PlapBot OSR2-Based Stroker Release

Hey guys!

I’ve been modding and selling OSR2s for a long time now and have been constantly amazed by the awesome community surrounding the toy and its derivatives, so I started working on this robot wanting to explore a niche in the community I felt wasn’t being thought about.

The PlapBot is an OSR2-based stroker that is designed and built to move around a 12 lb sex torso at the up/down speeds of a Handy using two really powerful servos, producing the namesake “plap plap” noise (lol).

Footage of the first prototype playing Packin Heat by shbek

I’ve made a lot of improvements in the month between the first unveiling and now, including:

  • Sturdier construction
  • Quick release operation for easier cleaning
  • Rose joints and threaded inserts everywhere for smoother motion
  • Extra stylish design

I’m working on additional features like multi-axis support for the future so stay tuned!

Files and build guides are available on my Patreon now!

Original OSR2 Design by Tempest MAx


damm, next level immersion, thanks for the share


Having built all the Tempest releases I would love to take a crack at building your cool build. Looking forward to seeing more about this release and how it evolves! Keep us updated.

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Looks great! Keep us posted on your progress - looking forward to the BoM and STL files.

do you have a video of it in action with the torso ?

oh shittttttt - can you provide any feedback on the characteristics of those larger servos? Are they as fast? Smooth? Consistent?


A video of it in action would be very interesting for me.


Updated my original post to include a video!

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hotdayum that looks good, i can hear the ~plap ~plap~ sounds in my mind as it goes lol

Oh lord… Show me mercy :rofl:


The servos I’m using are DS5180s which are the same kind as the cheapo ones on Amazon, so they share many of the same characteristics.

really makes me wonder if someone will come up with a big extreme version that can handle 15kg torso’s like this:

Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly Bubble Butt

:eyes: :rofl:


how much for you to sell it already built. and what link/ control software would you need to get it to run a funscript.

Please consider creating an esp32 version.

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To take it even further, you can go for the milk me silly version which has vibration and rotating beads in it (and the vibration/shaking is at wand levels of power, although beads that make it shake are relatively easy to block at lower speeds).

But to get such things to work you would need a quite heavy table to even support the movement without moving the table.

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Are these devices worth getting? I see the incredible potential of them, but it seems like there really aren’t many scripts that take advantage if at all. I’m interested in what it takes to build your own. I have a Bambu P1S here that I could put to good use!

Lol bro warn me about Amazon links i got this account connected with my fam! :rofl:
had to clear my browsing history.


rock-dwayne Is this an IKEA ad?


…at some point somebody’s gonna get fucked to death by one of these things, you mark my words!

Goddess, i hope it’s me…

Definitely worth getting if you have a 3D printer and the spirit of a tinker. You can find a clear instruction on assembly on TempestMax’s Patreon.

In the case of OSR2, think of the additional axis as an endownment of the machine’s unique design, not something you paid extra for and need to be put to use. The up-down movement will always be the main dish after all.

And should you came across a multi-axis video script or a good VaM scene, you’ll have the privilege to enjoy them to the fullest!