Just want to inform the scipt creators here

Just want to inform the scipt creators here, about, I like to call it a parasite project, named bukkake.moe. To make it clear, sites like scriptaxis.com are awesome to find scripts and I support sites like these. But bukkake makes me angry.

Back to the parasite. I never gave permission to upload my scripts there, nobody ask me and yet I find scripts of mine there, available for download. Even this site only streams the scripts from outside eroscripts I am not okay with it. It’s my work and I don’t want to give control about if it’s available or not in other hands.

I looked through the video list and found a lot of scripts from eroscripts, maybe all of the content is from here. The site creator BasicGirl cannot escape its responsibility just because users upload videos and scripts. The most user that uploaded scripts from other copyright holder are basic members.

Do what ever you want with this information. I am thankfull to all the creators here. But I am stop now, I am sick of this community and everything around it at the moment. My free scripts are offline, please respect it and don’t share it. Thanks.


Not trying to be defend that site, but don’t most of your script posts include links to copyrighted videos uploaded on unauthorized sites? Isn’t that content typically uploaded by basic users who don’t own the content?

Why is it acceptable to infringe on a video copyright, but unacceptable to share a script?

I’m not stealing/uploading content to these sites, but I’m curious where you draw the line.


The difference being that the site owner is making money from ads and such

edit: also found they are running a patreon


I’m actually kind of shocked. A lot of my scripts are there. The issue is nobody ever asked, or credited. I saw a few videos there that were only made for this community also. It’s sort of annoying because if I wanted to share my scripts elsewhere, I’d just do that myself. But I do it to give back to this community.


I saw this site as well and I was thinking making a post about this, if the community is aware of it.
I also found several of my scripts on here. Unfortunately, there is no credits, no link to the forum and nothing else, that would link to the original creator of it.
If the admin would have at least message the creators and ask them, if it’s ok, if they would upload / stream their scripts and would give proper credits, I wouldn’t even mind. But it’s not that case I agree with your thoughts and opinion on it.


What the hell, If I wanted to share my scripts for someone to make money of them I would, here they are posted without any credit to either the video creator or the script creator for the owner of the site to make money of… That’s not cool…
This is just so bad for sites like this, I mean why be a contributing member when you just can DL them from that site…
Checked a few scripts that I know I have made, at least the Metadata was intact and had my tag, but who looks or care about that, you have to download the script to be able to read it…

So: (If your name is just a coincidence please disregard from this)
@Sassy Delete my script Bukkake MOE
@GoofyGoober Delete my script Bukkake MOE
I never gave any of you my permission to share my scripts like that!

@basicgirl And if you are the same person here and on bukkake.moe I want you to delete all my scripts you can find so that you don’t make any more money of my work!

And the rest of you that are members on both, the least you can do is ask the scripter if it’s ok with them to share their work with no credit what so ever…

Looking for more of my scripts and see ALOT of scripts from EroScripts there.


@mADsCRIPTS Sorry to hear your work is being stolen.

I am deeply troubled by this news as a consumer of scripts. It takes away from paid, free, and consumers of scripts in a trickle down fashion.

Anyway for this community to push back? Paid Script sellers have any legal claim?

@Dangalang Many scripters ask you do not provide free links, a lot of free links are taken down, links to free videos like on pornhub the original creator still makes money from advertising + bump in the algorithm, and I can go on. The main differences is scripters are still making original work that feeds into the porn industry

Reported to Patreon:
I don’t want them to earn 1cent off of you guys and will still continue to monetarily support those that are committed to the craft


Well this is all total bullshit… I’ll have to go the paid route going forward if it’s just going to be copied and profited by someone else smh… We just can’t have nice things can we…


I posted on their discord channel. Let’s see what they answer.


I think this was an inevitable consquence of free script sharing. There is no shortage of scummy folks out there who won’t hesitate to hustle a profit regardless of who it may impact. Perhaps we can brainstorm some solutions to prevent this from happening again - although I understand from the creators’ points of view if they decide the only way forward is to put their work behind a paywall


Can we possibly make the site like $1 to join so legal action can be used against people that are copying scripts to other sites (@hugecat @defucilis)?

That money can go to website upkeep or promote a free scripter ?


Sad that this world always works good vs evil.

None the less … if I may… even after you try and sort this via paid route… evil is always working to beat what ever new system in place…

Ie: what’s to stop the scum from pretending to be part of this community… purchase script and the just go about the scums ways to continue earning of ads on the other platforms…

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It’s why I’m doing mostly paid content now.

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I agree paid scripts won’t fix it, inevitably I kinda knew this would someday happen as it’s porn… But I’d rather make a buck out of the original if it’s just gonna be pirated for profit and noncredited anyways… Only other option than a paywall now is just not to post… Don’t mean too toot my own horn but my scripts are cared for and pretty damn good. I love sharing with the community but I will not support scumbags profiting off paid/free script creators and my own scripts going forward… These things take literal days… . What a scummy situation…


as a user, I like the ease of access, but I would like every script to be linked to his eroscript thread, the comunity is here, not there


@torgo313 Love ur scripts man.
Hopefully things will settle down and they will stop posting scripts from here with enough pressure. I don’t see them posting too many VR videos based on their tags but still it should not happen with either 1 min or 60 min videos.

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@hentman69 They should in no way profit from original work created by users on this platform. It may be free but it still does not mean they should not have control over their work.

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This is a scum move by that site.

With that being said, scripters should have an option where we can donate if we like a script if they choose to keep them free. There’s also a bunch of us who are willing to drop decent coin on script requests via the scriptpoolers discord.


as alternative I’ve been using this great script, it already supports most sites and @nodude added support for more sites when I requested theHandy support for PornHub and others


I think that the best option here is to just not mention the site at all and ban any mention of the site on eroscripts.

We have big, amazing community that can also notify people on different platforms, where the scripts come from and why it is important to boycott the thing.

When they start losing profits the site will shut itself.