27 by korkkge if there should be a higher requirement

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Considering how easy to get level 1 and apparently from what I’m seeing on the occasional community revamp threads, here’s my vote for DM for at least level 2.

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Has not been a problem for me, but considering how it can be abused I will also vote for level 2.

I think a lvl 2 requirement would be helpful. As long as they still have a way of contacting a mod if needed.

if what ive been seeing is true then yes. This would be a nice filter for those that actually are participating in the community vs the rude beggars based on what I’ve been seeing

I’m seeing a lot of indirect sentiment. I wonder if anyone has actual personal anecdotal experiences with this problem

I have had maybe 10-15 people reach out to me for direct download links and all of them were polite and understanding. That said I did specifically say in the post that if links are dead they are welcome to do so.

If this is an issue for more veteran members, however, I think a lvl 2 requirement makes a lot of sense.

It makes solid sense. Level 2 requirements are low enough where it isn’t barring the community by any means. I’ve had nothing but pleasant interactions on here, but I am strictly a consumer and I can definitely imagine things being much different for creators.

I believe this might be a more common issues for those scripting videos on PH, spankbang etc. or videos stored on mega. For me that only script videos from VR studios DM hasn’t been an issue at all. I occasionally get DM’s about script requests or questions if I script for commission, but they are always polite. So I was completely unaware that DM’s were an issue.

Level 2 requirement sounds reasonable. However, what will those that can’t DM do as a “workaround”? We saw an increase of script request posts in general when we raised the bar to level 2 in the script request section for instance. Will we just move the issue into the topics instead?

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…it seems level 2 is the more appropriate, if begging DM’s are a problem.

It would mean a slight sea change in the way some issues are dealt with. Two problems spring to mind, as prompted by comments here.

People who are genuine and are requesting help with scripting, learning to help, etc. The comment sections of scripts, Help section, and so on are appropriate places to ask, i don’t think it would be much of a stretch for people to post there instead of DMing. There’s no reason someone lvl2 or higher can’t DM them back, at which point they can continue in DM’s. It’s only initiating DM’s that needs the permission, not replying to one. And really, they only need to make three comments, chuck a couple of likes about, and turn up for two weeks, and they can then DM anyway, if they’re serious that will happen naturally.

People requesting links to stuff! So aye, some people respectfully message others for a link request, and a certain amount (because we don’t know how many of these requests already come from lvl 2 and above peeps) of that traffic would then be directed to the comments section. At least there it is less hassle to the scripter, and the comments can be removed if deemed to be impolite, or inappropriate. A link can still be provided, via DM or comments section, at the discretion of the Scripter, or another passing entity. [speculation: i imagine that the majority of ‘rude’ requests for links come from people who don’t participate much, under lvl 2 as a result, and the more polite ones from the regular lvl 2 peeps, so ultimately raising the bar to lvl 2 for DM’s is a win… /speculation].

imo, ultimately, this is a site for scripters, they need the protection, not the consumer. This site and it’s creators are the goose that lays the golden eggs, if peeps wanna be fapping so desperately that they’re gonna blow up an inbox, they can go use one of the sites that derive from this, like FapTap, or ScriptAxis. Hell, get an SLR sub, wtvr, and there are gonna be exponentially more portals to interactive fapping by this time next year than there are now, that’s an absolute given. And many are gonna need EroScripts to survive.

So don’t worry too much about melting a few snowflakes at this point, there’s an avalanche coming…

If people end up going to general or elsewhere to post asking for links because they can’t DM it is in a public space, not targeted at the creator and can be much more easily moderated. It may add clutter for a while, but in my opinion it is much less likely to see personal attacks in a public setting like that.

I personally don’t see a reason for putting it behind higher level than it is now. Usually the problem occurs when the video is hard to obtain, packed with increased amount of comments under the post asking for free links. Otherwise, it’s a non-issue. Probably it’s better to ignore it.

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