[Game Integration] Modding Tyranoscript Games

This topic was originally made under #script-requests. Though the solution provided by the community were extremely helpful to anyone looking to mod TyranoScript games. So I’ve moved it under #howto for better visibility.

I wonder whether it’s possible to integrate scripts into Tyranoscript games. There are a great deal of eroge out there that were made this engine (aside from the RPGMaker we all know and loved).

Here’s some examples of games made with it:
RJ401140 RJ234617

For me the game I really like to see an integration for is RJ221783 by MountBatten, which is a JOI-style game with decent interactivity. The character moves and change speed / positions on her own and will edge you when you are about to cum. You need to last until a set threshold or you lose.

I can imagine this work so well if paired with scripts. However scripting to a recorded footage like how we usually do will just miss the charm of it as a interactive game.

A shallow dig into the game’s file tells me they were made up with video loops, so there’s probably a chance for pairing these with scripts. However I have no idea with coding or Tyranoscripts so I’m not sure how to proceed.

Would be highly appreciated if anyone can come up with a modding solution for this engine. That could mean a great portion of the Doujin games on DLsite will be able to sync with toys!


Posting to say that I’ve had this game for a long time and would also like to see it if possible. Otherwise, long video would do.


Simple solution here

Credits to @to4st , codes are based on ButtplugImplementation.js from Succubus Academia mod.

  1. Download Custom Player from the link above
  2. Edit “Game Directory/tyrano/plugins/kag/kag.tag_ext.js”
    2-1. It’s really hard to read, just beautify js file using https://beautifier.io/
    2-2. Add code into “Game Directory/tyrano/plugins/kag/kag.tag_ext.js” file line 1
    (change gameName to anything you want)
scriptPlayer = {
	gameName: "avy_game",
	activeScriptName: null,
	getRequest: function(url) {
		var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();
		xhr.open('get', url);
		xhr.setRequestHeader('Host', '');
		xhr.setRequestHeader('Accept', '*/*');
		xhr.setRequestHeader('User-Agent', 'SA');
	filterScriptName: function(scriptName) {
		return scriptName.substr(0, scriptName.lastIndexOf('.')) || scriptName;
	playScript: function(scriptName) {
		scriptName = this.filterScriptName(scriptName);
		this.activeScriptName = scriptName;
		var url = `${this.gameName}&code=${scriptName}&speed=1`;
	stopScript: function(scriptName) {
		var filteredScriptName = this.filterScriptName(scriptName);
		if (this.activeScriptName == filteredScriptName) {
			var url = ``;

2-3. Add code into “Game Directory/tyrano/plugins/kag/kag.tag_ext.js” file line 89, right before “that.kag.tmp.video_playing = false;” code



2-4. Add code into “Game Directory/tyrano/plugins/kag/kag.tag_ext.js” file line 110, right before “video2.load();” code

					video2.addEventListener("play", function(event) {scriptPlayer.playScript(video_pm.storage);});
					video2.addEventListener("seeked", function(event) {scriptPlayer.playScript(video_pm.storage);});
					video2.addEventListener("pause", function(event) {scriptPlayer.stopScript(video_pm.storage);});

2-5. Add code into “Game Directory/tyrano/plugins/kag/kag.tag_ext.js” file line 155, right before “video.load();” code

		video.addEventListener("play", function(event) {scriptPlayer.playScript(pm.storage);});
		video.addEventListener("seeked", function(event) {scriptPlayer.playScript(pm.storage);});
		video.addEventListener("pause", function(event) {scriptPlayer.stopScript(pm.storage);});

  1. Add funscripts to “Custom Player Directory/scripts/game_name_you_defined_in_step_2-2”

The js files can’t be located under the directory as the game comes in a executable file.

Unpacking the executable reveals the files. However I’m not sure how to pack it back.

I think the executable is exported using TyranoRider (what people use for Tyrano V4). I tried to use that and pack modified files back into an executable, which crashes after the loading screen… More research needed.

Here’s the modified file. Rename to .js
kag.tag_ext.txt (42.1 KB)

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I haven’t tried repacking the game, as I’m not familiar with this engine.
Copying all .tpatch files to unpacked directory will make the game work.

