Detailed review about the Syncbot

hi, can u compare the syncbot to the osr2 or sr6? I bought the syncbot and it was kinda disappointing for me

No, I can’t give any comparison with the OSR2 or SR6. I am not owing any of these devices. I can only give comparison with the Handy.

I own an OSR2+ so maybe I could do one. Just to bullet point some differences:

Noise: SyncBot is quieter than the servo-driven OSR2+ (and definitely quieter than the SR6)

Connectivity: SyncBot uses wireless Dongle (BLE is WIP). OSR uses USB serial cable (BLE and Wi-fi is possible with an ESP32 chip).

Battery: SyncBot has a battery. The default OSR runs on a power adapter.

Sleeve: SyncBot has the Scabbard built-in. OSR can be mounted with fleshlight or Onahole of your choice.

SyncBot: Stroking, Contraction, Rotation. The three axis are done by different parts of the machine.
OSR2+: Stroking, Roll, Pitch. The three axis of movements are performed by the receiver altogether. You can expand upon this by installing the T-twist and T-valve module.

Stroking: The OSR2 far exceeds Syncbot’s stroke length.

Rotation: SyncBot has a powerful rotation axis that spins infinitely. OSR can achieve 270 degree rotation with the T-twist module. It cannot spin infinitely, but can be stopped at a certain angle.

Contraction: SyncBot’s bottom sleeve has a contraction axis. The OSR currenty does not (a contraction module is WIP).

Software compatibility: Currently, SyncBot only works with softwares produced by Valor & Toughness. OSR works with a variety of software (and most notably VaM plugins), mostly open-source.

Scripts: SyncBot has AI-scripting built in its software, and can play man-made scripts by conversion. No AI-scripting came with the OSR and you’ll be using multi-axis scripts made by this community.

Note that whilst the SyncBot is a full-ledged product, the OSRs are DIY robots. You can plug-and-play with the former but not so much with the latter. A lot of tinkering is involved in the OSR experience and you are rewarded by the expandability of the unit and openess of a community.


thanks, I appreciate your reply

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Hey there! Thanks for the indepth review and even making scripts for the Syncbot!
I just had some questions about the scripts.
Are these just converted from funscript to acttrack?
Or are these scripts edited to fit the syncbot as much as possible and then converted into acttrack files?
So far I have used fun2sync for all the videos so far, but I am getting my device today to try them. Is there a big difference between the regular funscripts and the edited versions?
Thank you again for the review!


I just converted the funscripts to acttrack files, without any editing.

No, not at all. They are really the same just with the addition of rotation and contraction. Otherwise they are the exact same.

You are welcome and have with the Syncbot :slightly_smiling_face:

The new editing tool would be ready in November


I have to echo this opinion. I wouldn’t give up my Handy for it in million years. I love the team and the instant support but the AI needs to get way better. It is very loud. It relies to much on the twist rather than the length of travel which I prefer. I will keep both as choice is always a good things. I can also see future updates improving it vastly.

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I would like to ask something and give my opinion about the device. The Syncfree app is for controlling the device manually without depending on a program. And in the device controls there are three different control options. All three of them can be turned off and on. But only the first two have an increase/decrease setting and the third and most important one doesn’t! This surprised me a lot. This is a very important feature. Compared to The handy, it starts at a very extreme (uncomfortably severe) level and there is no way to turn it off. (So there is no point then.) This third (I think it should be called stroke) mode should definitely be increased or decreased. By the way, while I expected a more advanced and realistic experience from The Handy, I was disappointed with the opposite. Experiences are personal, though. But not that subjective. It doesn’t feel as realistic, it doesn’t excite me as much as the handy (it doesn’t even come close), and even the third mode in particular, which is constantly running at an excessively high intensity, causes serious discomfort and disrupts concentration. To be honest, I tried all four options - hand-crafted directly for synbot, converted from a hand-crafted funscript file, AI-generated, and watched through the browser - and they all have the same problem. The video and scripts are inconsistently out of sync and seem to flow in a different direction (I’m not saying it’s all the time, but it’s much worse than most funscript files I’ve tried). They are distracting instead of exciting, and in most places it’s like you’re using an intensified version of another video’s script. I’m very sad about this because I had high expectations. In my opinion, it’s like a weird and bad mix of vibrating devices, which I don’t like at all, and other devices that move back and forth, except for The handy. It’s still much better than the vibrating devices, but not as good as I would have liked. The two major issues here are the script, which doesn’t match the video stream and doesn’t feel realistic, and the overly violent stroke. I don’t know how to fix this, but it’s not very attractive as it is. Yes, there are moments and sensations that go beyond The Handy, but this potential is lost in the overall flow and it’s a shame. It shouldn’t be hard to explain (and understand) how bad an experience it is to have a device that hits you hard all the time. There are many moments and different emotional states in the video, slow, fast, hard, soft, etc., but this device always hits fast, always hard, and the different movements of the first two modes take a back seat to this hardness and violence and the script that is incompatible with the video. I hope my statements will be taken seriously.


