XTPlayer - Cross platform TCode sync (OSR, SR6) Stream your local media and sync funscripts to almost any device with a browser

This is probably due to the outdated browser in Deo. I can scroll in the Oculus quest version so I assumed it worked in the phone version. I dont have a fix for it off hand sorry.
I wonder if you can set android to open videos in Deo from the browser. Not ideal but may work.
I can check it out when I get the time.

I have an issue with XTP Web on Linux. If I open the http url, it’s always redirects to the https url of my Linux PC with the result that it cannot load the page. This happens on the PC (e.g. by clicking on the link in the settings) and from DeoVR.
Any idea how to solve that?

Maybe this is a local issue for my PC only
For me an easy workaround work: change XTP web to a different port e.g. 8080.

Its actually more local than that. Its the browser. Usually there’s a setting somewhere for redirecting to https that you can turn off. This setting is usually hidden so you may need to google where it is for your browser base.

Interesting idea. I’ll have to see if brave gives me enough control. Thanks!

Pretty sure brave is chromium based it should be similar to chrome.

I have a Macbook Pro (14.1.1), Keon and Android (v14) Cardboard. Is there any way I can use XTP on my mac to sync VR videos on my Android Cardboard with Keon?

On my android phone, I have the apps DeoVR Cardboard (v8.54) and PLAY’A VR Cardboard (v2.2.4).

I apologize if this has been answered - I did search in this thread but did not someone with my exact setup.

No Keon support sorry. Only TCode devices are supported.

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Is it possible to add multiple devices at the same time ex. Stroker/vibrator?

I’ve been thinking about this recently. Not currently. Still working through the tcode button actions. If I did this, it would only be for multiple tcode devices though.

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What settings do you use for single Axis PMVs to “enhance” them a little bit to multi-axis?

I like linking the pitch and twist to stroke and increasing the speed by 2. You can also do this for the other axis’ that you want and tweak the speed to your liking.
Note: There are some UI issues with doing this in the latest release that will be fixed in the next release.
Side note: Random motion has undergone a radical change and should be much improved in the next release. I think its better at least. Its much more random now and doesn’t get hung up on one side of the axis any more.

So this one doesn’t work with handy?

It does not

I just got an OSR2 and I’m excited to try it out. I am on Linux so I’ve been trying out this player. I’ve noticed an issue where whenever I start a script, it will immediately roll to the right very quickly as the starting position, no matter the script. Any ideas what could be causing that? Also is there a way to have XTPlayer do completely random motion without an input script?