[MountBatten] A Tale Where Avy Moves and Oniichan Cums ~ Honey Moon Edition | アヴィが動いてお兄さんがイっちゃう物語(蜜月編)

Awesome work on scripting this + Detailed explanation on how to install & play?

Thanks a lot!

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Genius stuff, good job.
Now since I actually played this game before the mod, here’s some tips/info that wasn’t covered in the OP:

She gives you permission to cum when she throws her top over the hourglass.
If you smash/spurt long enough after this, she starts to have orgasms, which in lore causes her to lose the magic she gathered, resulting in her telling you not to do that too often. She’ll also skip the pillow talk because she’s too tired to.

The pillow talk is actually also a mode where you can adjust Avy’s settings, like asking her to go harder/gentler on you next time.

If you hold on long enough after endurance mode is done, she’ll eventually ask if you’d like her to go serious. If you agree she starts riding you hard like smash/spurt mode.


I’m stuck on extracting the executable

nvm, it eventually worked. The key with 7zip is to open it as a special kind of archive.


Saw the tags and just had to see, great work! anyone know anything similar?

Some modded games:

Other interactive stuff:


Thank you! yeah lustbound was the only game i could find and i’m just looking for similar, but this helps a lot!


OMG. You are fantastic

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Could someone explain the game mechanic in a bit more detail? Is there any interactivity?
I guess there’s a button to pause, request permission to cum, anything else?

  1. Take a break
  2. Speed up
  3. cum

The choice will come out after the cum.
I think she’s asking how you felt.
I don’t know if the choice affects the next stage.


If you meant the three options displayed during pillow talk, they means “Too rough”, “Just right” and “Too gentle” from top to bottom.

And yes, it will affect her behaviour in the next game you play. If you’ve said it’s too rough, she’ll go slower next time. Vice versa.

She also learns that you nutted during foreplay so will refuse to stroke you any further next time.

She even remember how hard you’ve smashed her last time and will have no mercy on you tonight.

She remembers everything. 742585102785183745


You are really convincing me to give this a shot - gonna see if I can find the time this weekend :slight_smile:


wait, are you supposed to play the game once and then play the game with the dlc and integration? :thinking: is the generator just for people who have played the original game already?

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By design you are meant to play the prequel first then migrate its save data over to this sequel (Honey Moon Edition), which won’t launch unless it finds a save file. The generator is for people who have lost their save and don’t want to play the prequel again. Though anyone can just make up answers with it, get a save and jump in.

Story-wise these two instalments happens in chronological order. So if you know the language, and is interested in the lore, you should definitely play the prequel first.

But if you minus the dialogue and plot, the sequel practically is a better version of the prequel… And there’s a DLC which added even more stuff. Hence why this mod is made for the Honey Moon Edition with DLC patched.


Is there more animation variety? I did one “play through” and didn’t really see more than three or four different animations.

Not a whole lot. It’s mainly cowgirl with some differences. If you navigate under \avy_game_honey_month_ver_1_1_2\data\video there’s all the video files the game uses.

  • legs open / closed
  • fast / slow
  • grinding back-n-forth / circular

If you choose “not erect” before sex she gives you a handjob. She strokes shaft or tip.

After permit (fully undressed), she offers to smash you, where she changes position a little bit.

If you choose smash her long enough she will orgasm (up to three times before it’s the same animation).

That’s pretty much all to it. Her dialogue varies A LOT, so knowing moonspeak helps.

By the way, a new game is under production by MountBatten which has at least 5 positions so far. Do look forward to that…

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Having trouble getting the game to work, I followed all the steps to the best of my ability but the screen just shuts to black after the loading screen every time I try to launch it. I think what’s got me hung up is the extraction of the games executable part. My files don’t appear to match the ones from your screenshot after the extraction. Anyone have any advice? UPDATE: I figuered out my problem, I was infact extracting the files wrong. Game is working fine.

That’s the same as the current game: the base version is already out and the one you linked is the sequel under production.

If they don’t match then you should provide a screenshot of what they look like

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I essentially was creating a file copy of the game’s executable back inside of the game folder, rather than extracting the executable and sending it all back to the folder, thus it didn’t let me Overwrite files that I needed to. After a few more backups I got it figured out. Thank you tho!

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