Best interactive sex toy as a couple?

hey , we are a couple and we was thinking about getting a interactive sextoy as a couple to spice up the love life .
are there any alternatives for a woman to get a sexmachine that plays those funscripts if i read the filename right ?
and for a man what should you suggest Kiiroo , handy or osr2/SR6 ?
we would like to know what is the best possible option as a couple/married .
Kisses and greetings from Dani and Joeri

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pay attention to this:

judging by the description, it is compatible with interactive videos.
also it can be used to control kiiroo keon.
besides, they have discounts now, a good time to buy

or you can use keon with this

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that is actually cool but the keon does cost a lot in my opinion

all popular toys cost quite a lot, here are 2 topics, there are more options collected, you can try to choose from this

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thank you :blush: i will look into that before buying something impulsive :smirk:

I have a handy. Its generally the favorite around here. Because it uses the strap, Ive put a long dildo in it and used it on my girlfriend. She loves it.