Looking for the best way to watch VR content with funscripts in a hotel

Hi all!

I’m looking for some advice. I currently travel frequently and want to know to best way to watch VR content with funscripts. Here’s what I currently do.

I’m currently running everything through Heresphere on my Quest 3’s local storage. My Quest and Handy connect through my travel router (GL.iNet GL-MT300 Beryl AX).

I haven’t tried setting up a SMB server from my laptop because I just assume that it’ll be laggy because of hotel wifi.

I’ve read about connecting my Quest directly to my laptop and playing the VR videos and scripts through scriptplayer and DeoVR on my headset.

I’m hoping someone has a good solution to this. Thanks!

the hotel internet would have no effect on the SMB share / connection, it’s all managed by your local network (travel router). Actually, it wouldn’t even require an internet connection to work. You can test this at home by setting up the router but not connecting it to your modem, just your devices.
Heresphere will be able to connect to your shared folder on the laptop, you don’t need to run scriptplayer and deoVR unless you want to (i personally prefer heresphere because it’s simple and works).

Thanks for replying! What about connecting the Handy? Doesn’t it require an internet connection?

Just realized I didn’t mention the Handy in the original post

Yeah i think you’re right, it would need internet for the handy connection unless you’re using bluetooth mode. it’d only need it for the scripts though, the videos won’t have to go anywhere but local.

if i were you i’d do a dry run at home and make sure everything is set up and working before getting to the hotel.
edit 2:
and by dry run i don’t mean no lube!

hahaha no way!

Thanks I’ll try it out

I just did a test run and couldn’t figure out how to get the Handy working without connecting to the internet. Since SMB doesn’t require you being connected to the internet I wonder if it’ll still work fine if I connect it anyway. Curious to know if anyone has tried

you have to be online for the handy to work in wifi mode. it’ll work offline with bluetooth but it’s not as capable.

As far as the handy, the scripts don’t use much bandwidth, using your cell phone as a hotspot is fairly easy to set up and connect the handy to your phone’s hotspot.

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Would that work with this combination?

Laptop wired into my travel router
Quest 3 connected to travel router
Handy connected to a hotspot?

Is that right?

It won’t work this way because the laptop and quest are offline.

there actually is a way to run a local script server, check this out:

I would just use a mobile hotspot to or hook the travel router up to the hotel wifi. After looking into it it seems like the local script server doesn’t get along well with the 2.0 handy API? If someone else is using it without issue please chime in.

I played around with this for a few hours last night and couldn’t really get it going. I’m going to try SMB using the hotel wifi and just see if it works. If not I’ll move over scene from my laptop to my quest. I appreciate all the help.

Hello, I personally used my phone with 4g and shared my WiFi from it then configured my handy on the WiFi created by my phone. Worked nicely

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This is what i keep telling him to try. Maybe he doesn’t have data though?
@mtwgvacct here is a reddit thread i found detailing how to do exacltyl what you are looking for using bluetooth. just remember that the bluetooth control is not as speedy or precise as wifi.

This might be a functional combination

Heresphere player
Store the videos on internal storage for the Quest 3
Connect the Handy to the Quest 3 with bluetooth

There are more complicated ways to do this if you prefer

That’s what I currently do. I just don’t want to be limited to how many videos I can have on my Quest.

I guess I’m just a little confused how this will work. I connect my Handy to my phones hotspot and configure it through the iOS app. Then connect my travel router directly to my laptop with no internet connectivity and use Heresphere to browse my laptops SMB server using my Handy connection key. Is that right?

I’ll be out of town tomorrow, so I’ll be able to test everything that’s been mentioned in this thread.

Here is a more complicated option

Run a wifi access point on the laptop
Run XBVR on the laptop
Connect the Quest 3 to the wifi on the laptop
Connect the Handy to the Quest 3 using bluetooth

No real internet access needed

I don’t believe you’re able to connect the Handy through bluetooth

Firmware 3 might allow bluetooth

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SMB worked fine while connected to the hotel wifi. For some reason I thought the slow hotel internet would cause SMB not to function right, but I was wrong. Thanks everyone for the help!