Fun Expander 2.3 - Eliminate Timeout Issues with Kiroo Onyx 2

For the basic functions of this tool look at my older thread:

New function:

This function creates new points between two existing points if the distance is bigger than the specified maximum length. This can be useful for the Kiiroo Onyx 2 where the interval maximum is about 800ms and maybe also for the Kiiroo Flashlight Launch, where I once read the max. interval should not be bigger than 1500ms.

Part of a funscript after adjustment:
Fun Expander 2.3_Sample

Download from Mega


Please let me know if this is working for the Onyx 2


Great Work! It works like a Charm! Thank You very mouch! You should make a separate Tread to let everybody know that it eliminates the Timeout Issues with Kiroo Onyx 2 Devices. Have a nice Day! :+1: :grinning:


Good idea, i changed the titel of the thread to make that clear.

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