XTPlayer - Cross platform TCode sync (OSR, SR6) Stream your local media and sync funscripts to almost any device with a browser

Thanks! Yes its just an in house playlist implementation I designed as Ive not taken the time to learn any standard formats. I do have this in the back of my mind just need to motivation and time to do it.

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Really cool stuff! Thanks a lot.
Does this also work with multi axis scripts? Do all scripts need the additional appendix?

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Yes and yes

I’ve never been able to get 4K video to play properly on XT. It stutters and goes out of sync. I wonder if it’s something to do with the video settings on XT (other media players work fine with 4K). I’m using a RTX4070 with intel CPU and have the priority set to CUDA decoder and OpenGL widget for the renderer - I don’t really know what the different options do. Any advice?

Oh wow you’re on an old version of XTP. I changed the video backend to the OS. So directshow in windows a long time ago.
Those media options are gone now and they was part of a dead library. I hope to move back to ffmpeg someday when QT adds gamepad support to QT6 and im not relying on a 3rd party to keep maintaining it.

Thanks for getting back to me. I get so used to apps updating automatically I forget to check for manual updates! :slight_smile:
I’ll try out the newer version.

does it supports linux ?

IT works on linux yes. There is a linux build. I dont really have a cross distribution build so you may need to tweak library references to get it to work.

Yes there is no auto update. Just a warning, switching to this new backend did come with some downfalls. The time line preview had to be kind of hacked as the used api did not offer thumbnail generation. as a result there is an issue with it where the program will crash. Its disabled by default now but if you want it it can be enabled in the system settings. If you get frequent crashes just disable it for now.

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[SOLVED] I’ve just had a new PC and I’ve been setting everything back up the way I like it, but for some reason I can’t get XTP to talk to either DeoVR or Heresphere. I’ve definitely got the right IP address as it DeoVR connects to XTP with the Quest 3 app, but I can’t get it to connect to the Steam version of DeoVR. Anyone have any ideas what’s going on?
[EDIT] - Solved it. I needed to put the PC’s own IP address into DeoVR as that’s where it’s running. I thought I’d leave this comment though in case anyone else has this issue! :slight_smile:

internal loopbacks localhost or should have worked.

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Hi. App looks nice but unfortunately it is probably unusable in my case.

I am streaming media using XBVR to HereSphere. Funscript meta information is passed that way as well. I think that HereSphere has a JSON API to pass the same metadata (incl. funscript file paths) to XTPlayer - but I believe XTPlayer does not support this metadata API.

My funscript files have different names than the video files and have been manually matched in XBVR. Thus, I would like to continue using this aproach.

Is there any capabilities in XTPlayer to support my use case? Either automatically import XBVR DB video + funscript file mappings to XTPlayer OR enable use of HereSphere / XBVR metadata API (JSON)? Thanks.

Easiest way to implement support for XBVR served funscript files is to get funscripts via XBVR HereSphere web API. It is really easy to use JSON API.

See my MFP implementation here: MultiFunPlayer v1.26.1 - Multi axis funscript player - Now with SLR Interactive support - #595 by dahandy