FUNSR1 - the better Handy - my detailed review

Hello everybody!

I am very happy to test and review a new product I received. It’s the FUNSR1 (will refer to it as SR1 in the thread here). If you didn’t read or hear about the device, check out their official thread on EroScripts here → FUNSR1:A toy based on SSR1,Half the price of Handy, surpassing Handy performance

Since this device aims to directly compete with the Handy, I will compare it to the Handy and not so much to the Syncbot. The Syncbot is a very different device and is not meant to be a stroker. The Handy and the SR1 are strokers and don’t have any additional axis. I will still provide some comparison to the Syncbot as well.


I received the SR1 as a free gift. The original plan was that I purchase the SR1 and I’ll get a coupon that you guys can use and I benefit from commissions through it. The problem was, they can’t send to Germany. There are some special restrictions here when it comes to sextoys (of course, it’s Germany, there are regulations for everything -.-) and they would need some certificates, which costs a lot of money and is hard to finance for a small company. Because of that, they send me the SR1 for free and provided for the costs.

The SR1 team didn’t ask me to make this review. I make this review, because I want to make the review and help to promote this device. I am also not getting paid doing this review. There will be a discount code you can use, from where you get a 10$ off. I’ll only benefit from commissions when my coupon code gets used.

You won’t find any numeric comparisons in my review. I am really not a man of numbers. In fact, I am very bad with numbers. I often miscalculate things and twist numbers up. That’s why I can’t give you something like “the SR1 moves 1.4mm faster than the Handy”. I can only give you a review from what I felt and what I got to experience.

This is only my personal review. Your experience may be different than my experience.


The package arrived safely and was well packed. Nothing was broken on arrival, everything was safely packed. I got send a tracking number to track the order as well.

First impression

I like the design of it. It’s very comparable to the Handy. About the same height and weight.

I noticed that the case, just the case around it, not the front and back, is 3d printed. Same goes for the Vesa mount adapter and Fleshlight adapter. This isn’t a bad thing at all. I know 3d printing has a bad reputation here and there. I don’t think it’s justified. 3d printing became way better over the years and it also depends and what material you are using for printing. I can say that everything makes a good and stable and impression. The material used makes a good quality impression and is no cheap ass plastic, that gets broken after a few uses.

Overall the design is good, everything is stable and makes a good quality impression.

Pro and lite version

I can keep it pretty short here. Pro version has a manuell mode, lite version not. If you want to use the SR1 in manuell mode as well and not only with scripts, get the pro version. If not, get the lite version. The pro version has buttons on the side to control the manuell mode.

Please note, that the pro version doesn’t have a WiFI connectivity anymore. In their thread it says it has WiFi, but WiFi got replaced by Bluetooth. See this post here.

In the next part I’ll explain the connectivity.


The SR1 needs a power adapter (standard AC/DC adapter) and an USB(c) cable. Everything is included. Connect the power, connect the USB(c) with the SR1 and your PC and done. Another way to connect the device is via Bluetooth. For my test, I didn’t manage to get a Bluetooth connection working. I tried using it with Intiface, but the SR1 didn’t show up. I didn’t spend much time fixing it, because I’ll use it over USB anyway. The USB connection is much more stable and also provides a delay free and better connection.

After I successfully connected the SR1 to my PC, I got Multifunplayer. With this software, the scripts will get played. I recommend getting MPV as a player, since this is the easiest way. To connect MPV with Multifunplayer, I recommend reading in the official Multifunplayer thread. It’s really easy to setup. After I connected MPV to Multifunplayer, I just needed to connect the Multifunplayer with the SR1. For this, click the + down below (see here) and then click “serial”. Then connect it (click the play button) and it’s done. To play videos and scripts, click the play button (on top, under where “MPV” is). Now the MPV player opens and you can drag and drop any video file in it. Now the device is ready to use.

Overall a very easy and fast setup. I also got send an instruction via Discord. Everything is well explained here. I used this instruction for the setup.


You know, when you use something for the first time, you want the “Wow!” effect. When you start your new car and drive it for the first time, you want to feel “Wow, this is amazing. It drives amazing!” Or when you turn on your new TV you want to be like “Wow, the image is amazing It looks so much better. The colors, the sharpness, wow!” Same you want for your new toy. And you know what, I got it right away. I instantly felt like “Wow, this is so powerful.” I instantly noticed the power the SR1 has. Strokes are so much smoother, they feel faster, they feel better, they feel deeper, the overall stroke length feels much better. Right in the beginning I noticed that the SR1 is way more powerful than the Handy is. Of course I wanted to see how it is on very fast sections, because that is where the Handy struggles. I loaded a fast blowjob script in (this) and I felt the “wow” again. I went to the handjob part, which is very fast. It was so smooth! The movements are much better, faster and deeper. Just wow! It felt like Angel was the one stroking. So real, so immersive!

