(Game Integration) Updated v3! Daily Lives of my Countryside by Milda Sento Version v0.29.1

I will encourage you to create a clean install of the game and install our mod, save files are probably not a cause of the problem you are experiencing.

Try to just open the FunScript player and connect your device, if the program successfully shows the connected device, try opening the game and verify if any scenes triggers (you should see a number being displayed in the FunScript player window)

ps. Are you using the latest (Gumroad) version?

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I have the same bug after installing the newest version and transferring my savefile

ya i did that and anytime the time advances wether it be story wise or me doing it on the phone it stops working it is a clean install all i did was transfer a save file

also is thare a hot key to save btw i know f5 is a go back to main menu but is thare a save one as well

I checked for me and did a clean install again and i didn’t have any issue :confused:

did you transfer a save file?
because i downloded the new one i know i did because i dont have the problem save file stoping it and its only when time advances but i gess i can downlode the game for the 5th time now just to see but all im doing is transfering the save file to the new game i dont want to start all the way over

Weird I would do the same things and never had an issue. I’d go into the www>save>then transfer the multiple saves I had.

Moving the mod file to the specified location causes an error. Overwriting System.json triggers this issue

@seninnn This usually happens if you are using an older version of the game. Try downloading the latest version from Milda Sento’s itch.io

I made a clean install and I found no issue

Ok after downloading it for a 6 the time the filler doesn’t stop I had to fully delete everything and clean out my recycle bin for it to actually work idk why

Also new bug the time keeps going to 13 o’clock and it’s bugging out the game is thare a way to fix this

@Dommoo2 Can you send a screen recording of the issue that you are experiencing?

Can do the next time I play but when it goes from 12 o’clock and does a time jump Because I ate lunch or watch TV or did something it goes to 13 o’clock and brakes everything

This has been following me because I use the same save file

Do any of you guys have trouble with the stroke length of the handy when playing this game? Or are the stroke lengths very shallow?

I’d say a good portion of them are pretty shallow.

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Yea, the stroke length in most of these scenes is way too short.

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I agree. I have been manually editing each one to make them longer, but there are just so many, and the new update changed some of the numbers around so I had to start over :sweat:

how would i be able to help do you just go in in ofs and make evry script bigger or is it only certain ones

It is certain ones. Not all scenes need changing in my opinion. But because it’s not obvious to me what scripts are for what scenes since they are all just numbers, I have to play the game and manually check what each scene number is, and then find that script and adjust as necessary. And I can’t just do it all in the dream room either since the room doesn’t actually have every scripted scene in the game.

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hay would you be willing to share the scripts that you eddited to make biger
and also summon a update to the game because this lmao

I actually played through the game and wrote them out on a piece of paper. If I find it I can send it to you if you want just message me.

Hey guys,
Sorry for the neglecting of this thread. Life has been very busy and currently slowly coming back to scripting. We are working on another integration atm, which will take some time so please bear with us.
Regarding the Scripts itself, if you got a list of which ones you wish that we change, that would rly help, but will take some time to rearange.
If someone is willing to collect / write said list we will try our best to adjust some of the scripts.