TheHandy is amazing. What's the best fuck machine to go alongside it?

After getting the Solace, I’m kinda adverse to Lovense products. TheHandy has completely replaced it. I’m looking for theHandy equivalent of a fuck machine.

There are a few threads discussing these kind of machines. Maybe they can provide some input until someone else with personal experience answers.

There is still no official fucking machine that works with FunScript. There are some open-source or custom-made ones. The Handy doesn’t have enough strength to function that way, so I created the multi-Handy, which syncs two devices to double the strength. Recently, I got access to an UltraBlow AI, and it has a bit more strength than the Handy, although there aren’t many adapters available yet. I think a good option would be the OSR. Even the SR1 says it can move one kilogram, which is more than enough.

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I’m pretty sure the SR1 can move something like 6+ pounds since its gimbal motor is made for full size cameras. It can press extremely hard too. I was going to mention it would probably make a damn good fucking machine. A hell of a lot better than the Handy for it