[RJ01064403] オツトメ咲夜さん game mode


There are only patch files
need RJ01064403 original game

Replace the app file

I used this topic

Thank you 99DM for creating the script


Thanks for making mods!

based script :

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thank you so much both of u.
i cant wait next day.


Thanks for the work!

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Hi! Thank you for making this!

There has been some improvements to the mod’s code thanks to @affqprow.
This is the latest version of the modified kag.tag_ext.js:

What’s changed:

  • Script playback will be stopped when you paused the game (enters config screen).
  • It converts script name from */* into *-*. This means mod creators no longer have to change the game’s data folder.
  • Now reads scripts under \scripts\otutome_sakuya folder instead of \scripts\game. This is just for better organisation as to avoid conflicts with other games.

I’ve updated the mod to include these changes, please try it out:

Light version (requires app.asar to be extracted before installation):


Thanks for the very fast work.
I look forward to.

When I start Funscript Player, I don’t know why this happens.

I am sorry, can someone help me understand what to do with these files?

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just install .net core 3.1 (not .net 7

Thank you so much. Purchased the game and test working pretty well.

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Thanks for scripting! I have a question about the game: Does it have any interactivity? Is there any difference to the experience than having a scripted video recording of the game?

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This is amazing

First interactive script I’ve tried

Thank you to everyone involved

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Don’t suppose there’s an English version of the game available somewhere?

This is insanely well made. Makes me wonder which games would be a must to have here. I’ll start uploading quality stuff into requests soon.

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Here’s the Request I was gonna make about that Quality game I found some time ago: