DO NOT BUY the Syncbot - Durability is awful & Very expensive to keep using

In the past I would have just moved on and stayed quiet but I’m done keeping quiet about things in general and people should speak up when theres a problem. So here’s my story about the Syncbot and what I think:

I bought my first Syncbot right after they posted here for the first time in August 2023 for $532 if you include shipping because it looked like a really good product. I got it, used it, and it felt nice and easy to use. I was happy with it so I even defended it here a few times in the past but really… don’t trust a brand new product that’s only been tested for a few days. Sure it feels great when it works, but it rarely does.

The durability is terrible, both the Syncbot and the scabbards (sleeves). My first unit broke after 3 months, and I probably used it like 20-30 times. Oh, and the scabbard also ripped in that time—an $80 scabbard (sleeve), that is. The up-and-down stroking motion was the first to break, then the tightening motion on this device kept tightening nonstop in one direction, which is not a pleasant feeling after a while, trust me.

But that should be under warranty, right? Syncbot warranty is 180 days, which should tell you all you need to know about how reliable they think their product is. The Handy warranty is 1 year, and I have had mine for over 2 years now with no issues, and it’s also like 1/3 the price.

Anyways, they had me return the defective unit, which they spent like 20 days picking up from the post office, and then sent me a new one. The up-and-down stroking motion on the second device broke after 2 months. At this point I was like Okay, whatever, I just use the two other movements, tightening and rotation, because it feels pretty good too. After another two months, the tightening part broke and didn’t work at all.

So I contacted them again about it and they told me Oh, that’s too bad, but it’s now out of warranty, so go away. I have had the second unit for 150 days, but technically it broke after like 60. Anyway, they say it falls under the first-unit warranty. I’m no expert, so maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t. It still sounds shady as fuck to me and two units breaking after a few months should be enough reason for people to stay away. I feel like I was scammed.

I gave it a glowing review in the past on this site and I used to defend the product from non believers cause the device was good for a short while and whenever I talked to their support it was always positive and helpful but this has changed and I want to apologize to anyone who bought it based on my previous posts. I have changed that review and my posts regarding this now.

There have also allegedly been some questionable stuff in the past with people who have shilled for the product and then stopped when called out.

I have seen many posts on their discord channel as well about their Syncbot that stops working or sleeves ripping after a few uses and in many cases causing fluids to leak into and breaking the Syncbot itself. So if anyone else has similar experiences or the opposite then feel free to share, people should be informed before they spend 500 on a device, thanks. Here are some comments from different people on their discord, names hidden for obvious reasons.


I used to be an avid supporter who went through five of them. The post in your collage in the top left-hand corner is mine. Don’t get me wrong, when it comes to pleasure, it’s the best on the market. That being said, they designed it to fail and to make more money off of the $80 scabbards that are far too thin and rip too easily. It’s sad because they had a real contender, but they’re far too greedy.


i feel that way about some of the other stuff out there, if we could get it together we could fix something better I know u have design ideas. . maybe in the future

Just when I was thinking about getting one of these products. Thanks for the heads-up.


I have to say, I’ve had a similar experience with syncbot. Went through two different units, both have had the scabbard rip itself apart after light use.
The first unit started going off on it’s own and just tore itself to pieces while in the closet one night(computer was not even on). The second unit just tore apart while in use resulting in a rather unpleasant/bloody mess.

On the software side, it progressively became more paywalled as well.

I would stay far away from this unit unless they make some significant changes and instead stick with the Handy or something like the OSR etc.


wtf that’s cursed af

I joked about the lack of power button but didn’t know this can actually happen

Could it be an windows update?


Pretty much echoes my sentiment.

For the time it worked, it was pretty good.

Durability and build quality is really bad on both scabbard and unit itself.

I got the pro package that came with 2 scabbards, where one scabbard is defective and the membrane is too tight so it interferes with the magnet mechanism and doesn’t work at all. Stuck with only using one scabbard, and it is starting to rip.

Scabbard design does not drain water well, so moisture builds up. Takes around 2 days for the scabbard to dry in the inside areas where it builds up.

My first syncbot broke after a couple months and I got it replaced free of charge, but I don’t have much expectation for the replacement to last longer than the first for reasons above.

V1 design was not tested enough and has serious design issues that IMO warrants some sort of compensation. Would like to see a V2 that fixes all these issues and some sort of way for V1 owners to get the new version for a low price.

