Return to base, Pause and Edging mode released for SLR app and Haptics Connect

Update: we have released the features. Make sure to setup your bindings controls in global settings. We are going to fine tune it and add move visualisation with upcoming updates.

We are looking to implement a number of interactive features into our products:

  1. RETURN TO BASE - a button/trigger to force toy to move down to base (point 0) on demand. You might enjoy it for the first use, after climax and between gaps in action during video playback.

  2. PAUSE SCRIPT - a button/trigger to pause or disable the script, but keep the video playing. Works best after climax/orgasm. Pausing the video to avoid the toy from continually moving.

  3. EDGING mode - a button/trigger to reduce all strokes by 50% (or less) during playback. Adjustable on the fly in realtime to help you last longer and feel the script at reduced intensity. Say no more to ‘ruined orgasms’.

  4. Adding script heat maps into video player UI in VR. Click where you want the script to play. Synced with a video playback

We also have plans to enable peer-to-peer sex toy connection, maybe even multiuser so you guys can enjoy it really well.

Thx @Realcumber and @raser1 for suggestions. Let me know how you guys like it and feel free to suggest


love all of these, but return to base is a huge yes please from me, will come in super handy :slight_smile:


thank you for these new amazing features that are very useful!
Will this be added/work with the quest 2 direct method/SLR Interactive APK?

this is how im connecting atm:


Optimally the controls would be bindable to gamepad/vr controller within SLR/deovr app, so hopefully should work for all use cases


I hope the Haptic App on iOS gets fixed to work with Onyx+ && DeoVR on Quest2.
I invested quite some time now, and no chance.
There’s always the “Player not connected to network” message :frowning:

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It’s going to be fixed with the next update. Sorry about that.

We are adding the features to the main settings under controller mapping section:

Additionally we will explore an option for this to work in 2 ways, depending if you click a trigger or click & hold:

  • if you click it toggles ON, another click toggles OFF
  • if you click & hold its ON and on release it goes OFF

Controllers are going to be much faster than calling player UI


awesome! been looking forward to this,
when you think will be released?

Hopefully in coming weeks

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These sound fantastic, especially #1 and #2

Interactive tabs could be linked directly like Kylie Quinn already has a secret love - Hot Young Model Fucks at the Photo Shoot

Also adding scripts as slow/medium/fast intensity, by using their Average speed =
< 250 = slow
250-350/400 = medium

350/400+ = fast

Hi @doublevr

Any chance of implementing that random playback speed idea?

Thanks for considering this again ;-).


I will give it another shot. Basically it’s up to dev team being overloaded.

Just curious what do you see for min and max?

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Ah that’s great Double, thanks for following this up :grinning:.

This feature would turn a basic cowgirl riding scene into an ever changing mystery, where you never quite know what is going to come next (or if you’re going to come next :blush:).

I’d say 0.8x as min and maybe 1.8x as max, and probably changing every 5 seconds. The feature could have these preset (so you enable the feature and these settings are fixed). However longer term it would be great to allow modifying these.

Guys will have to think about the formula in their spare time. Something not immediately clear and kinda creative

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hello just wanted to know when the new improvements are coming for the app thanks

It’s expected next Wednesday. Confirmed by all teams.


okay thanks for the info, have a nice day and happy easter

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@doublevr Anxious to try. Any update on a launch date?

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