XTPlayer - Cross platform TCode sync (OSR, SR6) Stream your local media and sync funscripts to almost any device with a browser

I have but cross compiling is not exactly easy to setup.

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Whats the renderer set to? Have you tried changing it? Maybe play with the decoder priority as well. If you have a system with nvidia set CUDA at top if its not.

Recently upgraded to Ubuntu 22.04 and can’t get XTPlayer to work. When starting the XTPlayer.sh after a while I receive a blank/black window. OSR works on trymosa.netlify.app.

This probably has to do with the renderer set in QtAV. I have this issue in my Linux VM I tried to setup for builds a few months ago. You may be able to change this in the settings.ini which I think is in the home directory on linux. Maybe under XTPlayer or curbside…

I think I may get try rid of QtAV if I ever find the time. This would require the user to set up the system specific codecs and such but it would get rid of a lot of headaches from me I think.

Thank you Khrull I will give it a shot soonest

Any plans to make it compatible with intiface to support other toys ? E.g.: Keon

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Definitely not the top of my list but maybe.


I’m only using the web server, as far as I know there are no shortcuts, would it be possible to add some of them?

On the top of my list would be Next video, Previous video, Toggle full screen and monyshot.


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Full screen should be there by default. I agree and would also like some more controls and I do plan on adding them eventually.


does XTplayer work with Intiface Desktop

Not as far as I am aware of.

ah ok would you be albe to make it compatile to it also how do i connect my lovesense device to the player

What are you trying todo?
As far as the lovesense device, this is primarily a TCode player. I don’t have any plans currently to support NON TCode devices

Hi there,

I am a Mac user on a Quest 1. I have successfully installed the Mac version of XT Player and done basic settings. But I am a bit confused as to the logistics with this app. First and foremost, to use a funscript, I must first connect my device with bluetooth. Am I connecting the device via the Quest bluetooth utility; or am I connecting it via the Mac, and if so, is this supposed to be done directly through the Mac bluetooth connection panel, the XT Player app, or a browser?

Second, I don’t quite understand the signal-flow with this app. Do I sideload videos and funscripts to the Quest, or am I streaming them from the Mac to DeoVr or Heresphere?

Third, what is the procedure for playback on the Quest via DeoVr or Heresphere? I read through the brief connection tutorial for DeoVr, but it stopped before walking me through getting the video to play on the Quest AND getting the funscript to talk to my device.

Lastly, what is the setup for the XTP Web connection?

A more thorough setup and playback procedure would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

Well first question throws a red flag. XTP supports TCode devices only. I don’t know of any TCode devices that use bluetooth.
Is this a commercial device?
Side question: Is this the latest version of XTP? Did it generate thumbnails of your videos?

Thanks for the quick reply. OK, to answer your first question, the devices are Kiiroo Onyx+ and Keon. Second question, I downloaded the latest Mac version 0.32a of XTP from your Patreon site and yes, it generated thumbnails. Hope that helps.

Nice thanks! It would not generate thumbs on my MacOS Virtual machine. I dont own a mac.
Sadly the Onyx is not a tcode device. Sorry…

OK, thanks for the clarification. I guess developers are creating unique apps to control different devices. Sorry I missed that.

I have an M1 Mac and I downloaded v0.33a. However, the range sliders under the “TCode” tab in the Preferences window are missing.

I tried an older version, v0.286, and the range sliders appear, but all I get is a black screen when playing video. The latest version plays video fine for me, but the range sliders are missing.