XTPlayer - Cross platform TCode sync (OSR, SR6) Stream your local media and sync funscripts to almost any device with a browser

Gotta say I love this and have mostly moved on from Multifunplayer to this application since I can just browse inside the app and no longer have to scroll through my entire library to find what I’m looking for.
I would like to request two quality of life features for people with large media libraries.

This would greatly help me since I have around 400-500 videos in my library. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • A way to add one or multiple tags to videos.

  • Have the player show in some way that you’ve already watched a video.

For some reason the new update is not generating new thumbnails all of them are black

What OS?
If windows, what codec pack?

I had another request for tags. I may do that.
What would you consider “watched”?

I forgot to mention here that XTPlayer and XTEngine are now open source if you care about such things.

XTEngine is ideally the guts of the application and built as an external library. XTPlayer is ideally the QtWidget front end. Since I separated these out way down the line in development, the separation isn’t the cleanest.


Im using K Lite

Interesting, that’s what I use and I don’t see the issue. Sometimes the random number returned is toward the beginning. Seems like this happens more often than id like. Im not sure why. Usually the beginning is a black screen.

Does it still do it if you skip to a point in the video and rightclick on the playing thumbnail and click set thumb from current?

I tried everything nothing seems to work

I would consider it watched if I got to the end of the video or like 90-98% of the watchtime has gone by

Well damn, I’m working on the thumb gen system right now I cannot reproduce the issue on my system. A debug log by launching with the debug bat file and saving the terminal output may help.

I just made a minor change to the thumb gen to fix a crash in the linux build but I doubt it’ll do anything for you.

Tried reinstalling the codec pack? Resetting and modifications from default? I usually leave everything at default so im not too familiar with modifying settings in there.

You make it 98% through these videos :open_mouth: lol
I can add this when I get to adding tags as it will be in the same metadata.
I don’t know how ill show it to the user as adding icons to the media library has proven to be kind of a pain.

Could have it so the tags work with the search bar so searching for something like creampie or whatever will show up in the search results?
Or have it so when the mouse hovers over a thumbnail for more than a second or so it enlarges it and shows the tags of the video to the right of the thumbnail?

And yeah unless it’s like a fap/cock hero, intense script or other long content I tend to last though a few videos XD

Just thought I would leave some more feedback since the update. The random pitch and roll now causes my osr2 to freeze and then violently jerk after second before continuing if it even unfreezes. Scripted roll and pitch does not have this problem. I have tested my device with multifunplayer to see if it would occur there as well but everything worked fine. I would like to be able to run it off my laptop though but it runs on Linux (Fedora, Ublue Aurora). For now I’m just running xtplayer without the random motion

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I notice this problem as well.

Interesting, what firmware? Ive not seen this and I use random pitch all the time. Do you have range limits set on pitch? Using UDP or Serial? How are you running it when it happens. External media player or built in?

If you load the app in debug mode with the batch file the tcode thats sent to the device will be in the terminal. Can see what it sends when this happens.

Do you have and speeds set in the random motion settings?

I have resolved the issue and I will provide no further details on how I solved it… naw that would be the worst. I actually reflashed with the firmware Khrull provides on his patreon and now everything works. I really should have looked at your page a bit more closely instead of bee-lining for the posts about xtplayer

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