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That worked… Holy. Thank you for the enlightenment.

I’m guessing all videos under avy_game\data\video will need a matchings script… There’s 531 videos in total. It’s a lot but can be handled.

And I’ve noticed that in these .tpatch files there are videos as well. Some of them already exists under data\video whilst some are not. I wonder what these are for…

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@hugecat Is it possible to extend the life of this topic? Since some progress has been made we may need more time with it.

Just checked some videos, many of them were duplicates.


If a videos have the same prefix like ‘3-4-4-1-2_抽送_速い’, they are likely videos with the same pattern.
Filtering with “抽送_速い” didn’t worked as they seems like same video but there were some frame differences.

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After some tinkering it worked. Awesome image
Many thanks to @to4st and @affqprow!

Started making scripts. There are a lot of videos but most share the same pattern. Spent more effort organising and renaming files than actual scripting.

The only problem I’ve noticed so far is that there seems to be a considerable delay, which becomes very noticeable at fast movement (it will feels like the strokes are basically inverted). Not sure if this can be overcome…


I think I have most if not all scripts ready. Would need a few more rounds of testing before releasing it.


It’s out! Thanks for everyone who helped on this! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



I’ve found this method also works on a few other Tyranoscript V5 games.

This is 白狼天狗とイチャイチャするやつ, developed with Tyrano V5.

Under \resources folder find “app.asar”. Unpack it. Modify the same “kag.tag_ext.js” mentioned above. You can repack it using 7zip, or just leave them in the app folder.

Game works and the custom player detects it pretty well.


This quote does not seem to work for the game I’m modding (the one mentioned above). Is there any other event listener other than “pause” such as “stopped” or “removed”?

Just noticed that I’ve attached wrong code, try changing pm.storage to null.

video.addEventListener("pause", function(event) {

and also add similar one to code below

            video2.addEventListener("play", function(event) {
            video2.addEventListener("seeked", function(event) {
            video2.addEventListener("pause", function(event) {
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Thanks. In the case of momiji this still doesn’t work quite right, though.

Line114 -

            video2.addEventListener("pause", function(event) {

This code doesn’t seem to do anything. The game does not use video2 to handle its scene playback I suppose?

Line 75 -

video.addEventListener("pause", function(event) {

This code had an effect. It does stop the script playback if one attends the pause menu. But it also stops script playback whenever the scene has been switched.

(The game had a cross-fade transition between scenes which makes the previous video stops after the new one begins to play. Could this be the cause of this issue?)

:page_facing_up: kag.tag_ext.csv (rename to .js)

kag.tag_ext.txt (43.9 KB)

Can you test if this code works?

Added scriptPlayer on the top of the js file, and changed event listeners

video2.addEventListener(“play”, function(event) {scriptPlayer.playScript(video_pm.storage);});
video2.addEventListener(“seeked”, function(event) {scriptPlayer.playScript(video_pm.storage);});
video2.addEventListener(“pause”, function(event) {scriptPlayer.stopScript(video_pm.storage);});

video.addEventListener(“play”, function(event) {scriptPlayer.playScript(pm.storage);});
video.addEventListener(“seeked”, function(event) {scriptPlayer.playScript(pm.storage);});
video.addEventListener(“pause”, function(event) {scriptPlayer.stopScript(pm.storage);});

  • just reuploaded file, updated guide above.
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Works flawlessly! This will also be helpful when modding other games.
Incorporated your code into the game’s mod. Thanks so much for the contribution!

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I’m not sure if this is the correct way to fix this problem, try replacing play event listener with timeupdate event listener.

video.addEventListener("play", function(event) {scriptPlayer.playScript(pm.storage);});


video.addEventListener("timeupdate", function(event) {
	video.removeEventListener("timeupdate", arguments.callee);


video2.addEventListener("play", function(event) {scriptPlayer.playScript(video_pm.storage);});


video2.addEventListener("timeupdate", function(event) {
	video2.removeEventListener("timeupdate", arguments.callee);