Script writing job

I’m new to the scripting scene and I’m not quite sure how this works so please educate me if you can. Ive been digging through the plethora of scripts on this site and I’m loving it! Big thanks to all the scripters :pray:t3: I do have a question though. I have several scenes available on spankbang and porntrex that I’d like to have scripted. How do I connect with a scripter to work out a deal on scripting these scenes for me. I’m obviously willing to pay money for this and have no desire to “own” the script as so the scripter can continue to sell or post it as they like. I see the script request section and notice it’s typically for single script requests and as they are free a lot of times go unanswered. If anybody is interested or can guide me in a direction itd be much appreciated.

Honestly, the best way is via #script-requests and including a payment amount in the description/headline. Some scripters have alternative avenues of payment that you can negotiate a price.

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