Would only recommend trying syncbot once a V2 comes out, and if the price is between $200-$300.

Currently, it’s hard to justify spending any amount of money on what is essentially a disposable device due to major design flaws in it’s current iteration.


man that sucks. personally ive had none of these issues in the last 6 months. my scabbard lasted about 4 months and just replaced them and everything has been great, but im sure im the small minority here

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Would you really say it feels better than the OSR2+ and SR6? If so, someone could make a killing making an actually good product with those features.

yea osr2+ and sr6 are much better from what i hear and if you got the sr6 pre-built it will be the same cost as the sync bot LOL

the reason why the answer to this question is, it depends, is because the OSR2+/SR6 is not limited to what design toy you use with it. While by default its designed to be used with a Fleshlight, theres modifications that allow you to use it with any hole type toy, so feeling is very very user choice driven.

the main benefit IMO of the syncbot is that its easier on the hand to use because its not offset from the motion axis, but its durability, cost, and repairability isn’t worth all the problems it has with its extremely limited ways you can use it. The Syncbot has really good engineering form factor, but at the cost of well, cost repairability.

My up/down motor went after 10 months. I had just ordered new scabbards 2 months ago too. They offered me 25% off to replace it, but I can’t bring myself to buy another unit. Will have to just cut my losses. Great device while it lasted though

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For those that have already sunk their money in to the platform, you can keep the scabbards working if you have a fleshlight or other toy of similar material that you don’t mind donating to the cause. Cut some pieces off and use some superglue to adhere it to the tear, and it’s pretty comparable. Can’t help with actual unit defectiveness.

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…thank you for presenting this little manifesto on Syncbot. Been gathering from people behind the scenes for some time that Syncbot has a terrible build quality, but didn’t really want to make a post, cos it would have just looked like sour grapes coming from me.

A purview of various Asian wank machine sites will turn up plenty of Syncbot style machines going for £40 to £60, this lot just added an AI themed discord orientated cult to the mix. Marketing genius, if you wanna do a slow rug pull, that is. My favourite trick they pulled was the one where you had to leave a positive review on Reddit or similar before they’d let you have their shitty software. That’s just pure dystopia. And yet loads of people did.

So yeah, they got what they came for (notice, they haven’t posted on here for some time) and moved on. They gained enough respectability from association with Eroscripts and the scripters here to generate their own ecosystem. And they will continue to use that moving forward to scam people with. One hopes this post gains considerable traction, and is the default response whenever people ask if they should ‘get a Syncbot or a Handy?’ in the future.

Honestly, i’m kinda hoping the moderators draw some attention to it, Syncbot have been fleecing the goodwill of this community for ages now. Fucking scum, the lot of them. Glad i called them out when i did, right at the beginning, when i noticed they were the same lot that had been shilling on the site a year before. Perhaps i should have been more aggressive, but i didn’t want to make aggro for the community, and there are people who genuinely enjoy their Syncbot (till it breaks…), so i’m happy for them. Unfortunately, they seem to be in a minority…


Meanwhile, if you really wanna get sucked off, the cost per unit of a Suck-O-Mat has dropped to under £200, so for less than £400 you could build yourself Handy-O-Suck. Or even better (cos it could really do with more torque) a FunSR1-O-Suck. Or if you really wanna spend stupid money get a Serious Kit, no need for scripts at all. Plus it’ll last a lifetime. Or if your programming skills are at some God Emperor level, there’s Nimblestroker, which is probably gonna eventually be the best fuck machine on the planet, but is still just being born now…



I got the OSR2+ with a Twist and I have to say it’s AMAZING.

When parts of it break, it’s relatively easy and cheap to replace the parts. Huge plus for me! You don’t have to go through some long arduous process of trying to deal with customer service. You just buy the parts for a small fee or print them yourself if you can.

Also, you just make the repairs yourself with a couple simple tools and easy work without needing to wait 3 months to ship the product to them and get it back, possibly without them even fixing the problem.

Moral of the story: If you can then allow the consumer to adjust, alter, improve, and FIX the product.

Edit: I understand that not everyone wants to be the one doing the fixing or altering of the product. There will always be a place for the company to be doing their fair share of the work when it doesn’t work for the customer. That being said, for people who love to tinker, it’s a very welcomed middle ground to having to wait months to find out that they can’t (or just won’t) even fix what you asked them to haha.