FUNSR1:A toy based on SSR1,Half the price of Handy, surpassing Handy performance

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Test video

Video of exercising with a 1.54 kg load

HD test video

Video of non-uniform Funscript motion
HD test video

Video of extreme speed exercises
HD test Video

The above test videos were all tested at a voltage of 12.5V. If the voltage is increased, the performance will be better.

Product introduction
The difference from SSR1 is:

  1. A tensioning structure has been designed to adjust the tension of the timing belt, ensuring stability of movement even under high loads.
  2. The slide table structure, compared to SSR1, can significantly reduce friction, allowing for higher loads and lower noise levels in the same environment.
  3. Higher integration, combining ESP32 and FOC to reduce complexity while improving device stability. It also eliminates the need for a USB power supply, allowing for more wireless usage scenarios
  4. Added buttons for configuring WiFi, and the device supports motion that doesn’t rely on external data.(In theory, it can achieve wireless usage, but due to battery safety concerns, the device can be powered using a fast-charging power bank + DC lure line to drive its operation.)


Dimensions (mm): 230/73/70
Stroke (mm): 120
Load (cm): Recommended load within 850g, tested up to 1000g without issue
Noise: Approximately 40-60 decibels(The higher the load, the louder the noise.)


  1. WIFI communication (UDP protocol, WebSocket protocol);
  2. Serial communication;

Power supply

  1. Supports DC power supply;
  2. Supports fast charging power bank for power supply.

Usage scenarios

  1. Supports VAM and Intiface Central for linked gameplay, allows viewing local and online Funscripts videos via Multfunplayer, and supports all gameplay modes of OSR2 and SR6.
  2. Supports free movement mode, able to function independently without relying on any data source.


  1. Supports VESA mounting.

  2. Supports 30mm*38mm camera bracket mounting.

  3. Supports suction cup mounting.(Only suitable for lighter loads)

  4. Supports handle mounting.(Held like a warrior, waiting for the charge)

Price and discounts

FUNSR1 lite:
Not support WiFi and free mode

Support WiFi and free mode

Purchase link
Purchase now and get a free handle mounting and semi-circular receiver (compatible with most masturbators,Includes 2 backboards and 2 silicone straps)


Looks pretty cool dude. I just want to comment, why is there nothing that guys just put their dick in and it gives that oh my god feeling? None of it feels like an actual woman or sex/bj whatever. All this effort is going into these devices that only kinda feel good and are a bit novelty. Not to steal your post or anything but I was thinking if maybe you iterate on this idea maybe go in that direction? If i didnt already own a device that went up and down I would jump on that.

Good idea! !
But this is a long-term thing. Who would have thought that before VR arrived, it would be so realistic to see scenes of other people having sex? Perhaps one day in the future, with the rapid development of VR and AR, it will be possible to project virtual people and then have real interactions, but this is quite challenging to achieve on an individual level.

I’m intrigued. If my Handy dies I’ll probably look towards trying one of these, especially if there’s one that can download scripts over WiFi like the Handy.


Perhaps I didn’t express myself clearly. By WiFi, I mean connecting through UDP or WebSocket to software or a webpage, not to a server with Funscripts.

Cool project, but I fear this will be the Dick Breaker 3000 for me

Does it work with HandyControl, Scriptplayer and on

Is there a blue coloured version?

It doesn’t work; there may be more colors in the future, provided they can be sold.

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I’ve only had that sensation when I use a heated fleshlight for the first 10 seconds before it loses its heat. A heater case does extend it further, but I don’t think there is anything better in terms of sensation other than onaholes, but those are harder to heat up and keep heated.
I also have heard of male milking machines being good, but not that much better since there was a post by a member here that combined it with The Handy.

[quote=“lui, post:9, topic:155835, full:true”]
I’ve only had that sensation when I use a heated fleshlight for the first 10 seconds before it loses its heat. A heater case does extend it further, but I don’t think there is anything better in terms of sensation other than onaholes, but those are harder to heat up and keep heated.[/quote]
For a sleeve to remain warm, you need to warm them up for a longer duration. A simple heating element does this poorly (and can cause damage).

The good old place in a bucket of warm water trick still works best since the water doesnt lose heat quickly (preventing damage from heat), yet can give off the heat for a very long time. Sure, once its out of it you might want some additional heating with it to keep it warm, but it shouldnt be that cold after 10s effect.

These are completely diffirent. They dont even remotely match anything sex related that you normaly have with a girl. Its an extremely artificial sensation.

It does feel great on that though (note that the handy is more powerfull than most milkers in sensation). but that is because these machines are often made in such way that you can use these for hours at a time. The sensation is generaly not as intense as a handy sleeve because of that. Its the slow buiild up that will take you over the edge instead the moment you speed it up.

And if someone uses the handy almost daily, these can be severely underwhelming. Dont expect raw power from these. The only thing they have more power at is the suction they give, stroking wise they are weak.

The reason to combine the handy+milker was because the handy lacks suction. But without even trying it myself, i already know that a milker is going to severely underperform here when tried. If you set those to max speed, they will stop by detecting being jammed, so only slow suction, and therefor a little can be added. Not worth the hassle, A milker has to be used standalone to get it to function properly.

There’s no point to using someone else’s server when you can wire everything locally. Use MultiFunPlayer and connect via USB or Wi-Fi (UDP).


Just to add to that, it would require a Windows computer to run MultiFunPlayer.


Khrull’s XTPlayer has build for Mac and Linux.


With VAM+Voxta you’ve got pretty close to that now. I mean I have a stable of over 500 ladies I can load up and give whatever personality I want. I can set it up to run in AR and despite what eleven11 says funscripts with VR are 95% of the way there.

We still have issues though. There is no way to control and load scripts in MFP or handycontrol within VAM and VAMSync loses a lot.

The other is heating/lubrication. We need a simple sleeve that has tubing spiraled through it (or a capillary and tubing connectors molded in) and a heated res with warmer + fountain pump. A circulatory system works for the ladies bodies, it should work for a toy as well.

Multifunplayer doesn’t work for me

We currently have an integrated heating and lubrication solution, but it has not been commercialized yet. If you’re interested, you can contact me through Discord at vrsr6osr2.

How much faster is this thing compared to the handy?

The maximum speed is similar to THE HANDY, but it depends on factors like load and power. At 500 units/s, there won’t be a significant change in maximum stroke. The main advantages are:

  1. Better support for scripts, especially at low speeds and non-uniform speeds.
  2. Higher load capacity and lower noise.
  3. Support for more toys.
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I watched the extreme speed exercises video and the unit has a lot of horizontal movement. It may be partially a problem with the mount but it seems to me that the sudden change of direction at those speeds with that amount of mass is causing a lot energy to be unloaded into the main unit. Acknowledged that this is an “extreme” test, but that looks like a buttload of stress that’s likely to decrease MTBF unless you beef up the components.

With little evidence, here’s my prediction:
Too many users will test the upper limits of the unit in load and speed, thereby stressing their machines to the point of failure. Subsequent iterations will be built with features to mitigate the user-caused stress. This will increase the cost/price and/or significantly reduce the capabilities.

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Is the only difference between the lite and pro version is the ways you can connect to the device?

Can you put in adapters/receivers like the OSR2/SR6 use? E.g. Adapter for smaller sleeves from M0SAIC’s website.

How long do you believe the lifetime of the device will be? (1 year daily use?)

Additionally has this been tested to see if it works with Intiface Central to do device integration/interaction game stuff?

Finally as it’s based on the SSR1 if a part breaks (usually motor) is it possible for us to fix/replace that bit to get this working again with similar easy to the OSR2/SR6?