Lube whats best for your sleeve?

please share your choice of lube and why its the best for your sleeves!
*edit: here some of your mentions and more , its hard to choose XD cast your vote:

  • lube life
  • shibari ultrasnooth
  • sliquid silk
  • K-Y jelly
  • swiss navy jelly
  • bioglide
  • gun oil h2o
  • onatsuyo
  • homemade
  • tenga hole

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so i am making this thread because i want to find a new one , i been using swiss navy silicon base:

i know that its not recommended for toys but its the only one that feels good for the most time, i tested many years ago water based i think it was astro glide or maybe something that looks similar,it gets sticky so fast and smells like glue ,so recently my handy grip sleeve got really stiff , i guess thats because of the lube? ether they changed the recipe or it made it harder somehow, i want to let another go for water base that will be good for sleeves, please share your expirence!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Actually recommended for silicone toys is lubricant on water base, not silicon. You can destroy your toys with bad reaction lubricant. I can recommended this. it tastes sweet so you can lick without worries and a without bad taste in the mouth.

I have tried many and have settled on KY Warming Gel. Not the liquid, not the liquid gel, this one:


I know the regular, non-warming KY Jelly sucks. It’s too luby at first then drys out very quickly. This is not the same. The warming gel has a thick consistency and never seems to dry out. In addition, it’s thickness helps it stay in the sleeve with greatly reduced leakage. In fact, after the initial load into the sleeve (a good-sized dollop), the only time I need to add more is if there happens to be some leakage. In general, the first load lasts the whole session (can last over an hour).

One trick I learned is that if you go to the family planning section of your pharmacy you will typically only find the small tube, but if instead you look in the feminine care section (with the tampons and pads) you will find the large tube there. I guess this one is popular amongst the women, or they use more of it, or use it more frequently, than those who are “family planning”.

It’s not cheap (no good lube is), but the large size has a lower-cost per volume so it’s worth looking for it.

Have fun!

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I’ve been using Gun Oil H2O but honestly, I’m a little disappointed. It’s the perfect level of fluidity but I find it just doesn’t last very long. Looking at the recommendations on this thread with interest…

A lot of recommendations here:

I prefer Liquid silk. It’s water based but not as runny as most water based lubes.

Also a huge Liquid Silk fan. Best I’ve found (for me).

@Maviarab which one? i see in amazon that the h2o have alot of complaints that it dries fast

sounds promising, how strong the heating effect? you tried maybe the non heat jelly version?

Silicone lubes generaly dont react a lot on TPE. Most TPE doesnt even react at all (its a plastic, which if silicone would harm it, would probably also be harmfull towards its user. most silicone reactions are purely because its a similar material).

And strokes are usualy made with TPE as its sturdier and significantly cheaper. Only for things like vibrators silicone is still used as it gives just that little bit of a better feeling. Which only in vibrators matter since there the softness matters more. And even here, TPE is a popular replacement. TPE is very cheap (toy costs can easily be half of the price).

With it, manufacturers are even aware of typical usage of their vibrators, and prefered lubes. For anything ment for anal use, they are aware of potential silicone lube usage, so they design it with TPE or latex. And for women, since they already self lube, water based lubes are fine as they only are needed in the beginning.

This warning is mostly just ment to ensure people dont forget the potential risk and actualy check when they use it (in the EU it isnt even mandatory to warn anymore as the silicone toys themselve already provide the warning. but out of USA habits they still do anyway).

For me the handy sleeves over time become more stiff anyway (and also yellow over time). From my experience this is normal through use. The most used sleeves show this significantly more even. And transparent sleeves are already more vulnerable here (probably because UV light is a factor, which non transparent sleeves block). I would say that after about 6 months of regular usage a sleeve becomes worn too much anyway and is better to be replaced.

And as the handy sleeves arent too expensive, why not just test it anyway? If the lube damages the sleeves too fast, then you will know and potentialy just need to replace it faster, and if not you also know the lube is fine.

