New Stroker Toy - Lovense Solace

I’m not sure if it’s worth anyone’s time given that it’s not on rails, only has three settings for length, etc. I like lovense as a company, but this toy was a miss imo.

So there’s no way to get it to work with Funscripts? As yeah, I’ve got it all connected, DeoVR working + Scriptplayer, Initface and then just nothing happens.

From what I’ve seen, no. The solace can’t handle positional data.

damn, so I guess I made the wrong choice. was either gonna get the handy or solace, really wanted to download some of those cock hero videos but I guess it won’t work…

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Im in the same boat lol. Got the solace, lack of positional data built into the system is wild, maybe there is but just no support from lovense yet? They did such a good job with the Max2 its a shame that this one kinda sucks. I understand the price for this one is a bit lower, but adding positional data is something that legit adds LIMITLESS customizability/possibilities. I hope I can get it working with at least SOMETHING synched :\ Anyway I guess ill just use this for now and wait for the Handy 2 or something lmao.

I really hope someday they add a firmware update that adds it. Unless the hardware does not actually have the ability to handle positional data at all which sucks. oh well, honestly the Solace is not too bad for it’s price, but i guess i better start saving for a handy.

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does anyone know if solace orifice and inner thickness the same as max 2?

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Size wise is smaller, thickness feel kinda the same although you could kinda tell is a little thinner but not by much. feels good though. but like we mentioned, it will not work for scripts in this site. it’s better used with vibemate pc or mobile using their AI thing they have.


the solace is definitely smaller than the max 2 in terms of what size you can insert into it, both sleeve wise if you want to risk damaging the fragile shell with DIY/not brand sleeves or the inner insertable lenght and width into the brand sleeve, a lot of complaints that its very tight compared to the max 2, which is basically insertable all the way to the base of the toy in comparison. the actual sleeves are also thinner and are surrounded by air in the shell, where max 2 sleeves are a bit thicker, and are squeezed down by the air pocket membrane most of the time as you most likely know, so theres like no comparison really lol

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well dam I thought it be great for games but I guess its not for me

After having it for over a month, I do have to say it has its charm points, especially considering it comes with a mount attachment, which most automatic masturbators don’t. It’s not as fast as the handy. First and foremost. Is it a game-breaker? depends on personal preference. I personally wish it had more motor capability and it could lock itself in place so you can enter it and push all the air out. But once you’re in, it does a pretty good job, and i’ve had moments where it made me buckle on my knees. Even when it comes to toys like The Handy, most of my moments with the handy felt like ruined orgasms after extensive use. Though, I don’t have many accessories for it yet other than the optional mount. Not to mention, I also like that I don’t need to have a wire attached to Solace for every session.

The Lovense games you can play it with like Wild Life and Beat Banger actually work well and it’s very rewarding when playing them both. But ultimately, I feel like the sleeve has a great premise, but it was poorly executed on Lovense’s end. It is a shame, because I felt like I was one step closer to having my own personal Futanari style gooning machine.

If you’re willing to put some more money and effort into setting it up, or just happen to own some other junk to begin with, the handy can give you way better experiences.
Funscripts with VR can absolutely blow your mind. A Quest 2; especially second hand, doesn’t cost that much now.
Having something you can mount the handy onto that you can put over your body while laying down will also be a huge plus. In this sense you have way more leeway, as the solace’s mount is pretty short and rigid. You only have 1 axis of rotation and no way to set any distances except for fixing it with only 1 of the 2 screws.
The third thing is that you can use almost any onahole with it.
I like softer toys, so both handy sleeves I own feel like I’m sanding my dick down during longer sessions. Even with really thick lube, like pepee.
I use a Tomax Romanesco(very soft) and it’s wonderful with a generous amount of 2:3 diluted lube, which isn’t even that much when it’s 2 parts lube and 3 parts water.
The only issue with that is that the handy is basically shredding the onahole, since it’s super soft and has no shell.
Having access to a 3D printer can fix this issue as well.
After putting in some work, I can confidently say, that almost every time I use my handy I have amazing experiences(and I use it quite a lot tbh). I can’t recall a single ruined orgasm.