[Community event] - A blast from the past 💦

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Hello everybody and welcome to our summer event -
A blast from the past

The theme was already announced from @burtreynolds here → EroScripts Community Event - Summer 2024 - Theme Announcement

I will still summarize everything in this post.

This event will be all about retro and vintage porn. Yeah, the good ol’ days of porn and the beginning of it. Doesn’t matter if it’s the 80’s 90’s early 2000’s or even earlier. Whatever you define as retro and vintage will count!


The event starts today on June 1st will end on July 31.
Two whole months of old school porn!


You can script whatever video comes to your mind when you think about retro and vintage porn. Script some of the first porn you ever watched when you where a teenager and where the world of porn opened for you. If it’s 80’s 90’s or early 2000’s or earlier. It’s up to you what you make of it. It’s a good time to bring these old videos to life and relief some memories and share some stories with the community.

You can submit as much entries as you want. We will see, if we will regret this decision ^^

Entries must be posted in the free scripts category. All entries must include a source that is available to all members. Also, please link your thread here as well.

Video length

No restrictions here. Every video length is ok.


Of course you can win something. And the prizes are something special this time.
(copied from the announcement post)

We have some very talented and generous members who are contributing prizes for this event, and we’re very excited to be able to offer so much this time around. To everyone listed below, I want to say thank you for your contributions, and not just for this event but for all that you contribute to our community!

:3rd_place_medal: Third Place

  • The video for the third place script, if it hasn’t been done so before the conclusion of the event, will be upscaled by @TheHandyman.

:2nd_place_medal: Second Place

  • The second place winner will get the video of their choice (not exceeding 10 minutes) scripted by one of our community’s finest scripters @Slibowitz. Every script this guy makes is flawless. Be sure to pick a video you’ll want to watch a million times because if it’s a Slibowitz script, you’ll want to play it every day.
  • The second place winner will also receive a video of their choice upscaled by @Baxtyr.
  • The video for the second place script, if it hasn’t been done so before the conclusion of the event, will be upscaled by @TheHandyman.

:1st_place_medal: First Place

  • The first place winner will get the video of their choice (not exceeding 20 minutes) scripted by @Slibowitz.
  • The first place winner will also get a 3D conversion of the video of their choice made by @JoePorno. If you don’t know what this is, here’s how it works. The software takes a 2D video, then it… well I have no idea how it works. I just know that I can put on my headset and now Heather Harmon is deepthoating my cock in VR .
  • The first place winner will also get (can you believe the prizes keep on coming!?) two 2D upscales of the videos of their choice. One will be made by @hentaiprodigy69 and the other will be made by @TheHandyman.
  • Furthermore, if it hasn’t been done so before the conclusion of the event, the video for the first place script will be upscaled by @TheHandyman.

Rating system

We are going for a standard 0 - 5 point system here. Meaning 0 is the lowest score, 5 the highest. Maximum score is 20 points.

In the end all points will be summed up. Winner is the one with the highest points.

For clarification: If you submit more scripts, the points of the scripts don’t get taken together. Every script is counted as one individuell script, even if you submit more scripts. Every script gets its own rank.

Jury members are:

After the event is over, everybody can ask for their points if they are interested. I will announce the winner as well as the 2nd and 3rd place.
I don’t want to make the whole end result public, in case someone doesn’t want it. You can PM me and I’ll give you your final score, placing and feedback on your script/s.


I won’t @ everybody here. There is a limit of I think 10 people I can @ in a thread. For this reason, I won’t @ the creators here and will just list their names and threads here.

  1. ebandd - Jessica Darlin & Tom Byron- Lord of Asses (1998) [Summer ‘24 Community Event]
  2. Dani-Joeri - Community Event - Liz Vicious tape042
  3. Teasy - Little Oral Annie Takes Manhattan by Teasey, Eroscript Community Event 2024
  4. Emmi - Ticket To Ride Upscale
  5. Zalunda - Il Confessionale (1998), all scenes
  6. ptitcerf - [Green Bunny, 1997] Cool Devices Episode 09 - Slave Warrior Maya II
  7. roa - Community Event - Bridgette Kerkove - anal scene from Babewatch 12
  8. roa - Community Event - Jenni Lee - Manojob
  9. Markus_Awa - Gina Wild - Jetzt wird es schmutzig 2 - Ich will kommen - Scene1
  10. BitterSwee - Annette Haven - Remember Your Light - A Classic Porn PMV
  11. NumeroUno - Community Event - Jungfotzen Frech Geil Und Versaut - (Featuring Denise La Bouche) - 4K Upscale

Here is my entry for the event!

Jessica Darlin & Tom Byron- Lord of Asses (1998)


Thank your entry!

That video title is hilarious ^^ The videos had such funny names back then.

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Right? It’s not even like a parody name that I can think of, some dude was literally was just like, yes. I am the Lord of Asses. This shall be my legacy.


I guess people had a different mind set 90s and they really thought that it’s a good name for a porn movie, which is about anal sex. Nowadays everybody would know it’s a parody name and it’s not a serious title.

Good thing though that you found the video. That is when sites like youporn can come in handy. Does anybody even uses youporn anymore? I remember it being THE site, but quickly got outnumbered by pornhub.

here is my entry for this event


Thank you for the entry!

Liz Vicious, how did I forget her when I was thinking of actresses? She was on of my favorites, I loved her videos. These 2000’s goth girls had some style.


I occasionally use it if I’m digging deep really for something to script, but funnily enough this vid I found on spankbang with the youporn watermark :rofl:

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For your consideration, this is my entry for the Blast From the Past Event.
Let me take you back to 1984 and introduce you to Little Oral Annie.
Please enjoy.



As unreleased yet I add this. Please move it to free. I will make another one but this contest will not happen without the godess.

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Thank you for your entry :slightly_smiling_face:

I can’t add this one, because it’s made before the event. I also can’t move threads.

When you made the other script, link it and I’ll add it.


OK if thats the rule, Burt can you please still move it to free please?

Thank you to everyone who has already made submissions on the first day of the event! We’ve already got entries for the 80’s, 90’s, and early 2000’s!

Just a reminder to everyone to please include in their post a link back to this community event post. :pray: We would like to make these events a regular part of EroScripts (and we hope you do too!) so the more visibility these events get, the easier it is for us to do that.

@roa Sure, moved to free. I look forward to your submission! :+1:


The all great so far . A just couldn’t pick a winner tbh… everybody that post one is a winner in my eyes … or dick lol


Here’s my contribution


hope you enjoy!


In addition to my reminder that it’s greatly appreciated to link back to this post, I also want to add that, in your post, you are free to use the graphic for this event. :wink: :point_down:


Hey guys,

Hadn’t made an account on eroscripts yet for my channel (FapTap | The Interactive Porn Experience), but seeing this event I thought it would be a good start :stuck_out_tongue: Still have to see if it works out but (I assume it does), to give a little tease of mind think bond girls + song “to the beat” (which is actually a series I’m making and 3 have been released so far). Also was planning on making a post of all my released scripts, which I will update regularly, soon.


Here is my submission for the event:

Il Confessionale (1998)



Thank you for your entry :slightly_smiling_face: