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Script Request just for higher trust levels only

First, thanks to all the admins and moderators. Great Job!

Maybe it’s just imaginary, but I think the request quality drops more and more. The comments too, but thats an other story. I am big fan of user levels. I think you have to earn amenities and don’t get it for free. So here is my proposal:

Script Request only if users are Trust Level 1 or higher

What do you think?

*** UPDATE ***

The problem is not only the way script requests are made, the number of request are too much. The most days it seems like there are twice or three times as much requests than new scripts. I totally lost the overview.


When it comes to VR it’s possible to filter on the VR tag and not fulfilled status at least. The latter can be used for all requests of course, but I assume there are many more requests on 2D since there are much more videos and genres there.

The biggest issue is probably that there are many more that want something scripted than scripters that are willing to do requests. When it comes to VR you need both access to the video and time for it. VR videos requires a huge time investment due to the length of the videos in general and and therefore I assume most only script videos that are according to their own visual/sexual preferences. Given that you have your own videos you want to script there isn’t much time left for requests. At least it’s true for me.

Regarding the request quality I’m in total agreement. I’ve pointed it out in requests a few times, but there are too many bad requests that only include a link and sometimes not even that.


I cannot agree more here

Certainly feel like we’re getting more low effort posts

I’ve seen a few instances of people just righting an example, not links or images.


maybe make it mandatory that request are made in a certain way.
Something like title must include in the following order studio name, main performer name, name of the scene.
then in the description it must have a link to the scene, and some images of it and length of the scene. If the post doesnt fill the requirements it will be deleted. And of course we the members of this site must have an option to show the admins that the thread is not according to the rules (might be that the flag is for that i dont know never used it).

And maybe limit the amount of request threads someone can have at the same time, so a low lvl member can only have 1 request thread, and only make a new one if the current one expires (after 90 days or so, or if he removes it himself) and higher lvl members gets two.

But i have no clue how much programming work it is to implement something like that, so it might be too much work.


I thought that was already made so with this…Voting for Script Requests, bumping rules and request format rule or template? If not then definately should be made mandatory in my mind to make things easier for requests.

I wonder about a way of bringing up the quality is that you can have a script level badge of where you can only do certain levels of things before you get to the next level. e.g. 10 mins or less size of scripts at begininer, 30 min and then unlimited.
How you get to the next level is have like 5 good approved scripts (can be via mod approving of them or a lot of people liking them)?

Making the ability to request scripts to be done shouldn’t be limited I think unless there’s a reason for it more so than just there’s too many. Like are people spamming them out. In terms of so scripters can see what is there for what they want to do…the tag system should do that as long as people tag their stuff correctly. As long as people are sensible in what and how they request I don’t see why the current system should change to punish people who are just putting forward…a request (as long as it’s put forward the right way). As it’s for those that script to choose what they select in doing, something that can be done is for scripters to themselves say to the requesters that they only will do such and such and instantly reject doing such and such…thus making certain requests less if people acknowledge or no one will do them (which in that case maybe a way of closing requests by all scripter saying no to it if reason provided).

PS I haven’t looked into the tracking software thread but if that gets good enough with it being possible to adjust the scrpts for little janky bit then that could reduce requests or allow lower skilled people to use those. Maybe cause there to be two levels of scripting to tag, one for automated and another for handmade.

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Completely agree!!

I think better quality control can be made with higher trust levels.

Alternatively you could also make another section for higher trust levels and a public script request section.


I totally agree. There needs to be incentives across the board to increase user engagement and reducing leeching. Members that spend effort to better the community/ecosystem should be rewarded.


In the mean time definitely flag low effort requests. One of the mods will hide them.


I think locking it to trust level 1 would make a lot of sense, it’ll mean that people read through a bit more first and get a better feel for the site before they get at it. I always chuckle a little when I see someone new that posts 3 request topics in a row. It’s a sure sign of getting something that can play scripts and being super excited about it.

I think it would also be good overall if new members were encouraged to at least tries to script a short video (1 to 2 minutes long) so that they can understand how the process works. Obviously it’s not something that should be required or anything, but you get what I mean.

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it seems like if we want to lock it down, trust level 2 seems appropriate. Trust level 1 can be gained in about 10 minutes. Trust level 2 takes 1 hr over 15 days.

With the built in moderation tools, we can’t do anything fancy besides select view/reply/create access based on trust level. Unsure if there’s any plugins made to do more complicated stuff


all been said already but i agree with everything. i’ve only been around for a few months but at the moment 50% of the scripts I’ve posted are req fills because I want to give back to the community. I would hope that “forcing” people to participate in the community will increase the longevity of this community


Previews are the most common thing that are missing in requests. Can you add links in the request template? To make it more convenient for the requestor consider adding the following two links for how to create previews:

Maybe also this:


I wish there was also a rule that don’t allow generalised requests without links like “I wish there was more X studio scenes/ I wish there was more scenes with X pornstar”. The whole point of request should be to make it easy for a scripter to make a decision, but instead you can get quickly discouraged from looking into requests category.

Maybe also add at least one link requirement and limit the number of links to 3 or something (it doesn’t help when you see a wall of links either).


updated the top part of the template. take a look and lemme know

Recently started using this site and it’s amazing! Just found out about this requirement for Script Request and I think it’s a great way to drive engagement!


Unless the powers-that-be don’t mind having loosey goosey rules on this site (meaning sometimes rules are enforced and sometimes not) I would like to suggest having some mechanism in place about trust level 2 being needed to post in the Script Requests category. My example is what I saw today: I noticed 2 script requests from a TL1 user. I replied to the posts encouraging them to have some active participation on the site and they would quickly get to TL2 and therefore be able to make script requests. Later, I saw another user (TL2 or higher) saw 2 additional script requests from TL1 users and moved them into that category. That seems to defeat the purpose of this rule. I’m not trying be a jerk or anything, especially to the other member who moved the posts…I just would like to see the rule applied the same way every time. Honestly I myself briefly considered moving the 2 posts I saw but then remembered about this topic and checked the posters’ trust level. I would be interested in hearing other thoughts on this.

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currently, @trust_level_3 and @trust_level_4 have the ability to recategorize topics and mods don’t really have the clear visibility to police this easily as far as I can tell.

So I’d just ask everyone to not move requests into #script-requests for people who are not yet trust level 2.

If you disagree with this rule in the first place, then please discuss here


I agree with the rule and this is what I was hoping I would hear. If (when) someone notices this happening in the future (not everyone is going to be aware of and/or remember this rule) what appropriate actions would you like to see TL3/4 users take?

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perhaps to just politely remind the person that requests are for tl2+ and then flag the post?

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I moved a request the other day and encouraged the requester to add some previews. I didn’t think to check their trust level, sorry about that I’ll be more careful in the future.