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Script Tweaker - Pre Alpha

Made an initial proto type of a script tweaking tool I had been wanting mostly for myself I wanted to see what it would take to load a JSON script into a simple react app (my react skills are rusty).

It’s really crude, and only has a delay add functionality.

I’m open to suggestions for functionality (I’d like to look to add some functionality for Launch normalization (some scripts just are too fast or something for the launch and it stutters) … and some other potential items.

The goal isn’t so much a tool for scripters themselves, but users that want to take existing scripts and tweak them for their personal tastes, while taking some of the burden off the scripters for wider support (like video or device support).

The prototype is built through code sandbox and can be seen here:

I’d like advice on how to host, or post the source anonymously, I don’t mind it being open source especially if someone can learn from it, but I don’t want it tied to any of my personal accounts for fear of discovery in real life.

FYI here are a few softwarte options that let you tweak your scripts:

Can you explain how this app works? I can select a funscript but then I dont know what to do. There are no buttons or other controls.

What kind of tweaks are you planning? Maybe they already exists.

The first is a very simple delay mechanism, so it’s easier to adjust videos permanently for different video sources.

I forgot to save everything properly on the code-sandbox project like an idiot so it didn’t fully update like I was seeing in debug. I fixed that here’s a screenshot:
It’s about as crude as it gets, you specify the position of the delay, then the length of the delay and press the “add delay” button.
It then loops through all the actions of the funscript and any action beyond the delay position gets it’s time increased by the delay length.
Then a download link appears to download the modified script.

This was my first tweak idea because the only way I could figure out adding delays was using OpenFunscripter and trying to select the appropriate nodes and move them in the timeline which was difficult for me to try and get working right.

My next tweak will likely be something that goes through and tweaks a script for fleshlight launch usage similair to what FunExpander can allow for, but more automatic and will handle too fast, too slow etc…

Expect some UI updates over the next day or so, this was a very sloppy prototype just to see if I could even load then save a script.