Should I get the Handy if I already have the Launch?

Is it really that much better?
Also is it safe to buy from their website directly? I’m in the UK and after Brexit I heard people getting charged extra for importing.

The main reason I’m interested in is because it has an open API that I could use for some projects.

I had a Launch, but the Bluetooth broke (which is not uncommon for Launch) so I bought a Handy instead. I don’t regret that choice. Longer stroke length, faster and better command processing with the result that it can run scripts that weren’t possible on the Launch. The Launch tend to behave a bit erratic when pushed beyond its limits. The drawback with The Handy is that it’s designed to use a remote server instead of a local connection.

There is another option though, the OSR. I don’t have an OSR, but what I’ve heard it has even better specs and it has an open API and the entire design is “open source” to some extent (some parts require subscription on Patreon for access). However, there are not as many users of that device since it is not a commercially available product even if there are people here that make it for those that don’t wish to build their own.

Some useful topics you might want to check since this question got asked multiple times already:

Have you looked into the Kirroo Keon?? I haven’t tried the Handy, but I don’t like the idea of my member not being completely taken in. And although it doesn’t have the range of the OSR, it also doesn’t require a CS degree :slight_smile:

I have had my Keon for a little over a month now. And compared to the Onyx+, it’s night and day.

Just my 2 cents.

Get an OSR and never look back

Does the Keon has an open API so that you can program it yourself without reverse engineering it like the Launch? Sounded like that the author of the topic needed an open API for some project.

OSR2 > HANDY > Everything else

I’ve slowly been trying all of these companies products starting with the Kiroo onyx 2, then the AI Autoblow, Etc, etc.

Not sure. Been using script player and buttplug interface without issue…until today😔

Started playing with a script maker and now I can’t get scriptplayer to stay connected…

Was working so well too. Very :sob:

How’s the autoblow??

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The Autoblow has much better sensation than the onyx, sadly the autoblow lacks any kind of scripting capabilities like the kiroo, launch, handy, and OSR2

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I have the Keon.
I’ve noticed that sometimes it can’t keep up(?) with the script. Sometimes it will just stop and pause… then slowly go back into what it was doing or trying to catch up what it missed and also what is coming up in the script.

That said… even manual mode, with the keon is amazing. (Plus you can use fleshlights in that container… just dont close the cap. Only use it and then store it in the original fleshlight container)
I feel like the speed + lenght on the keon is way better than that of the launch (AND…much more comfortable to hold)

The reason why I don’t like the handy, is the size of the actual toy. I like the full insert.

Sucks the Keon doesn’t have local mobile support. I need to test out if my bluetooth on my device just sucks and that’s whats causing the keon to struggle.

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I got the Onyx + as my first hands free device and was extremely unhappy considering all the hype and research I had to do.

The Keon on the other hand, has been a real game changer for me. I do agree that it lacks some in it’s ability to keep up with some of those hot scripts, but that said, I am really excited for the future of teledildonics.

If there were some way to incorporate the OSR2 with the KEON… mind-blowing experience I bet.

Some questions:

  1. Is the Handy louder than the launch?

  2. Can I just put the Handy against a pillow like I would with the Launch? Or do I have to make a mount for it like some other users posted here to be really hands free?

  3. When was the Handy released? Maybe I should just wait for the next version?

Their sound levels are roughly the same in my opinion.

No you need to make a mount since the sleeve is moving on the outside of The Handy. There are threads here in this forum with all kinds of suggestions on how to build a mount.

I don’t know exactly, but I think it has been out on the market since the end of 2019. I haven’t heard anything that indicates that new hardware is in the works. The manufacturer seems to be focusing on improving the firmware, improve integration with different software, services, websites to make the most out of the hardware and sync capabilities. The release candidate for version 3 of the firmware is out now for example and contains improvements that software can make use of to provide better experiences.

As @sentinel said, the devices themselves are pretty much the same. The Handy is definitely not louder than the Launch.
The way I have my mount setup, I can hang towels and blankets over it. Add a white noise machine and it can be very quiet. I always had to build a small pillow fort for my Launch in order for it not to sound like I had a major printing operation going on in my room. This setup with the Handy is much quieter and easier.

Why don’t you get a different sleeve? You could then contribute to the never ending thread of the ultimate Handy sleeve. :grin:

I regret purchasing it 100%. It’s only accommodating to a small range of sizes, the ‘ai’ feature is borderline worthless and misleading, it’s bulky and gets very hot (after taking the sleeve out of the machine it’s not uncommon to see black from the sleeve burning), the built in fan is extremely loud. There’s nothing the autoblow does that other toys don’t do better and for less.

No you need to make a mount since the sleeve is moving on the outside of The Handy. There are threads here in this forum with all kinds of suggestions on how to build a mount.

But why not put it backwards? I would control it via my laptop, I don’t need the buttons on them ,right?

Thanks for the response by the way, it helps me a lot. :slight_smile: