DeoVR + Oculus Go no longer supported?

Not sure when it started but can’t seem to play local scripts and videos on go through DeoVR. Could just be me being dumb but I’ve tried factory resetting. It would say “sending script to handy” then “handy connected” and nothing happens.

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DeoVR doesn’t support any device that manufacturers aren’t supporting anymore e.g., Oculus Go, GearVR, android cardboard etc. SLR representatives have stated this in other similar threads. You need to switch to a device that is still supported or explore alternative softwares other than DeoVR.

I’d only use DeoVR to browse SLR (if I was a member), then download the videos I like and use a different player to view them and play scripts. SLR integration is about the only advantage of using DeoVR. In every other way it’s one of the worst players right now.

Would you happen to know any alternatives for the go? Can’t seem to find any.

I’m in the tethered HTC/SteamVR corner so I’m not aware of the options for those that use Meta/Oculus products unfortunately. I mentioned it because people here use all kinds of players and software combinations to play videos and scripts. But it is hard to know what is used for 2D and what is used for VR when ju skim a lot of threads over time.

I searched a bit and Go isn’t really mentioned much. Quest is more common. This thread mentions a possible option although it requires the use of a PC. Unable to install Heresphere on Oculus Go

Another option that cost a little money is the player Pigasus, which is supposed to support funscripts, TheHandy as well as support Oculus Go. Sources for that claim are the product page and the following thread:

Unfortunately the pigasus version on the go does not support scripts. Thanks for the help still

So is my Oculus Go basically a paper weight now? Could someone advise on an alternative video player that I can use to play VR vids/funscripts?

As a Gear VR user I feel your pain, couldn’t find any way to make it work. The alternative seems to be ‘just spend $300-400’

There is one solution, but you need a PC and decent wifi.

You can buy virtual desktop for your go and use it to wirelessly connect to steam VR on your PC. You can then use your go as if it were a PC headset. Basically airlink, but with a different app.

Same situation here. Randomly last week , my local scrips would not sync with Go. I understand they have stopped supporting it, but it’s strange that it stopped working without any new software downloads or updates.

Has anyone figured out a solution? I was hoping to use the Go until 2023 when I would be forced to make new purchase

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Oculus Quest 2. But if you have a PC and decent Wifi you can still use Skybox with the Go.

but how do you run funscripts via skybox?

same problem here. kind of super f+cked up :face_with_spiral_eyes:

@rbsnH26 @Nilsosch I like skybox as well, perhaps it might happen. Please comment/like this feature request:

You can’t. I’ll test and see if Virtual Desktop still works with the GO. You might be able to use VD to run Heresphere/Iniface/ScriptPlayer.

Edit: Just tested VD with the GO and can’t get it to connect. It might be an issue on my network/PC though.

You should be able to use Virtual Desktop with HereSphere on a PC with decent Wifi (see the how to section on how to set it up for scripts). The GO only works with version 1.20.38 of Virtual Desktop which can be found here on the devs GitHub repo.

Man, this really sucks. Like @JoshW9939 says, the Go version of Pigasus hasn’t (and won’t ever) be updated to v4.0, which is when Handy support was added. And Heresphere’s developer has said there won’t be a GO version either, so DeoVR—the least good video player—was the only game in town until something broke which stopped scripts from sending properly.

The only thing I can think I did was update my Handy to v3.2.2, but like @soloslide said it seems more like it stopped randomly without any software updates, so maybe someone broke something server-side. Looking at all the recent changes to I wonder if someone at SweetTech broke something with the default API? I’m not sure DeoVR/SLR is to blame here?

I tried with headset-local scripts, where you have to copy the script with the exact same filename as the video you’re playing to a folder called Interactive, but even those don’t work now. So I suspect it’s something at the Handy server end.

Either way, it’s a real shame.

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My (not so satisfying) workaround: I play the script on my laptop and start the video on my GO at the same time. It is a pain in the ass and needs a few tries to finally get it in sync… but a man in need takes what he gets… I think I’m forced to invest in a Meta 2 when money is loos :frowning: sad, because I see no reason why its necessary to stop the support of the GO,

Yet another upset Oculus Go customer here. This confirms my fear to never accept updates when things were running beautifully! I am getting no help from Oculus support, which no longer exists for the Go. Like a dummy, I am giving in and buying a Quest. >(

so there are really no other good options now? Go just turned into brick? I really like this headset, it’s simple and doesn’t have functions that I don’t need. Why break something that worked perfectly? Idiotic industry…