What's the point of paid-media tag?

What’s the point of paid-media tag if people are gonna post free links under the post anyway? Kinda makes it pointless, because everything can be aquired for free if you try hard enough…

We have posts tagged as paid-media with free links and we have posts with free links that are no longer intact so in the end they turn out to be a paid-media post, you know what I mean.


For me I use it as a instant clarification that it’s probably a video from a sub site (most VR are anyway so yes, the tag then is moot) and that there will not be a link to a site like PH etc. Quick easy way for me to decide whether to actually check the post out or not.

What I find more strange is people saying don’t post free links. Unless they work for the company, what does the poster care either way? Makes no sense unless they getting commission from the company per video sale or sub sign up. Otherwise get over themselves, who cares and what difference to the OP does it make?


I remember reading somewhere on the forum that it is to protect the website from being taken down, since having too many free links contribute to the piracy thing and is a sufficent reason for legal action to happen, if the corresponding studios decided to.

Nah, the free links are not gonna make the difference since the video is hosted somewhere else anyway. The bigger issue might be the photos, gifs etc. that are hosted on eroscripts.

For me paid-media tag just takes unnecessary space and the number of tags is limited.

@Maviarab interesting, so you don’t even look on a script even if it might interest you because it has paid-media tag? Trying to understand the reasoning here, because downloading free video can sometimes be a hassle too, talking about less popular free sites.

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The video would have to be exceptionally special with an exceptionally special girl for me to go out of my way to find something now…otherwise I’ll just pass. Is interesting, saw someone the other day comment that they were getting fed up with VR as pretty much every scene and girl is the same. It’s true, what I also feel so something really has to stand out to get my attention now which is a long-winded way of answering you with no, most of the time I won’t bother looking. When I do, unless can find it within a minute or so, I’ll pass again, better things to do with my time.

As for some annoying free links…yeah, if can’t grab it with jdownloader or videodownloadhelper I’ll pass again, unless it looks to be a pretty amazing video then I’ll try 9xbuddy as a last resort. Otherwise, again, I’ll stop wasting my time trying to get it, just another porn video at the end of the day, I’d probably most likely be disappointed with it anyway. I would say I end up deleting 95%+ of all I download these days. (and on that, I have started scripting ‘what I like’ so hopefully soon can give back to the community).

My taste has become rather eclectic over the years and generally I have little interest in anything under 10/15 mins anymore either. As for paid stuff, I had a sub to one site once but that money is better spent elsewhere now, porn sites are far from cheap given what they actually give you (in say a direct comparison to any other similar non porn streaming site etc). Now this can also lead onto (from my price comment) that if you can’t afford it, suck it up and go without like with anything else in life and that would be an incredibly fair point. I’m all for supporting companies to a point, where the cost seems worthwhile but we are rapidly living a world where we can barely afford our utility bills and food, so something has to give.

I think in 2022 even porn companies accept that porn, online and internet and 3 words now synonymous with each other lol, which leads to another interesting question for me which I’ve thought about for years, how the hell do porn companies actually make any money? Are there really that many people actually subbing to them?

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I see, now I’m curious if we could maybe add some tags for media duration and increase the tag limit by 1 so it’s easier to filter the scripts. I think we could divide it into “<10min”, “10-20min”, “20-30min”, “30-60min”, “>60min” maybe?

Getting back to the point - in my opinion paid-media tag is very unclear if it’s relevant or not. You might miss on something because it has the tag but in reality there is a bunch of free links in comments. That’s what annoys me a little. It’s almost impossible to moderate the topic’s tags so it would always be up to date.

How about some guidelines that requrie scripters to name the topic in a specific order? Something like [Pornstar] - [Name] - [Pornsite]. We could try to enforce the proper naming of the posts so the tags only describe the video itself. If someone provides a links for the paid video he could always add something like [Brazzers / Pornhub] or [Brazzers / Mega]. This way you instantly know if the links are provided and how so you don’t have to bother if the site makes it hard to get the video.

Edit: Still makes it kinda unclear if the links are added in the comments, but I dunno, sounds better than it is now.

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I think both of those ideas work for tags if feasible, anything to immediately filter out what someone wants/isn’t interested in would be a good idea in my opinion. You also make a fair point about the paid tag, I agree often times I have checked a post and there have been links to free sites so you are quite correct yes in your comments.

May exist but not realised how to do it, I’d also like a way to filter out tags I don’t want to see too…

It exists:


Perfect, thanks Husky.

