Best VR setup?

I currently have a launch. I have been wanting a handy. I also want to try VR. Which VR headset is best? Which VR site would you recommend? I really need someone to guide me to the right path.

Edit 1: Purchased Quest2+Handy+handsfree setup mention by realcucumber

I don’t have a PC. I’m still thinking about which site to purchase for Vr content with scripts.


Start reading some of the existing threads on the same topic. The first one is a thread from Oct so it’s up-to-date. The other two are 1+ year old so maybe not fully up-to-date (might have been new product releases after that, e.g. HTC Vive Pro 2).

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I think you should perhaps consider how much money you want to spend.

VR headset have huge range from “somewhat affordable” to “really expensive”…

I have just purchased the quest 2, handy, and also the handsfree setup that realcucumber mention.

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Do you mind linking to the handsfree set up that real cucumber posted about for the handy? I find one he posted about for the Keon, but not the handy.


Awesome, and thank you! I’d love to hear your impression of that hands free mount after you’ve used it!

I have a Occulus Quest 2.
Used with VirtualDesktop to connect to my PC.
It’s awesome


@Justscrolling Your life is about to change my friend :wink:

When I got my handy+VR, I said to my girlfriend : byby, I din’t need you anymore :sweat_smile:

Get a pc. :slight_smile: the quality of life improvement from being able to run Scriptplayer and Bluetooth is too good. A dirt cheap pc would be enough.

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Great suggestions guys

For brand new guys into VR and interactive, I would highly recommend the Handy + Quest 2 being all you need at a minimum for best bang for your buck and for a very high quality immersive experience setup

This is perfect especially if you dont have a PC or any higher end graphics card

Heres the links to those handsfree items for really quick and easy handsfree setup:

@Justscrolling - As for best VR content with ongoing excellent variety of scripts, I would of course recommend Sexlikereal’s → Interactive Scripts + Premium Bundle

It gives you unlimited streaming of over 640+ scripts (very beneficial for Quest users) or you buy scripts individually if preferred here → Interactive sex toys VR Porn Videos Interactive sex toys VR Sex | SexLikeReal

Its less than $9.99 a month that goes towards scripts sub - More details about how it works here:

Feel free to ask if you have any further questions at all


@Realcumber Thanks for the detailed breakdown and your scripting talents!

I have a Quest 2/Handy/SLR sub. Very easy and rocks my world lol. I’m also paying attention to others that are commenting about higher end setups. Good to know for down the road. Is the quality on a PC setup that much better than a Quest 2?


So I would say the 2 main advantages to higher end setups would require different headsets and higher end graphics cards and different toys (which still come with some tradeoffs so all depends on preferences):

  • FOV (really nice for natural peripheral vision to feel like you are there more)
  • Smoother frame rate (120hz - less stutter and more smoother lifelike motion especially during fast movement)
  • 1 to 1 true motion for Deeper Stroking + Subtle/complex movement playback (OSR2) (Although Handy toy does quite well)

Its important to keep in mind though that the Quest 2 has pretty important wireless freedom where higher end PC headsets and OSR2 will need to be wired and a little bit more of a hassle free to setup

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