Can we add filter in script page?

not the search one.
We can view the thumbnail in free/paid script page but there’s no filter option (for example filter out VR script)
Of course we can use the search function with filters, but there are no thumbnails, and there is no thumbnail overview even when mouse is near the title

Filter that removes specific tags requires some extra manual work. Look at the examples and you will find a non-VR, non-animated, … prepared link for the search.

yeah but we can’t check the thumbnail right?

You can not filter images attributes on this site.

I’m trying to filter VR tag using this format, what mistake did I make?

You can’t exclude tags this way, it only works when you search for a certain tag and want to have it sorted new to old.

If you go to your profile and change your preferences and select tags not to be shown to you then they wont be visibile in the free scripts page. Youll see the thumbnails and wont be shown whichever scripts you select not to be shown.

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