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Issue with running python script to edit funnscripts for kiiroo onyx+

I took the script from this post A python script to fix .funscript for Kiiroo Onyx+ and I set up python but when i run it i get this error:

“/Users/person/desktop/”, line 43, in
main(sys.argv[1], sys.argv[2])
IndexError: list index out of range
I have super limited coding knowledge so im not sure how to troubleshoot or fix the code.

I’m entering my command as follows (all my files are on my desktop)
"python3 desktop/
desktop/broken.funscript desktop/fixed.funscript "

running python 3.10.4 on macOS

I made a post in the original thread but it looks like the OP isnt very active.

Appreciate any help and thanks in advance!

You can do the same with FunExpander:

Set the “Max. Interval length” to something around a second and klick on “Adjust intervals”

More information here:

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you sir, are legend!

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