Also, very important: No delay! Everything is in perfect sync. Since the SR1 is connected via USB, there is pretty much no latency, which means no delay. With the Handy, you always have some delay. Which is unavoidable, if you need to connect via WiFi. This is a big advantage of the SR1. Having no delay is huge. Especially for slower scenes or sections.

Having to connect the SR1 via USB has the advantage of a (pretty much) no delay playback. But the disadvantage is, an additional cable you have to deal with. Why I am a big fan of the Syncbot is, that I don’t have to deal with any cables. No power cable and the connection is wireless as well. But it isn’t too much of a hassle. If you come from the Handy, you are already used to have a power cable laying around. Dealing with one more cable, isn’t too much of a problem. Also, the USB cable is very long with 2 meters.

Overall I am very impressed. The SR1 is way more powerful than the Handy is. Stroke length is noticeable better (deeper strokes are deeper, longer strokes are longer). Fast sections are no problem at all for the SR1. They play very smooth and it’s a joy. You really can feel the pounding and it adds so much to the impressiveness. I tested it with very fast strokes, about 700 units/s. The SR1 shortens the strokes in the same way as the Handy does. But since the SR1 has a longer stroke range, it’s less noticeable. When the Handy shortens strokes, it’s really noticeable. I would still stay in the ~600 units/s speed range for the SR1 just so the strokes are getting the full range. But it’s ok to go over 600 units/s by a bit.


The SR1 has a major design advantage: You mount the sleeve with two straps, instead of one. This has the advantage that the sleeve is much more stable. The SR1 uses these kind of straps → click me. I’ve been using this strap for the Handy as well. It is a very stable and sturdy strap.

Click here to see pictures of it

There is a sleeve mounted in the SR1. It’s not visible, because its fully covered by the straps.

Here is another sleeve strapped. This is a pretty soft sleeve and wasn’t really usable with the Handy. It was “flopping” around way too much. The SR1 on the other hand, straps the sleeve much better. (In this picture the SR1 is already attached to a monitor arm, visible in the background.)

For the Handy, the sleeve is “flopping” around too much, because it’s not really stable. Especially if you want to use other non Handy sleeves, it was very hard to properly mount them with the Handy. The SR1 on the other hand, allows every sleeve you want. So far I used the standard gen 2 Handy sleeve the Lotus sleeve and two different onaholes. I would recommend to use bigger and thicker sleeves. The gen 2 Handy sleeve didn’t work so well. It is not thick enough and a bit hard to stably mount it. This is one of the onaholes I used → Gokusai Uterus Onahole. The sleeve weights 480g and was unusable with the Handy. I couldn’t mount it properly and even if I managed to somewhat mount it, it didn’t move properly. The sleeve was too heavy for the Handy. For the SR1, no problem! I can safely mount it and it properly works and moves the sleeve up and down like it’s nothing. This is when I noticed again how powerful the SR1 is.

Click here for an example how it moves with a heavier sleeve.

As you can see, the SR1 has no problems moving the sleeve. It is also very safely strapped.

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The SR1 opens a whole new world of sleeves. I am able to use any sleeve I want. Of course it needs to be properly shaped. Something like this → Slut Angel DX 1200, is probably not fitting so well. Make sure to use a proper sleeve, which is formed like a sleeve and then you’ll have no problem mounting it. The SR1 team also said to not use a sleeve over 1kg.

But what about Fleshlights? Works as well. There is an extra adapter for it, which is also included. So you can use Fleshlights or sleeves. That is a great design decision! This opens up a new world again. Being able to use Fleshlights as well, is great. This gives you so much variety and doesn’t limit you to either only sleeves or only Fleshlights. Currently, I don’t have a Fleshlight. So I can’t say how a Fleshlight is like using with the SR1. I already ordered one and I’ll update the review, once I got to test it.


Handsfree out of the box! Another great design decision here. There comes an included extra adapter, which you can mount to any Vesa monitor arm → examples here.

If you don’t already have one, I can definitely recommend getting one. A monitor arm is quite cheap and costs maybe like 30€. It’s very worth it and adds so much to it. Being able to enjoy the SR1 handsfree out of the box is a great thing.

The construction was easy. You screw the plate on the SR1 and screw the plate on the mount together with the handles.

The result looks this (click)

Note that I screw the mount the other way around on the desk. That makes it easier to reach and to properly bring the mounted SR1 in the desired position. Everything is very sturdy and even at full speed it run perfectly. I really love the design decision and having it handsfree out of the box is an enormous advantage.


