[MountBatten] A Tale Where Avy Moves and Oniichan Cums ~ Honey Moon Edition | アヴィが動いてお兄さんがイっちゃう物語(蜜月編)

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(All previews are from the game’s DLsite store page)

:information_source: Game Info

This is a ejaculation endurance game in which you stroke alongside a woman-on-top sex animation.
The game is fully dubbed. So in other words, it is an interactive JOI game. Released by indie developer MountBatten in 2018.

How to Play

:ledger: Mod Info

This is an attempt to mod this TyranoScript game for stroker toys to sync with its animation. It makes use of the application FunscriptPlayer by @to4st (and @dimnogro) as a bridge to connect the game and the device. The corresponding script is played whenever the game initiates an animation.

The game is tricky to set up, having itself being a sequel and requires the prequel’s save file to launch. And the mod is also not plug-and-play. This leads to some cumbersome tinkering required prior to enjoying the interactivity.

If you have not been turned off already, pray follow the following tutorial:

:package: Installation


Setting Up The Game

The game is a sequel and requires the prequel’s save data to launch. If you don’t have the prequel, you can mock one using the save data generator.

  1. Purchase and download the game from DLsite. Extract the file.

  2. Open up the product folder and navigate under \avy_save_data_generator_ver1_00.

  3. Launch the executable application.

  4. The application will ask you a series of questions on your experience with the prequel. Answer accordingly.

Question Translation
  1. After you’ve answered all the questions, avy_game_sf.sav will appear next to the application. Copy it over to the game’s folder (\avy_hm_ver1_12), and the game should be ready to launch.

NOTE: If you have played the prequel (RJ221783), you can directly copy its save data over without using the generator.

Installing The DLC

  1. Download the DLC and extract.

  2. Copy everything in the DLC’s folder (\avy_hm_patch_191129) into the game’s folder (\avy_hm_ver1_12). Overwrite duplicates.

  • The DLC is now patched to the game.

Installing The Mod

  1. Navigate to the game’s folder (\avy_hm_ver1_12). Open up the game’s executable (\avy_game_honey_month_ver_1_1_2.exe) with an archiver software such as 7-zip or Bandizip.

  2. Extract the file into the game’s directory. Overwrite duplicates. I recommend making a back-up first.

  3. The game’s folder should now look something like this:

  4. Download the modding files and extract it.

  5. Copy the modded file over and replace the game’s original files.

  • Now we have everything ready. Let’s launch the game and connect everything up.

Connecting Things Up

  1. Launch the game via the new executable tyranoscript.exe.

  2. Launch FunscriptPlayer and connect your device.

  • With the Handy, long press the “-” button until the LED light turn blue. The programme should automatically searches for the device and connect.

  • To use your OSR2/SR6 with Funscript Player, open “appsettings.json” in your Funscript Player’s folder. Set “ConnectionMethod” to “OSR”. Scroll down to “COMPort”, enter the USB port number your device is connected through.

  • If everything is in place, your device name should be shown under “Device” and the current game scene will be displayed under “Game”.

  1. Play the game and watch your device move whilst re-thinking your life choices.
  2. If this is ultimately worth it, get in place and let Avy smash you. cathump

:bento: Game Download

:inbox_tray: Mod Download


  • 13.08.2023 - v1.2 NEW
    • Added 58 scripts for multi-axis support.
    • Removed logo script.
    • Included FunscriptPlayer v1.3.1
  • 04.06.2023 - v1.1
    • Modified scripts for grinding animation, lengthened stroke.
    • Fixed previously unscripted handjob animation.
    • Incorporated new codes to listen for timeupdate event. Should greatly improve sync with the animation. Thanks @affqprow for this patch!
  • 30.05.2023 - v1.0 released with 458 scripts.

:nut_and_bolt: Known Issues

If you’ve experienced any issues, feedback will be appreciated!

  • Currently none.

:pen: Notes

  • The Prequel
    The prequel (RJ221783) is a separate game with pretty much the same gameplay. The HoneyMoon edition is practically an upgrade of the prequel. Though you may want to try it first if you are interested in the lore.

  • Special thanks to @affqprow for modding the game files and @to4st for making the Funscript Player application.

  • If you do not want the DLC content for any reason, you can possibly mod the unpatched main game following their guide. The scripts should work just fine.



holy shit, good stuff!!! will try out later


It looks difficult to apply, but you’ve kindly included a picture, so I’ll definitely try it later, thanks for the info.




I thought the process was going to be more difficult than it actually was! I’m about to give it a spin(wish me luck) I really hope to see more stuff like this! Thank you for making it!

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Awesome work on scripting this + Detailed explanation on how to install & play?

Thanks a lot!

:laughing: :+1:

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Genius stuff, good job.
Now since I actually played this game before the mod, here’s some tips/info that wasn’t covered in the OP:

She gives you permission to cum when she throws her top over the hourglass.
If you smash/spurt long enough after this, she starts to have orgasms, which in lore causes her to lose the magic she gathered, resulting in her telling you not to do that too often. She’ll also skip the pillow talk because she’s too tired to.

The pillow talk is actually also a mode where you can adjust Avy’s settings, like asking her to go harder/gentler on you next time.

If you hold on long enough after endurance mode is done, she’ll eventually ask if you’d like her to go serious. If you agree she starts riding you hard like smash/spurt mode.


I’m stuck on extracting the executable

nvm, it eventually worked. The key with 7zip is to open it as a special kind of archive.


Saw the tags and just had to see, great work! anyone know anything similar?

Some modded games:

Other interactive stuff:


Thank you! yeah lustbound was the only game i could find and i’m just looking for similar, but this helps a lot!


OMG. You are fantastic

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Could someone explain the game mechanic in a bit more detail? Is there any interactivity?
I guess there’s a button to pause, request permission to cum, anything else?

  1. Take a break
  2. Speed up
  3. cum

The choice will come out after the cum.
I think she’s asking how you felt.
I don’t know if the choice affects the next stage.


If you meant the three options displayed during pillow talk, they means “Too rough”, “Just right” and “Too gentle” from top to bottom.

And yes, it will affect her behaviour in the next game you play. If you’ve said it’s too rough, she’ll go slower next time. Vice versa.

She also learns that you nutted during foreplay so will refuse to stroke you any further next time.

She even remember how hard you’ve smashed her last time and will have no mercy on you tonight.

She remembers everything. 742585102785183745


You are really convincing me to give this a shot - gonna see if I can find the time this weekend :slight_smile:


wait, are you supposed to play the game once and then play the game with the dlc and integration? :thinking: is the generator just for people who have played the original game already?

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By design you are meant to play the prequel first then migrate its save data over to this sequel (Honey Moon Edition), which won’t launch unless it finds a save file. The generator is for people who have lost their save and don’t want to play the prequel again. Though anyone can just make up answers with it, get a save and jump in.

Story-wise these two instalments happens in chronological order. So if you know the language, and is interested in the lore, you should definitely play the prequel first.

But if you minus the dialogue and plot, the sequel practically is a better version of the prequel… And there’s a DLC which added even more stuff. Hence why this mod is made for the Honey Moon Edition with DLC patched.


Is there more animation variety? I did one “play through” and didn’t really see more than three or four different animations.