EroScripts Community Event - Summer 2024 - Theme Announcement

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Alright everybody it’s time to bust out your laserdiscs, your betamaxes, your VHS tapes, and your great-granddaddy’s rolls of Super 8 stag films because we’re about to kick it old school.

Ladies and germs, I am very excited to announce the theme for this summer’s EroScripts Community Event is:


That’s right folks, this summer it’s all about retro, vintage, and deep, DEEP cuts of nostalgia. We’re going back to the Early Internet Age, the Silver Age, the Golden Age of porn and beyond.

Entries must be posted in the free scripts category. All entries must include a source that is available to all members. With access to sites such Pornhub and SpankBang becoming more limited in certain regions, consider using a Mega or Pixeldrain link if possible although this is not required.

We want to make sure you have plenty of time to comb the musty, dank cellars of classic smut for the finest pornographic vintage of yesteryear so that you may uncork, decant, and allow the notes of a long ago filmed suck and fuck bloom and come to life with a never before experienced script. In other words, we’re giving you two full months for this event. The event will last from June 1 to July 31.


Burt Reynolds Funny GIFs | Tenor
That’s right. You reading this right now. Go and script that worn out VHS tape you found in your dad’s closet all those years ago.

As many as you want. These judges are up for the challenge.

Any length is fine.

We have some very talented and generous members who are contributing prizes for this event, and we’re very excited to be able to offer so much this time around. To everyone listed below, I want to say thank you for your contributions, and not just for this event but for all that you contribute to our community!

Third Place

  • The video for the third place script, if it hasn’t been done so before the conclusion of the event, will be upscaled by @TheHandyman.

Second Place

  • The second place winner will get the video of their choice (not exceeding 10 minutes) scripted by one of our community’s finest scripters @Slibowitz. Every script this guy makes is flawless. Be sure to pick a video you’ll want to watch a million times because if it’s a Slibowitz script, you’ll want to play it every day.

  • The second place winner will also receive a video of their choice upscaled by @Baxtyr.

  • The video for the second place script, if it hasn’t been done so before the conclusion of the event, will be upscaled by @TheHandyman.

First Place

  • The first place winner will get the video of their choice (not exceeding 20 minutes) scripted by @Slibowitz.

  • The first place winner will also get a 3D conversion of the video of their choice made by @JoePorno. If you don’t know what this is, here’s how it works. The software takes a 2D video, then it… well I have no idea how it works. I just know that I can put on my headset and now Heather Harmon is deepthoating my cock in VR.

  • The first place winner will also get (can you believe the prizes keep on coming!?) two 2D upscales of the videos of their choice. One will be made by @hentaiprodigy69 and the other will be made by @TheHandyman.

  • Furthermore, if it hasn’t been done so before the conclusion of the event, the video for the first place script will be upscaled by @TheHandyman.

And your pal Burt of course!

Please feel free to comment, share stories, discuss scenes and stars you would like to script or see scripted, but do NOT link your submissions in this post. This is only the announcement for this event’s theme. A post announcing the official start of the event will be made on June 1, and entries must be linked in that post in order to qualify.

Now let’s get out there and wrangle up some old school pornography!


Post your submissions HERE!


We are very excited for this event. Credits to @burtreynolds for coming up with this idea. I think it’s a great idea for an event and it’s something different and unique, which we didn’t have like this yet. It’s a great and fun nostalgia trip to back in the days.

Most of us are probably in the age where we know what pre HD porn was like and looked liked. It was a very fun era. I am not old enough to know the VHS era, but I know the DVD era of porn. Before the internet was so widespread, people bought porn on DVDs. Unthinkable in today’s age. I can even remember in the video rental stores was always a 18+ area with porn videos and DVDs. I was still too young to go there, but of course was always curious.

Then the internet happened, I got older and porn was finally easily accessible. Even though the internet was nothing like we have today, there was no flat rate during this time and the speed was slow as fuck. Porn was a valuable thing. We always shared porn on burned DVDs. Somebody got some porn from somebody, burned it on DVD, shared the DVD with others, the others burned the footage as well and shared it with others and so on and so on. It was always a surprise on what to find on these DVDs. Some where great, some bad. Another great source were LAN parties. Gaming was just a side effect there, porn was the real deal there. Folders with many many GBs of porn were shared there and I of course grabbed everything I could. Back at home it was a surprise again on what to find in these folders.

I still have it all. I burned all the videos and pictures on DVDs and have them laying around here. It’s a great time capsule.

It was a wild ride. Having easy access to porn nowadays is great. Having a job and being able to buy high quality porn is great as well. But this excitement over new videos I had back in the days, was really something. Now it’s normal to have access to all kind of porn, wherever you want, whenever you want. The quality is amazing, VR porn is amazing and the improvements in the industry is impressive. But there are some downsides as well. Porn become a bit unnatural, even too fake. Many, especially amateur models, just use it to make a quick buck. No effort, no enjoyment in their videos. Just over the top acting and making money.

Anyway, we hope to make you all a great nostalgia trip with this event and we are very excited on what you will script. I bet you still have some old videos laying around that where you favorite footage from when you where young. It’a good time to relive some memories and get the old videos back to life and share your memories with the community.


At risk of being shut down, what is the stance / opinion on older animated stuff? Wouldn’t be nearly as old as real actors obviously, but it would still feel pretty dated due to how fast stuff progresses on the internet.

Also maybe I’m in the minority, but by the time I was old enough to be interested in porn the internet was already pretty widespread, so the older online stuff is where I started out anyways.

We intentionally did not set a cut off date for what might be considered retro or vintage for this event.