VR became a major factor here in our community. VR improved so much as well as the headsets. No wonder VR is now one of the most popular content here. That’s why VR playability is a must have feature for any new toy. The SR1 supports VR. It works through the Multifunplayer. There are two ways: Stream the SLR scripts through it - you need to be subbed to his Patreon for this feature. The free way is to connect Multifunplayer with HereSphere. If you don’t know HereSphere yet, it’s a very potent and well designed VR player. You can download the demo, which offers the same usage as the normal version. There are only occasional popups, which ask you to buy the normal version to support their project.

It’s very easy to connect. Just enable remote server / control support in the settings of HereSphere, click connect in Multifunplayer and you are done.

So, VR support works without any problems!


I would say it’s on the same level as the Handy, maybe a bit more quiet. But since the SR1 is more powerful, it is surprisingly quiet. I expected it to be louder at full speed. But at full speed, I would compare it with the Handy when it is at its full speed. Also, the Handy got louder over time. Probably because the oil / grease isn’t as good anymore as it was.


As easy as it is with the Handy. Unmount the sleeve, clean it, let it dry and done.


No issues here. It’s as safe as the Handy is. Of course, always be sure to mount the sleeve correctly. Don’t make it too tight, don’t make it too loose. Always check and be sure that everything is in place, even while using it, and you’ll be fine. Everything is very secure and I don’t see any “flipping out” accidents could happen here.

Help and support

If you ran in any problems or need help with anything, you can join their Discord. You quickly get an answer and everybody is friendly over there. But everything is so easy to use, you probably won’t need any help.


The SR1 is the perfect device. Why? Let me explain and compare it to the other common toys more.

At first, we should see what we are looking for. Most of use want a real stroker. That’s why many don’t want to get a Syncbot. Not only it’s way more expensive than the SR1, it is also not a stroker. The stroke length is very limited. It has rotation and contraction, what many users may not be interested in. Also the Syncbot is a more complex device. It comes with its own software and is not usable with any 3rd party software. The more complex a device is, the more prone it is to issues or malfunction. Luckily I didn’t have any issues with the Syncbot, but some people are reporting issues and malfunctions. The Syncbot also limits the use of sleeves or Fleshlights, since it is using its own kind of sleeves. I am still using the Syncbot regularly and I love it as much, as the first time I used it. If you can afford it and you want to enhance your collection and you want something different than a normal stroker, it’s an awesome device. But the Syncbot is an addition. It should be stroker device (SR1 / Handy) + Syncbot and not just a Syncbot. Otherwise you’ll miss out the fantastic stroking action.

The Handy leads the market for years now and rightfully so. It’s affordable and works well. It’s an easy product. Plug it in, connect it to your WiFi, download a script player and you are good to go. But we want something more, with more power, we don’t want to be so limited when it comes to sleeves, we don’t want to be limited when it comes to the actual stroke length and stroke speed. And sometimes the device has it kinks. Some users report having issues with the connection. Sometimes the device doesn’t connect at all or it disconnects mid session. I am also not free from these kinks. It happen rarely, but it’s annoying when it happens. It can ruin the mood. Handsfree is a big thing and is something we all want. They promised a handsfree solution and came up with the “handsfree cup”. A very disappointing solution to say the least. Later they released a true handsfree mount, but reviews often claim it gets broken very easily and the quality is inferior.

The OSR2 or SR6 are interesting devices. It has the stroking power and additionally adds multi axis. But the downside is, it is more on the expansive side. It’s also a very complex device and for the normal user it’s overwhelming. There are so many extras you can add, you don’t know what it all is even. While you can buy a pre built unit, the normal unit you have to assemble yourself. We don’t want this. We want an easy to use plug and play device. We don’t want to tinker around and maybe do something wrong and break the device. Maintenance is also a problem here. This device certainly needs maintenance and if you are not a tinkerer, it can get complicated. It is a fascinating device and I was always tempted to buy one, but never got through the “I am not a tinkerer, if something isn’t working correctly, I am busted. I have no idea how to fix anything there and to be honest, I don’t want to deal with that.”

And then there some “niche” products like the Lovesense Solace or the Kiiroo PowerBlow. And of course some older products like the Launch or the Kiiroo Keon. The devices are affordable, but also limited. The are not as strong as the SR1 or the Handy. A huge vulnerability is the Bluetooth only connection. A Bluetooth connection can’t keep up with the speed of a wired or WiFi connection. And these devices are also limited when it comes to sleeves or Fleshlights. Most of the time you can only use the build in sleeve. It’s boring. We don’t want to use the same sleeve all the time. There are some many great sleeves out there we want to try.

Now we have the SR1. We have everything we want and need.

