(Game Integration discontinued) Daily Lives of my Countryside by Milda Sento Version v0.29.1

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Hey Guys !!! Some Time Ago there was a Game integration Request made by @Pascaru. He needed someone to create the Funscripts for him while he takes care of the Mod itself.

We are happy to announce that this is the second Version of said Implementation.
@Pascaru did a wonderful Job on creating a Mod for this and I did my Part with the Funscripts. It took a lot of time and we hope you appreciate the effort.

Also we are taking commissions for more Game Integrations so hit us up if interested !!!


This Mod is mostly UNTESTED and can Crash. We both lack the Time to thoroughly test it. That’s why we decided to share it with you guys now, so that whenever Problems occurs or anything bothers you with the mod you can write in this post and we will try and fix it or enhance the Mod. We appreciate your Help and Feedback !

The Scene Viewer (The Dream Function) should work now ! If It doesn’t work or there are problems just tell us like you did before!


:floppy_disk: Instructions

This Mod was created using @to4st mod integration. You can check To4st - Game Integration Mods for more information.

In short the Steps are the following:

  • Download the .NET 7 Desktop Runtime from this link 121 if you don’t already have it. Download .NET 7.0 (Linux, macOS, and Windows)
  • Download from the Mega link. It already includes the mod and the game.
  • Open the File Funscript Player.exe inside the Folder: FunscriptPlayer v.1.4.0
  • Open the File game.exe . Inside the Folder DailyLivesOfTheCountrySide.

:male_detective: Game Creator :

Please consider supporting the Original Creator of the Game. The Game is Free.

:memo: Notes

The Funscripts were made with the Speed limitations of the Handy in mind


Updated Version with the dream functioning and some bugfixes.

You can find the game mod and the instructions inside our Gumroad, the mod is free but we greatly appreciate any kind of contribution no matter how small :smile:


Very nice seeing more Game Integration.

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already done :smiley:




We wanna do some more of those so keep tuned on what’s coming hehe

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Nice! Had my eyes on this game for a while now.
Glad I decided to wait a little longer before working on a mod for it. :grin:

I can relate, would be great to have a few “beta” testers for some of these integrations.


This is so great to hear!

I loved this artstyle, I even supported the creator before.

And no integration!? Thx a lot :blush:


yeah the artstyle is adorable <3

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Idk if it’s just me but when you go into the dream state the game crashes sometimes when trying to wake up. Also the filler stroke is lost when doing a time skip or completing a quest . Just some feedback.

So does this require the handy to be connected via bluetooth? Can it use the Handy server or not?

@Pascaru thats probably something you can answer better than me

Well done friend ! I absdolutely want to try it !

But I think I’m not good at it. I don’t get what happend and what it supposed to happend.

Funscripter connect my Keon, but I have, in game : Statut : Filler stop or script stop.

Can someone explain to me please ?

Which scene ?

Probably not related to the mod on itself, consider that the game is still on development and may contain certain bugs

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Have you already unlocked a NSFW scene (an animation)?. It only works if you can see the characters do lewd stuff

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thank you

I tried with the dream stuff, only, for NSFW.
I don’t really know what I’ve done wrong. I don’t get, first of it, why the filler switch off when I launch the save. are we supposed to keep the keon plugged into sex, motionless for several tens of minutes, waiting for a sexual moment?
…And not only on this game, in fact, I had the problem regularly on the to4st game integrations too, but I don’t know if it’s me who missed something.

(be careful, I would totally understand if someone told me that yes, there is no judgment of anything, it’s just that I was “used to” with Fallen Angel which has a filler, fairly omnipresent reactions . I’m just trying to understand if I’m missing the point.)

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Awesome, thanks for the hard work :smile:

Ok just thought I’d report back any issues I came across. I’ll keep playing through it. Other thing I noticed is that the scripts do not play during the scenes when dreaming.

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Funscripts only work in the main game it seems, not during a dream. Sure that can be fixed in an update
Filler stroking can be enabled by editing the script-config.json in notepad from “false” to “true”