There is barely any risk when combining the lubes, since in the end, condom usage with TPE toys is already recommended for cleaning purposes (there is no advise against mixed usage, and technicaly also no risk when a condom breaks which definitely would cause mixed contact in lube/material/skin). There is no warning about silicone based lubes on the condoms there (the only reason for its condom recommendation is because TPE is poreous).

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Wasn’t aware there were different versions…

I will cast my vote on Onatsuyu. Feels great, lasts forever and you don’t need much per session.


yes! mine got yellow too maybe it is time to get a new one, and its made of TPE , well then it survived for 3 months with me but with long sessions, really appreciate your time it will be a great help for everyone.

Making lube is actually really easy and SO MUCH cheaper than buying it. so I just make my own. all you need is 3 ingredients plus “optional” (I’ve found that depending on what you use you can get by with the preservatives already present in certain ingredients)

The 3 main ingredient in lube are:


do I need to explain this? you can also be fancy and use aloe vera juice. if you use aloe vera juice thats where preservatives may be optional, although don’t hold me to it.

A thickener

This is what makes the lube glide.
easily available ones are guar gum and xanathan gum
for better results you want to buy some type of hydrolyzed cellulose or a high molecular weight Polyethylene glycol (PEG 20000 and up).

The thickener is used in extremely low quantity, around 2% of your solution.

An humectant

This is usually vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol. you can get fancier ones but 90% of lubes use these 2.

These are used to make your lube not dry out as fast, also helps with gliding.

you want to have around 15 - 25% of your solution.

Simple cheap and GOOD diy recipe

all these ingredients are 100% natural and safe. can be easily found at the groceries store or pharmacy.

  • Water/aloe vera juice (pharmacy or groceries store, don’t buy the aloe vera gel, make sur it’s liquid)
  • guar gum ( sold as a gluten free thickener alternative)
  • vegetable glycerin ( pharmacy, sold for first aid to threat burns)

instructions to make lube

  • add 1 teaspoon of guar gum to a measuring cup
  • add a small amount of vegetable glycerin to the cup, and mix until the guar gum doesn’t have any more clumps
  • add 2 cups of water to a pot and add the guar gum mixture.
  • on low heat, mix the solution until the guar gum is completely thickened
  • turn off the heat
  • add around 100ml of glycerin to the mix
  • mix well while trying to not introduce air bubbles (if you do it’s no big deal, they’ll eventually disappear)
  • add more water if consistency is too thick. (this is up to personal preference)
  • you’re done. enjoy.

When you want to start getting fancier, this recipe is pretty much the same but you just substitute the guar gum for whatever other thickener you want.

Thank you for reading my blog post.


I stick to the Tenga Hole Lotion lubes. Really high quality and work really well for me. Strangely I use three. A bit of Solid, a bit of Real and a bit of Wild.

as someone with a comical level of experience I dont even want to link the correct lube to use for these machines because it will sell out again. Sigh. If you want to last an hour with the Handy or OSR I highly recommend Shibari Ultrasmooth, only sold on Amazon. I’ve tried a dozen lubes and nothing is anywhere near as good for long-lasting and slickness without being overly drippy or thick. Please do not buy 5 bottles at once lmao


thanks for the sacrifice XD

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EasyGlide 1000 ML gets my vote. I feel its on par with Gun oil

The heat is not too strong. The non-heat version is a different gel formulation and it is the worst possible option.

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This topic can be helpful. It also includes some useful links about lube ingredient safety.

I’ve tried Easyglide before. It is cheap, but very watery and drips a lot. At least it’s easy to clean and doesn’t stain.

Now making my own lube with lubricant powder. K-lube and X-lube are both great. Slick and not runny, super economic.
J-lube is often brought up but it has 70% filler (sugar), hence a much shorter shelf life.

And in case anyone shops in Japan, G Project x Pepee Bottle Lotion is underrated.

I’ll admit to abusing my privileged access to get the bougiest of options.

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