Trying to get VR to work with script player not sure why

i dont know how to do it i spent like 2 hours the other day trying to get script player to run with deoVR but im not sure

I’m pretty sure they dropped their API so you can’t use external programs with DeoVR. Stupid move imo but it’s their call. You can use Heresphere/Whirligig/Pigasus as alternative tho.

Edit: Found it:

what one do you recommend because here sphere is $20 and that is crazy high due to almost all players are free

You can get the Heresphere demo for free, it has full functionality for now.

one final question how do i connect it to scriptplayer

Not sure which headset you have but it should be possible over WiFi or via cable connected to PC.

vive cosmos elite

i dont have any other way of reading scripts so SP is all i have

In this case I’m pretty sure you just need to install Heresphere, open Scriptplayer and select DeoVR as a video player and you should be good to go.

ok ill try that

it says not connected do i have to do anything specific

They didn’t drop anything? (yet)
MultiFunPlayer still works just fine.

Finally everything is connected thank you husky you have saved me 10’s of more unnecessary hours wasted

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