Lifehack: Enjoy HapticsConnect unlimited with a single purchased script

Enjoy unlimited HapticsConnect with a single purchased script from Interactive VR Porn with Sex Toys - The Handy, Kiiroo Fleshlight Launch VR, Kiiroo Keon and others

No need for Premium. Just a one time payment.


I don’t understand, once you buy one script all the others are free?

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Once you buy one script you can use haptics connect without an active slr premium subscription (the most recent deovr update broke interactive functionality for people without premium accounts/any purchased scripts)

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What if you’re a previous subscriber that got 3 free scripts a month but no longer subscribe?

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@doublevr care to chime in?

Exactly. Whether you agree with their business model or not, their changes and rollout have been anything but transparent and any outrage regarding the changes is understandable. And to call potential/former customers that no longer have access to things that they bought/acquired through their sub “low lifes” is not exactly endearing to the community.


Won’t lie I was hoping that my complimenting his politeness and professionalism earlier in the thread would encourage him to continue without insulting people

While I don’t always agree with SLR’s attitude it’s undeniable that they’re an invaluable pillar of the interactive toy community. No other companies are going all in on funscripts the way they are and I hope the relationship between the eroscripts user base and @doublevr can improve in the future


Previous (no longer active sub) premium+script subscribers that got scripts with their subscription are not able to use the haptics.


Read what these people write before saying that. I just can’t stand their bs. I’m just reciprocating - respond respectfully to respected ones and not respectfully for not respected ones.

I’m happy to discuss things with everyone making a point without offense and disrespect.

We are known to settle things right for many our partners. Yet those assaults can not be taken.

This world would be much better place if we can talk things without being offensive. It’s also true while this community is great many people here have very poor idea how things work outside of making scripts. This causes much of confrontation we have. Like it’s okay for most to share pirated videos, but sharing their scripts is the worst crime one can think of. There’s a ton of hypocrisy in this nice community

Buy a script and unlock Haptics Connect functionality

I’ll leave this one up despite the flag.

I’m just reciprocating - respond respectfully to respected ones and not respectfully for not respected ones.

This might be how you act irl or elsewhere on the internet, but here, please just flag or report people. I’d much prefer that over escalating tensions.


Yeah, except they don’t support people that used their subscriptions to get included scripts. So don’t purchase the higher-tier subscription that includes scripts and expect it to continue working. They don’t seem to want to address this issue. Even though I own the scripts due to paying a higher sub and can no longer use them with the app.


I guess both sides are doing a great job communicating within the lines of correctness.

From other threads people suggest that me as SLR representative could be more diplomatic, what is true.

Yet on a personal level I can’t take why everyone would come up with million and one reasons why it was a bad decision not to keep things free as they were.

SLR has a history of settlements in a very good way on a variety of matters once both sides is acting in a good faith. But seeing people making things up and assaulting SLR at times for their selfishness is just bullshit I would like to reciprocate.

Just because you keep it doesn’t mean you own anything. Otherwise you don’t own a single script or video that you ever downloaded.

That makes absolutely no sense. I had a the subscription that I paid extra for to get three “free” script downloads a month. I have those scripts. I “paid” for them with my sub. Then you go ahead and claim that I’m a “low life” that wants something for free.

I paid for them with a higher tier sub that included them as part of the subscription and your business decision locked me out of the app to play the content that I legally have access to as part of the sub.

Your site says specifically:

All 19,849 Premium videos and 697 interactive scripts are included with this subscription plan. SLR Premium library is a subject to change. SLR Fair Use policy includes 30 video downloads in 72 hour period and 3 scripts downloads per month. Unused video downloads and script downloads do not roll over to the next period. Subscription comes with unlimited video and script streaming with the SLR app and DeoVR player. An Android phone with the SLR Interactive App installed is required for Fleshlight Launch, Kiiroo Keon, Onyx+ and Vorze. No additional device is required for The Handy.

Emphasis added. Those are scripts that are “mine” as part of the sub that I paid for to use with the app that you provide. And I can no longer do that because my sub is inactive. Nowhere in that does it say that I need to maintain an active sub to access the app to use the script with the video that it comes with.


You got a sub to access content for a given timeframe. You can’t access content once subscription expired. It’s as easy as that.

You can download things and watch later however you wont, but can’t access the service without having an active sub. Not sure why would I have to explain so simple things. Is not it self evident?

So why is it different that I paid a $50 sub to have be able to download 3 scripts a month, yet I can just pay $3 for one script and have unlimited access? Isn’t that a little bit odd to you? Your punishing people that subscribe. Isn’t a subscription a purchase to your service? Isn’t the subscription more valuable to you than a one time purchase of $3-5.

You know what, nevermind. I guess you’re too much of a “visionary” to be able to have discourse with us “low lifes.” I’ll just stick to never wanting to give SLR my business again.


Not sure what you intend with that. Yes, you can download things within the time of subscription.

You service voids once the sub expires. We don’t require you to delete downloaded stuff (though we could), but you need an active sub to access the service.

Every other service I know works like that. Like come on… get some sense.

I thought we are doing a great job providing access to pay per script users, not just Premium. Why would you hate me for that? Is not it great to have such an option?

Then why do you allow downloads at all? You’re saying I have to delete videos I was allowed to by your policy download after my sub? And I have to delete my scripts?

I download them to have access to them. Right? Like what’s the point of downloading anyway? When I download videos from Naughtyamerica or Brazzers or any other sub site, I don’t lose access to them when my sub is over. I was able to download them as part of my sub.

As I said, I guess you’re just too much of a visionary to even grasp this.

The problem is I already paid for your service to have access to scripts. I should be able to continue to use the app that you intend them to be used with afterwards. I shouldn’t have to make an additional purchase of a single script to unlock it once I’ve already paid for the scripts as part of the sub.

I’m just done now. You’re either unwilling or unable to see my point.


Downloads are not well defined not do we care much about it.

I can think of a situation when a user would have to delete everything after the sub expires, yet we are not going there. That’s not a point anyway. It’s just funny how you think you own anything by downloading it. You clearly don’t and that’s it. Just because we don’t enforce it doesn’t mean you have any rights over it.

You paid for the time of a service, not indefinitely (we do have lifetimes though). Once you expire you have no access to the service. It’s gone.

We are nice offering you an option, why would you be so mad?

Your point is bs. It’s not sustainable. Like you can make a point it’s okay to drive on red light, but you can’t get much with it. Everyone will tell you it’s fucked