Funscript on iPad?

Any way to play a video and funscript on iPad? I tried handy feeling and funscript.Io but the video doesn’t play and the page proceeds to crash. Any way around this?

Did you try this?

Yeah, it still crashes.

Any updates on this? Did you figure out why it’s crashing? Video too big?

Apparently IOS does not support playing larger videos with web browsers but I did get it to work for smaller sized videos.

Probably not exactly your case, but we have made it work on iOS for VR Haptics Connect for FL Launch, Lovense Max 2, Vorze in VR

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The easiest way to do it is to just upload your script and video to that’s how I watch videos on my iPad.

Yeah that makes sense. I had troubles loading up videos on iOS to use on the web-app. Would have like a 30 second lag loading up a say 500mb vid plus. We’re dealing with a device limitation unfortunately, only way that this can be bypassed is an app specifically for this purpose; think ScriptPlayer for iOS where one could make use of an alternate possibly much better method than being limited to just file select input.

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