Automated script vs Realcumber

Here we go
Why don’t you compare Realcumber script Return to the Aquarius Spa - Wild Teen Threesome Ultra HD POV VR (Scripts Premium required)

to the automated one

The script doesn’t cover full video, yet it’s fully machine made.

We keep improving technology and expect the next major milestone in some few months. There’s a lot of research going on.

I would be really happy to see more people joining our effort.

You can try the tool by yourself SexLikeReal AI scripting tool


Am I missing something or we can’t try the first link because we have to pay for it?


no you need to pay it.

I see. Well then, I’m pretty sure experts at SLR can compare the two scripts themselves. Shame that they try to replace scripters with bots.


As long as the scripts are good it would be a massive plus for everyone except the scripters who do this as a job. If it can be automated that means all videos could have scripts and it’s almost free to make them. Cheaper prices for more stuff means more people being able to afford / willing to try it out. More demand means more innovation and cool new shit.

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would make people way more interested in sexlikereal if we could see how far it has come.
excluding me you already have my money.

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Automation happens everywhere :smiley:
But I hope that instead of replacing the scripters, it means they can concentrate more on QA and scripting parts that the AI struggle with.
If the result is that we have more scripts with the same quality I think everyone will be pleased.

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Hey @doublevr

I’m just hoping that if you end up doing @realcumber out of a job after the scenes as a scripter … that you give him a new job IN the scenes as the male talent :crazy_face:.

By no means automated scripts are going to replace Realcumber any time soon. It’s a great option to boost the scripts database as we only have some 700+ scripts out of 24,000 videos and an exponential gap between the two is expanding.

We totally should proceed with automation as being able to offer many scripted videos creates a big value. We can’t stop the progress. Nor should we consider it. More people than ever are getting into the field. It’s about time automated scripts get there and we better figure it out first. Manual scripts are gong to have an advantage for a timebeing and we are going to highlight that to the best we can.

Users should have no confusion between frame precise manual scripts and automated ones.

Actually automated scripts have much better timing and precision than manual. Yet it doesn’t work for all parts of the video.

Next step for us would be adding data lebeling tools.

what is that?

Realcumber is going to be on the top of it even if it gets fully automated. There will be always a human on top of tech.

The concept will greatly evolve by the time automation gets you perfect scripts

all good guys - I think @doublevr is trying to assess best how much quality you guys are willing to sacrifice for the sake of faster and more scripts, because realistically, and I think everyone knows whos scripted and uses scripts, that there will undoubtedly be a reduction in quality and noticeably less immersion from automation, but how much of a drop on what is acceptable is what is up for debate

I think higher quality is really important to continue to strive for and maintain, and I’m doing my best to ensure quality over quantity at SLR, which is truly important for memorable experiences and long lasting success (and a big reason why others have failed before us)

But what I’m afraid of (and I hope Im wrong) but as more companies try to compete using automation, then over time, the customer will just be ultimately stuck with overall lesser quality scripts, unless of course scripts are thoroughly checked and edited, which then adds back time to scripting negating time savings

Either way, I will always prefer manually crafting all my scripts for the highest level of realism and immersion possible, and I will continue to do my best to ensure quality at SLR as best as I can, and it will be up to you guys to tell us what you truly want or prefer over time


It’s interesting to compare both your script and the AI generated one. The AI one is way shallower, there’s no doubt in my mind that the manual script would feel way better than the automated one, like not in the same league :smiley: But I’ve checked in a couple of random spots and the positions seem ok, so hopefully the depth detection can be improved to generate something closer to the manual script.

I’m curious to know if there’d be a way to train AI model with the manual scripts to improve the quality of the generated scripts.

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That is my worry as well. As more and more new users begin entering the market, if they begin experiencing scripts of lesser quality, they won’t even know what they’re missing. And us “connoisseurs” are left high and dry. I recall when I was script noob, you could have given me the worst quality script and I still would have been over the moon.


Does automated scripting work with the censored JAV content? There aren’t many scripts available for JAV, it would be awesome if the technology could help out with those too.


We plan to create scripts along with censoring.

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A step in the right direction. Even if you can get rid of the riding parts that are more repetitive and easier for the AI to process it would be a huge factor in terms of the speed of scripting.

This is exactly what I just posted over on the NA/Handy thread. What @handyAlexander is doing now is like turning our posh marketplace of professionally crafted scripts into Walmart, in exactly the same way that they did it - by flooding the market with cheap shit until everyone else either had to lower their standard to Walmart level to compete, or they drove the artisans out of business. Please feel free to ask anyone with an IQ over 70 if they believe that turned out for the better.

More “competition” doesn’t benefit anyone but capital. It only seems to benefit the consumer if price is their only metric (which I why I said to ask only those with an IQ over 70).


It seems to me AI scripting is best used as a tool / aid to speed up script creation. I very much doubt the more complex parts like a two girl blowjob or even just the non standard parts of a regular blowjob can be fully automatically scripted to a high standard. At least not in the near future.

I do think it is a big step in the right direction to automate though. Scripting just takes way too much time now. Especially when you consider that the amount of VR porn is only going to grow “exponentially” from here on out as VR becomes more mainstream and accessible. And even now not even 1% of JAV is scripted. I just don’t see this changing much without some much needed automation.

But yeah, I do remember some crap quality scripts from back in the day and how inferior they where to the level scripters like Realcumber have set and we are now all accustomed to. So yeah, personally I’d rather have fewer scripts than crap scripts but I just don’t think this has to be a tradeoff.

Does make me wonder though. How would you see this @Realcumber? You think that AI can significantly speed up your workflow or will you stick to a fully manual process?


Reduction in price however is a function of efficiency and innovation which I would say is a driven more by competitive market than a monopolistic one. Flooding a market with a lesser product does not force “artisans” to lower prices unless the quality of the lesser product is acceptable to the masses. If we are confident in “artisans” being able to be a cut above the rest then they will always have a market for their products.

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