This is where I’m at as well. The sensations it provides can be really nice, but it’s not a machine for immersion. It relies heavily on the twisting aspect which feels like it’s constantly engaging, and this becomes extremely immersion breaking- it also desensitizes me after a few minutes. Even when I find a script which syncs up okay, I can tell that the script is trying to substitute stroke with twist/contraction as the device has such a short stroke.

I think this device would have been better with a longer stroke length so it didn’t need to rely so much on the other functions; it also just isn’t doing what it’s trying to do. If it’s a BJ scene, sure the person could be flicking their tongue around, but I doubt it’s 100% of the time like the device seems to simulate.

I’m nowhere near disappointed as I was when I bought the Autoblow AI, but the last few sessions I’ve had with it I just found myself thinking that I would have rather went with The Handy. REALLY hoping the experienced scripters can find methods to better utilize the device’s functionality. I think this a device where subtly can go a long way.


If you don’t own a Handy and you had to choose between the Handy and the Syncbot, it would be quite the easy choice to go for the Handy at the moment. I own the Handy now for I think 2-3 years and I never had any kind of problem with it. It is easy to maintain and easy to clean. The Handy has the most script support and is not too expensive. The Syncbot is still in a start-up situation and while it’s not bad, there are many things that still need some work done to really live up to the price.

I could have phrased that better! I do own a Handy! Bought it on release week! I more meant I wish that I had selected The Handy for the sessions I used the Syncbot for.

Seriously, how do you even plan for a new technological interactive toy and not have it work with the most interactive porn? I’m just saying, like, totally missed the boat there.

Also, be careful with that USB dongle, they’re 250 dollars…and I hope you keep making funscripts!

I wouldn’t expect that everything is there at day 1. It would be the optimal, but that can’t always be the case. Developing something like this takes time and is complicated. Implementing something like VR takes time, especially because the Syncbot works differently. Be patient, let it give them time, let the developers work, express what you would like to see to the developers and wait until we will have it.

Technology improves over time. Because everything is so software based nowadays, it’s possible for developers to tweak and add more improvements and features. With the Handy it was the same. In the beginning it wasn’t what we have today. A lot of firmware updates, updates on their website, new sleeves, new tools etc. came by time. And with the Syncbot, it will be the same.

Of course, no reason to not make funscripts anymore. I want to reach as many people possible with my scripts, so it wouldn’t make any sense for to not release the normal funscripts anymore.


I agree. Syncbot will get there at some point. What they’re trying to accomplish and the hardware they have here is really ingenious. I honestly think once the manual 3D scripting software is released next month we will begin to really “feel” what the Syncbot is capable of. It’s going to be a game-changer. I completely understand the massive challenge they’re working to overcome with making AI scripting really good. It’s only a matter of time. I’m rooting for them! And, I can only imagine what we’ll see in hardware tweaks with a Syncbot 2 some day after they’ve ironed out the Syncbot 1. This is an exciting time!

Edit: And yes, I too am eagerly and patiently waiting for native VR support. That’s where most of my interest in interactivity lies, anyway.

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How about a syncbot tag on Eroscripts?


My biggest hesitation on buying one other than the price is the insertable length… i love the feeling of the handy pushing up against my pelvic bone when it hits the bottom of a stroke but im just over 7 inch and as far as i can tell the syncbot wouldnt be able to take me all the way in. Anyone able to clarify how deep of an insertable length is… website said 6.4 inch i think but im not sure if that means when the stoke is at the bottom or top… and im all about a syncbot tag

This device may not be the best for you. I’m a flat 7" and I have to hold the device a few inches away from my body which gets distracting after a few minutes. It also feels a bit unsatisfying not being fully stimulated and not getting a full stroke. To be sure I just measured everything with a ruler in the scabbard- fully extended (top stroke) ~6.5", bottom stroke ~5.5". I imagine if you pressed this against your pelvic bone you’d end up with bruising on the top of your penis like one of the users here reported.


Sounds right. Thanks for the info

thank you for the review, was looking for a decent one

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