  • It’s an easy and simple device.
  • You need power, USB or Bluetooth connectivity, Multifunplayer and you can start. No issues with WiFi, no connection problems. Just plug and play.
  • It’s a real stroker.
  • The device is very powerful and a clear upgrade to the Handy. The stroke length is noticeable longer and strokes are more smooth and it can handle faster strokes better.
  • You can use any kind of sleeve and you can use Fleshlights as well. Because of the sheer amount of sleeves and Fleshlights you can use, you will never get bored. Endless variety.
  • You can use it handsfree out of the box.
  • You can use it for VR content.
  • It is very affordable with a price of 125€ / 130$ for the lite version. Even cheaper than the Handy and cheaper than most misc devices.

Downsides? To be honest, there are really no downsides with the SR1. It is like the Handy, just better at everything.

My only personal wish is, that I hope I can get it to connect with ScriptPlayer. ScriptPlayer is my favorite player. There are so many cool features. Especially shuffle mode together with chapter mode is great. Maybe it’s doable @sentinel?

Update: Managed to connect the SR1 to ScriptPlayer over Intiface. Works great! This tutorial helped me with it.

It is truly a perfect device and a worthy replacement for the Handy.


The SR1 is direct competitor to the Handy. It is true a stroking device. The SR1 outshines the Handy when it comes to the raw power, stroke length, strokes are feeling smoother, it strokes better and faster, it can mount any sleeve (you shouldn’t go over 1kg though), it can mount Fleshlights as well with an included adapter, it has handsfree out of the box (comes with a Vesa mount adapter) and it can be used for VR content as well. Setup is simple, power cable, USB to PC, download Multifunplayer and set it up - done. You want a new real stroker and an affordable upgrade to the Handy? The SR1 is your device then.

Thank you for reading!

Thank you very much for reading my review. I hope I gave you a good overview and covered everything important regarding the SR1. Big thanks to @renwoxing for getting in touch with me and gifting me this awesome device. You and your team made an impressive device.

I can say with full confidence, that the SR1 is an incredible device and a worthy upgrade over the Handy. You not only get a big upgrade over the Handy, you also open up to many many sleeves AND Fleshlights. And the best thing is, if you decide to buy it, you support their small business and help them get funding and we maybe get an even better device in the future.

If you have any questions, let me know. I am happy to provide you additional information or help you out :slightly_smiling_face:

Promotion code

If you are interested in buying the SR1, you can get 10$ off for your purchase. Click the link below, collect the coupon and use the code on your order.



Thank you for the review it’s really well done and to the point, sometimes too many numbers and specs bloat reviews and make them hard to follow so I actually appreciate the lack of that.

When I first saw this device I was very hopeful so it’s great to hear that it seems to be living up to my expectations. With the price that it is making it much more accessible and more attractive design than other SR devices (imo) I can see this blowing up on here.

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Personally I don’t know but according to the Software Compatibility section in the following post is shall be possible to connect it via Intiface.

Yes it is doable. Also as of v2.6.0 you should be able to add serial toys directly in intiface’s user intiface. Look under Devices → Serial Devices.

Thank you! I think so too. And before I am putting any wrong numbers here, I’d better not put numbers in at all.

Same when I first saw it. I wanted to order one, but couldn’t, because of the order restrictions to Germany. But luckily the FUNSR1 team contacted me.

Thank you @sentinel and @Falafel for the links. I’ll have to look into it again then and try to find a solution.

Great review and it surely is a great device which I would love to test, but because of that it’s pretty much “Cool.” and that’s it, cause no way to get it. Is the connection the same with Bluetooth as with USB? Cause if you need an USB cable to have a good connection than this is a minus point for me. If SR1 Bluetooth is as good as the Handy WiFi then all is good.

Not that I should care with it being unavailable. : /

I can’t give you any information about Bluetooth. I tried again connecting it via Bluetooth, it’s still not working. It shows up in Windows, but not in intiface. I have no idea what is wrong there and why it’s not showing up. But @Falafel 's review covers it.

I enabled serial connection, but how do I connect it? Under what name is the SR1 in “Protocol Type”? And what do I need to full in the other entries Port Name, Baud, Data Bits, Parity and StopBits? I used the same numbers as it shows in Multifunplayer, but it’s not working.

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Ahh yeah I forgot about their test videos. Seems good to me so no WiFi is not that big of an issue. Unfortunately with it not being available to order for Germany at all it’s a dead fish.

I have no idea but there is some progress being made in OSR2/SR6 to Intiface Central connection unofficial rough guide - #4 by Ratattack15

Nice review, link not working

Thank you, I’ll give it another try.

No idea what’s wrong there. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Maybe it has to do something with the region.

I managed to connect the SR1 with ScriptPlayer through Intiface. This tutorial helped with it → OSR2/SR6 to Intiface Central connection unofficial rough guide - #4 by Ratattack15

Seems you like you have to start scanning for devices in Intiface first and then connect the SR1 via USB. Then it shows up. Before I always had the SR1 connected before and then I searched for devices and it didn’t show up. Doing it the other way around works.