Is it old school? Is it retro? Is it vintage? Does it fit the theme “A Blast from the Past?” If for you the answer is yes, we encourage you to script it and we hope you’ll submit it for the event.

Me when some of you guys start talking about old school.


Actually I’m confused by this statement, and maybe I’m not understanding your question correctly. There’s tons of animated porn older than actors and actresses making porn today.

Hey I never said old school. I’m trying not to be obviously a zoomer.

And I just meant porn on vhs or even dvd would be a lot older than some of the stuff I was considering. I probably should have said live action but that always sounds wrong to me. I just didn’t want to be frowned upon if I posted stuff that in the grand scheme of things is not very old but for online stuff feels dated.

:rotating_light: WE GOT ONE!!! :rotating_light:

This is like an open-call art show. You’ll get to submit your entry whatever you choose. Officially, we didn’t set a cut off date. My personal opinion is that I would encourage you to try to reach a little further back. There’s animated content that even predates VHS. If you’re unfamiliar with the content made before your time, you may really enjoy using this event as a reason to learn more about it. Take advantage of the community, make a post asking for recs and info, and connect with others here through this shared interest.

The important thing is that you have fun, and that you participate in good faith with the theme of this seasons event.


This is a good time to remind everyone that you are encouraged to drop your requests and recommendations in this thread. This thread is all about discussion and playing a big round of “Let’s Remember Some Porn.” Go nuts everybody!

Does anyone have any pre-zoomer animated adult film recs that might interest @TBird7?

Also, @Slibowitz I don’t want to turn this into a circle jerk, but thank you for the kind words and sharing your thoughts on the theme for this event. It’s greatly appreciated, and I love hearing these stories.


If i was to go super old school the first porn i saw was “Edward Penis hands.” but I dont want to find that or script it though.


You don’t even want to script this scene for us?


Not when one of the prizes is an upscale.

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It could also be a 3D conversion.

I can side with the boomers and say technology has gone too far if that happens


The scripter with the lowest score gets this gif upscaled and 3D converted.


Now I REALLY feel old. First porn I owned was on silent 8mm reels that I had to thread into a projector to watch, part of the “Golden Girls” loop series. First VHS I owned was “Insatiable II”. I am really looking forward to the entries and am honored to be doing a 3D conversion. Now get to scripting! :grin:


Hell yeah brother! I love it!

Well we’re honored to have you on board! I’m a big fan of what you’ve been contributing.

I believe this is the Golden Girls series on 8mm. It looks like this series goes back as far as 1980. There’s more information about it here.

The gorgeous Loni Sanders performed in several of these. There’s a compilation of five of her scenes here.

Random Golden Girls loops I found with a quick search here, here, and here.

Insatiable II (1984) with Marilyn Chambers who became a global star during the 70’s porno chic era after starring in Behind the Green Door.

Ahhhhhhhh…SHIT! Sooo….i have a full-length movie that @g90ak so graciously upscaled for me some time ago that I have worked off and on FOR YEARS to finish. It is 100% my fav EVER! The star is…well, let’s just say she is looking FUCKING RAD in it. All I’ll say is it is a Dark Bros film…heh heh heh. :smiling_imp:
Dunno if I enter it or anything. Maybe I’ll do a vintage entry, though.

Might I add a stipulation for entry? Anything above 480p is disallowed and EXTRA special consideration to vids with tracking lines. :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Winner should also receive a VCR….that chews your tapes lol.


This has gone on long enough. I’m going to need you to wrap it up and submit your masterpiece for the event. You have two more months.

Glorious 480p. The resolution of true kings and queens.

Tracking lines are the extra spice your VCR gives the scene.

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Summertiiiiiime, and the fappin is easyyyy

I love summer, and this Event look like a lot of fun, i guess i’ll get back into scripting for this one!
I recently found the VERY FIRST XXX scene I ever watched, I’m thinking around 1999/2000, surfing the web on the ol’ Kazaa. Zoomers, sit down and listen to the ol Dragon while he tells you about 200mb video files taking 2-3 days to download on a shit dial-up connection, especially when your sister answers the phone, shutting off all internet until the phone was hung up. Now let me tell you about a little sweet treat called Hershey’s Tastetations…

Grandpa shit aside, this was a scene me and my friend got into, at the same time stealing his older brother’s Playboys and not knowing what ANYTHING was. good times. As a lot of videos on Kazaa/Napster went, this scene didn’t have any type of identification of either actor, or a site/studio it was from, it was just called: “italian shower fuck”. after seeing this, shower related sexyness became my first kink, since then it’s been a whirlwind of smut for 25 years.

From what i can tell now, the girl is named Jazzmine, and THAT’S IT, lmao. so if anyone has info on this video, that would be greeeeat.
the one i’m linking from Xvideos is 12 minutes, but the version i’d like to script is about 40. maybe 25-ish minutes of actual scripting.

some light dialogue on a beach, some secret public blowjob, then a nice shower and bed scene, where the dude just animalistically pounds her until cumming. pretty hot if you’re into caveman grunting.
the funniest part of this video is by far the jungle music (I kind of miss porno music, but this shit is just corny) So enjoy a rough shower pounding while gibbons and apes scream in the background i guess.

let me know if this one is good for the event, it’s the oldest one i could think of that wouldn’t be some Dirk Diggler lookalike. although i was joking to myself that i would script Boogie Nights, but there’s no frames of actual dick touching until the last shot, i think. i’ll just script heavy waves whenever John C Reilly is talking, or every firecracker the kid throws in the coke deal scene.

happy scripting!
Y_D :dragon:


Alright, who’s got some Stephanie Swift or Silvia Saint?