Setaria the Demon Realm - device integration


What this software does is provide integration for the game Setaria


Build 17 has a bug that resets the max stroke length on each start, update to build 17.1!

Features :bulb:

  • Stroker device support (theHandy is tested)
  • Vibration device support with custom settings
  • Scripted sequences for most sex scenes in the game by @99DM
  • 1 Scene has full interactivity
  • Filler support with custom settings
  • Infinite device connections support
  • Custom script support
  • Gallery support
  • Not dependent on intiface, can run solo (feature is deprecated and will be removed soon™)
  • Intiface connection support (given the builtin is deprecated, im gonna move using this only)

Bugs :broom:

  • Some

How to run :open_book:

  • Go into the mega and download the folder.
  • Run the SetariaPlayer.exe from the app folder and press “Start”.
  • Make the handy go into bluetooth mode by holding the mode/internet button until it shines blue.
  • The SetariaPlayer or Intiface window should say that the handy connected (same for any other compatible bluetooth device).
  • Run the game.

Checkout @99DM’s full script

Github :page_facing_up:

Download game + integration :floppy_disk:

Support the game :sunny:

Hardmode data file by @MKN :smiling_imp:

Why did none of you tell me i spelt the name wrong, all this time it was called Setalia not Setaria :cry:


Another thing to add to post is the script maker.
99DM, I believe.


You are correct

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Any plans to include in the player a way of limiting the max and minimum stroke length?
(I only see the option for hight with the filler but not the script itself, presuming I’m not being dumb and missing/ignoring something)

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happy explosion2
ooh…my gosh
I can be happy with this for a few days😮


There isn’t, i assumed most devices were capable of limiting themselves like theHandy can.
I can add this, but what devices cant do this themselves?

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Hiya, been trying out the game, but for some reason the intiface connection keeps crashing, am i perhaps missing a step?

(start n connect intiface > start selaria player > enter intiface URL > no connection so i click the refresh button above the connections list)

Did you enter “ws://localhost:12345” as the intiface URL? I had the same issue when I set it to “localhost:12345”.

I made the exact same mistake, works just fine now.

Thats my bad, i should be more clear with the instructions
And catch any errors, and report them to the users, sorry!

Fleshlight Launch can’t. It can’t keep up and will just jam in place :frowning: We need to reduce both min and max motion range by 5% to keep up.

@Ratattack15 @DrFapalot
InDev Build 17 is up and includes stroker limits
You can specify minimum and maximum percentage


@Nodude thanks for this I had forgotten to reply saying that my experience had been with handycontrol and interface (for Fallen Angel andFutanari Dungeon Quest) was that if the program doesn’t have stroker limits you risk it going too far in one direction. For me when I tried it for this I found it going too low and not high enough. As I use the stanlely handsfree solution (the controls face away from me) so it catching balls is a real risk where I had a few close calls or nips from bad positioning, the minimum is a nice safety net as a result

so it looks like the creator of this game just finished a sequel of some kind:

it looks pretty similar to setaria in gameplay and theme, would it be possible to carry over any of the work done on the integration for setaria over to this new game? I’m not really very keen on how these integrations work but I wanted to let you guys know that this sequel now exists, at the very least lol

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Thank you for making this! Tried it out today and ended up playing through the whole game. The integration worked flawlessly.

The games finished already? I just checked like a month ago and it seemed it was still in development. Super excited but don’t want to play all the way through unless there’s an integration for it! But the first step to get an integration would be an entire video of every animation in the game to get scripted.

do you have an easy version

The game or the funscript?

The Game:
You can edit %appdata%\Local\Setaria\save.sav with a text editor
pst1 are the hearts. So if you set “pst1”: 500.000000 you will invincible
“ForestMedal” are your medals, “money” is your money and so on . . .

The Funscript:
You can most likely put it through the funhalver you can find here.
I gave it a try (untested). Replace with existing or rename it to rec_halved.funscript and copy the already existing rec.csv to rec_halved.csv, then you can switch the version in the ui.

rec.funscript (501.8 KB)

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I played through this fully and it’s fairly enjoyable at parts. Definitely some serious potential for device integration especially for a moment later in the game, I’d expect that level to be ridiculous.

I have access to the gallery now and could record a video of the animations if anyone wanted to create scripts for it? There are a lot of different scenes. Nearly every enemy has different scenes with 3 different phases of progression, a completion animation, a post-completion animation, and a defeat animation. So that would probably be a lot of separate scripts to account for the dynamic use in game (each part can loop depending on game state).

Though, the game currently has a locked door remaining that the developer will be adding something to later. Not sure how long that will be or if it will happen at all.


The developer has already gone on and made a new game, I don’t think they are gonna add anything new to setaria

Edit: didn’t realize you were talking about the new game