Its because in most countries its illegal to do so. Even if you arent hosted the pirated content, spreading out a link to that can still be considered as participating in piracy. Sure, plenty of people wont care (and especialy on niche sites its unlikely you will be cought), but it doesnt change the issue.

2nd to that, downloading from those alternative sources is often also illegal. So even if there is a free link, it doesnt matter, even if that video is on a normaly legal site. Since you were made aware of it being paid content. But again, this differs per country.

The exception is ofcourse when the original site decided to upload it themselve on the site as a sort of ‘promotional content’ thing (which usualy is temporary).

Some countries can be very harsh at these piracy parts, so for them, even with the free links, its welcome if the tag is there. As it can still avoid them in getting into trouble. While a site like this appears anonymous, it usualy isnt entirely (there are quite a number of things they can track on, even if you use a vpn. and it takes only 1 mistake to reveal your identity).

So its good that the tag is there, just for that purpose.

All that however is at the discretion/authority of the mods/site owners, not normal users to dictate (with regards to people saying don’t post free links on their posts)…not the tag itself.

Its not even down to the site owners to dictate all that. Since many things can already be required by law.

In most cases when site owners dictate things, is when they want to exclude legal content, because they dont see that content as welcome for the target base they intent to have (18+ content in social media is often not wanted for that reason, until they have the resources to safely manage it).

One key aspect is promoting piracy, as that took down TPB. But it took that long to ‘take it down’, simply because they had to prove they were promoting it. As simply linking to such content cant be prove of it being legal or illegal. Even if the link might be suspicious, or when it was taken down at several locations, its still no guarantee (promotions might restrict videos only to certain platforms. and in some countries its allowed to send a video through mega, in order to avoid exceeding certain download or uploda limits - and zero rating is a very big offender of these things).

For a simple forum owner, its impossible to do all these things, and it cant be expected that they ever can (as it would make 90% of the forums worldwide unmanagable). These things are realy that complex. And while the paid content might be an indicator, its still no guarantee either.

But one thing that most countries that speak english have in common is that linking towards such content is illegal, hence these warnings are a valid thing.

And even without that, you can still hold the argument of ‘even if its legal, the owner might not get any income which you might not want to cause’. A very common argument when people buy keys for games on steam from shady sites.

The tag just assists, and by that can be very helpful for some users.

EDIT: and is that the point of the tag? Probably not, but sometimes things do end up being better than expected

i think the original intention was for people who post scripts, with only links to the paid videos, and explicitly ask people to not post free link

whether or not other users obey that request is a different issue, and if not people should be flagging those posts

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So it should only be used by people who don’t want to see free links under the post? Would be nice to make it clear because a lot of people for sure use it wrong then.

oddly enough, i don’t actually know if the people who use the paid-media tag are fully overlapped with people who ask to not post free link

if so, then the OP of the topic almost certainly wrote to not post free links in the comments

Yeah I don’t get that either. :man_shrugging: I try to post links as much as possible so that others can enjoy their work. Maybe some people just like being hall monitors. :rofl: We could have a “:skull_and_crossbones:do not post free links under penalty of death :skull_and_crossbones:” tag. This way members can block those posts if they so choose.

Additionally we could have a “source posted and alive” tag. Not only would the topic creator be able to include this tag, but members over level 3(?) would be able to keep this status updated as links die and become reborn again. This would also allow members to follow the tag and get notifications. However, I have to point out, that unless this has very recently changed, you essentially can’t follow and block tags at the same time.

more somewhat related convos in

So what I’m hearing is there’s a lot of inconsistency in both rules and individual topic messaging around when the OP topic has free links or not, and if/when people can link free links in the replies.

Here are somethings I’m thinking about, please give me your feedback:

  • change the #paid-media tag into something like #no-free-links or #no-unofficial-links
    • though this is not super noticeable, so I wouldn’t solely rely on this tag
  • remove the #direct-dl tag
  • add something to the new script template that VERY CLEARLY calls out no sharing other links. Scripters can delete that text if they as they’re filling out the template if they choose.
  • potentially start enforcing short bans for people who do not follow these guidelines, maybe only for repeat offenders

Tangentially related, I got a bunch of upscaled and interpolated videos but so far, no script authors have replied to say whether I can provide the links on their post…

I understand upscaling videos is a contentious topic in general in the context of piracy, but it is kind of a shame that I’m not able to share it since it could offer a better experience than the original source. The example I have are for the VirtualPorn videos. The source videos have terrible framerate at 30fps.