How difficult is it to make your own funscripts today?

A kind of topic that comes around every so often from others, but now we’re at the end of 2023 so I ask the question. How difficult is it to make scripts? I’ve wanted to make several but I’ve never given it the chance thinking I would have to put hours of work for only seconds of a video to be done.


Scripting is slow when you start, but you learn tricks and get faster. Whether it is difficult depends on your patience level, desire to make things, and enjoyment of repetitive tasks.


I still am learning. I tend to work at 2mins/hour. So it does take a while. Action is easy as you just follow the video. PMV/HMVs are difficult if you have to follow a beat and create different rhythms. But in the end it is fun to try your own script and know that you created it. Also, the fact that when you do create scripts, you become a contributing member of this website which is nice.

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Once you get some experience it is more of an hour of scripting per 5-10 minutes if you do it frame by frame for the highest accuracy (follow the action in the video). There are of course many variables affecting this. Blowjobs takes a lot more time than penetration at a steady pace. There are also shortcuts that might reduce the accuracy while still remain within acceptable limits (e.g. motion tracker). PMV:s are another story since they are audio based, and CH is probably much faster since it involves a beat bar with stroke patterns that often can be copy/pasted.


Please start to script, if that is some thing you wanna try.

It tooks longer when doing 3 axises, however they could cooperate with each other.Espeacially for BJ

I’m new, so I can kind of tell you what it takes, but my set up is weird. I just put up a post detailing all the different software, and outlining my learning curve so far, so I won’t repeat that here.

My experiences with scripting are a lot different than the other posters here, because I’m focused on FPOV, and being penetrated, rather than penetrating. I don’t think I need the kind of precision from my vibrating butt plugs and prostate toys that these other guys want from their strokers.

I set vibe intensity to synchronize with the subjective intensity of the scene, combined with the actual penetration that’s happening. My mental process is: No penetration? No vibe. Penetration is happening? Great! Now how intense would that penetration feel at this moment, with regards to 5 seconds ago? 5 seconds from now? Is that a finger or a cock or a tongue? It’s not just about speed and power. You go by sounds, and dirty talk, and sweat, and being held down, and eye contact, and muscles bulging… what I sync with is not really something you can see visually. It’s a feeling. With that in mind…

My process is that I run the video at 0.5x speed, and hit the number keys on the num pad to set the vibration level. When I started I did it at 0.25x speed, for maybe 20 minutes, while I fiddled around and kind of fell into a rhythm with the work. Then I put the play speed up to 0.5x, and haven’t looked back yet. Every now and then I rewind and redo a section, but as I learn, I edit myself less and less. I might eventually script videos at 1x.

So at this point, after playing with it for a couple hours, I do a 20-30 minute video in 1 hour. I’m still learning the tools, though. I might slow down as I get better.

I feel sleepy during scripting lol

:zzz: :zzz: :sweat_smile:It happens…

just so you know you are not alone… FPOV is my main focus… and went far into my immerssion

my fpov scripts brought me closer to heaven but i do mostly frame by frame so it take 3 lifetime to achieve… once i did with some kind of automatic process but it was still a lot of work… my collections is smaller than i would like since fpov is a super niche clientelle