What's the limit for the 'Loli' tag?

I almost finished scripting this video:


It won my Patreon’s August poll.

And I was planning on posting as a paid script…

Is this video too risky to be uploaded here?

I just wanted to make sure since I didn’t see any realistic cgi loli animation from here before.

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Title spelled her age… Well this is too bad.


Holy shit…

FBI Open up

Hold on, this seems to be a mistranslation.

The katakana actually spelled “Junia-aidorul” (Junior Idol). The guy who made the subtitle mistaken it as “Juuni-aidoru” (Twelve-years-old Idol).

They then subbed the rest of the age mentions as “12”. Which are actually sensored by beep.

So basically there’s no lore confirming the heroine’s age.


Thx for the detailed information about this subject.

Now I gotta wait for the moderator’s response to this.

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It’s got its RJ number. Looks like the DLsite staff thought this was okay
σ`∀´) Japan

However it has also been tagged loli on the product page. So I assume this isn’t safe.

No real child pornography or bestiality is allowed. Anything that’s realistically styled (usually 3D) is also not allowed.

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It’s abhorrent to me that “you people” care about the technicality of a title, and not what the content actually is. Just because a child wasn’t harmed in the making of animated pedophilia, doesn’t mean children aren’t harmed because of it’s existence. The question shouldn’t be “can you get away with it”, but “should you be a decent human being”.


Sorry for the bad news…

I think Hell already has a spot for me…


Next to mine


Feels like one of those “If you have to ask, the answer is no.” kind of things.

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It’s like a meme in Japanese where they don’t say things like JK (女子高生 or high school student) out loud and they censor it, almost as if to spit in the face at Japanese censorship itself, even when it’s written in plain Japanese what the word is. It’s indeed 12歳 so age 12.

Honestly, this 3D hentai is like less cursed than some of the actual loli stuff that’s been posted here, imo, but I guess because it’s imitating real-life JAV stuff it’s no bueno.

Which is a shame, because I was looking forward to doing what I do and posting the 1080p HQ version of this once shbek posts the script :sob:

Had it sitting in my folder for some years

i mean its not real so it shouldn’t be an issue. its also while 3d not realistically styled its anime styled so i think its fine. although i prefer 100% anime styled cunny myself xD


we’ve debated this a lot in another topic and internally. If I recall, when it comes to fiction, it’s impossibly difficult to make any specific rules because you can always conjure up a fictional edge case that challenges the rules.

the current rule is that generally stuff is okay if it’s obviously not real, but mods reserve the right to remove things at our own discretion


By accepting, and normalizing this, you cause life destroying harm to children. Fuck you.


Maybe i’m being a noob, but i tried jdownloader and x9buddy, how do you download from avgle?

You’ve got it precisely backwards. Providing an outlet for people who involuntarily feel an attraction to young children increases safety.

If no child was involved in the production, it is not, by definition, child pornography, and no children were hurt. I’m aware that some backwards legal jurisdictions in the world have laws on the books that contradict this fact, but that’s an issue for residents of those nations.

If you, like me, don’t care for such content, just skip it. Like you do for everything else you’re not interested in.


Yes, true. You don’t choose what you like and what you don’t, as long as nobody gets harmed, there should be no issue. The blacklist exists for a reason if it’s not to ones liking.

And one misunderstanding I’d like to point out… Lolicon ≠ Pedophilia, there is a difference between them. It’s not about age, it’s more about short height and a petite/cute appearance.


please keep this focused on the original topic question

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To me this doesn’t look any more ‘questionable’ than the average loli content. I’d say it’s fine to post but I’m no mod of course.

(Look prettty good actually, hopefully you will post the script :stuck_out_tongue: )


The script is already uploaded on my Patreon. I just didn’t posted as a paid script post over here.