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Script download counter

As a scripter I’d like to be able to see how many people download my script so I can judge how popular they are. I know I can see how many times a link to a video has been clicked but I know I myself do that often, watch it and decide I’m not interested in the video so I don’t get the script.

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i would also like to see how many people download my scripts

Ok I modified most recent script then downloaded my own script so it should show a “1” some where yet I don’t see a counter anywhere.

I’m pretty sure your own clicks don’t count towards it.

Ok, I see it has a small 2 next to it now so I see it’s working. Can that not be set to be activated if enough want it?

It’s a bug or something with the forum platform software (Discourse). It was discussed a bit a while ago.

I just host my scripts outside of the site then it counts the clicks.

Gotcha, thanks.

yeah this little hack seems to be the only way to get it to work. I don’t think I can do anything on the admin side to roll it out to everyone automatically unfortunately

This is really useful. Could this be added to the template?

Something like this:
Include you script here.
You can click the upload button or drag your file directly into the editor.
After the upload, remove “|attachment” string in the generated text if you want a download counter on your script.
:arrow_down: Put your content below this line :arrow_down:

good idea, just added it to the template