🆕 Brand New Kiiroo Sex Toy just released - the Power Blow! Now Supported with Scripts at SLR!

NEW! → Kiiroo’s New PowerBlow is Now Officially Supported through Haptics Connect app at SLR!

You can also buy NEW POWERBLOW Bundles which are additionally discounted for the next 24 hours!

Hey Everyone, Just wanted to give you all a Headsup in case on some exciting news today!

Today Kiiroo just released a Brand New Interactive Haptic Sex Toy Add-On device → PowerBlow | Kiiroo !

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I’ve personally tested the device - the suction is really nice and a very welcome feature!

There are several degrees of suction/intensity (I personally enjoy the maximum amount)

The best things about this device:

  • very inexpensive,
  • quiet and compact
  • fits to the end of ANY fleshlight case or Kiiroo case!
  • bluetooth automated support (hopefully soon native SLR haptics support)

When the suction is activated - it really adds another layer to blowjob sensations, but also adds another dimension of tightness and grip, especially when paired with the 2 special new and improved sleeves made just for the Powerblow!

My favorite one so far is → FeelVictoria Collection ǀ Kiiroo

(I don’t normally prefer big lips visually in real life or on screen, but these lips and the blowjob texture somehow made the Victoria sleeve my favorite new go-to sleeve!)

The other 2 I haven’t tried yet but Im sure would go exrta well with the Power Blow are:

If you are looking for more items to bundle together, here are some of my personal favorite recommendations:


Could theoretically work with a SR6 as long as there are no clearance issues?

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Welp I guess it’s time to buy a Kiirroo now


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Back on topic, why does it say only a few of their strokers are compatible with the PowerBlow so far?

I have not used any suction devices for the OSR2, does this work similarly? Would the .suck scripts sync with this toy the same way the Tempest device does?

Those listed above are just specifically designed for native use with the Power Blow (they are better designed have a slightly different mould for use with the Power Blow device in mind)

Any sleeves should work well (“Compatible with strokers from other brands with a similar shape”), but these will work even better as they seem to fill the case a bit fuller
(Also planned to work with currently in development SLR toy)

This might help to better visualize:

Here’s side by side of the major Kiiroo and Fleshlight sleeves you can currently buy:



Nice, I will be checking this out. How would one script for this or does it take the same up and strokes. Does it work with script player? So you would need two Bluetooth connection at the same time, does buttplug support that? I use my Keon sleeve/case with the handy maybe I could do WIFI for the handy and Bluetooth for this toy. But not sure script player will allow


I’m definitely curious about the same things. I’d love to use this with a script. Could be a big game changer.

If I select the Combo with the sleeve, do I still need to get the new sleeve case or does it come with the combo?

I posted in off-topic about this.

I purchased one to replace the make-shift vacuum attachment I made for my keon/feel stroker setup. The bluetooth interactive function of the PowerBlow was something I was trying to come up with for my setup… now I don’t have to.

It hasn’t shipped yet, but I am anxious for it to arrive.

Obviously I will be modifying the power source of this to use a dedicated power supply just like I did to my Keon… rechargeable batteries just aren’t cut out for this type of stuff.

I am curious on using multi-axis scripts to script the suction along with the stroke motions. I currently have an XBOX One controller tore apart for the vibrations which I mounted the motors to another attachment for my keon stroker… when the stroker is fully down, the vibrations are at their peak… sort of adds a gag vibration to the immersion of it. With the PowerBlow, I was hoping to script a swallow motion and add to the gag reflex vibrations… This will be interesting.

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I think @Tempest can chime in on the answer to that, but I believe he at least mentioned its possibly workable to be able to work the same way through Tcode

It isn’t certain yet, but there are several steps of suction so likely it would be similarly scriptable to different steps/intensities

Last time I recall using buttplug, I think I recall being able to have 2 toys running at once, but not sure if that was my imagination or not

@qdot would be the best to get the clear answer from on that though

@qdot - do you know if support is planned anytime soon for the new Power Blow through your buttplug app?

All Kiiroo sleeves always come with the case (Kiiroo cases are currently only one design - it hasn’t changed and is fully compatible with the Power Blow)

Definitely keep us posted on that setup - being able to have continuous non stop suction power would be killer, and that vibration idea I can imagine would be very immersive for gagging blowjob moments


I just remembered Kiiro refused to answer my support ticket because I used a custom script once which supposedly voids your warranty. Follow up questions were ignored.

Furthermore my first Onyx+ broke after about 2 months. Incredibly shady company.


Sorry to hear that was your experience @Rukker - that definitely was not mine (and hopefully not the norm)

I had about 4 fleshlight launches die on me years ago - as a regular customer, Kiiroo replaced every single one of them with a brand new one, they even replaced my launch with the new Keon when it came out (I just needed to send them a quick video of the issue)

@Rukker PM me directly about your order issue - I’m positive I can restore your faith in their company and get your issue resolved directly with them

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I appreciate the offer but I haven’t used the Onyx since I got the Handy. The support ticket was about the red light issue that occurred when there was no action going on btw and not about replacing any hardware. SLR managed to fix the issue in their player but I don’t know if other players did. I think it even occurred in their own feelme app.

Interesting. Still, I had a Keon and used it like 3 times. It’s so bad at following scripts compared to the handy it’s not even close. Extremely disappointing imo.
Guess this would also work for something like an osr but the servo noise always made hesitate to buy one of those. Maybe the new toy tempest is working on. Can’t wait for an upgrade really.
Cool to see a commercial product for suction though.

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And… it’s gone… It’s sold out.

yeah i found kiiro was really great with stuff like this, i had 2 of mine die, first one they replaced very quickly after i sent them a vid of the problem, and the 2nd they replaced with the keon when it was the new toy, so yeah i got alot of time for there customer service

Using the name im guessing netherlands.

And in that case it highly depends on the script type whether warranty can be voided. In most cases if the script uses an open protocol, it cannot be voided unless the device explicitly mentions it cannot handle certain things. Devices should normaly limit themselve.

Even for the handy, if you are using a full weight fleshlight and go for excessive vibrations, you can damage the internals quickly (wear pattern will indicate this). And in this case it would be voided by using excessive force. But with a handy sleeve, that is not allowed to happen as quickly, and therefor if it still breaks early, you are required to get warranty (or they have to limit the device or warn about certain usage causing excessive wear).

Ignoring further questions is on that enough of a reason to go to consumer protecting companies (in the netherlands for example radar or the consumentenbond) to get help. These companies can cause a lot of negative marketing and by scale can often put a lot more pressure on companies.

And note, complete ignorance is a wildcard for the consumer to get warranty applied. As ignorance is an indication of a company not working properly internaly, giving a higher chance of lower quality devices leaving the factory.

That a company is US oriented on that doesnt matter if they target the sales towards the EU (which by displaying the euro as option) they already need to follow the EU rules. But to go further, as they provide ideal, they must obey dutch laws.

And on that, since they say amsterdam, its NL oriented. So on that it should be even easier.

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I just got to use the power blow and the new Victoria mouth sleeve last night and it can provide some strong suction. The biggest issue is when movement starts happening. The sleeve and the case together starts making a loud whistling/slurping noise. Kind of really takes you out of the moment and forget about keeping things quiet. The motor itself is pretty quiet and you can hide the noise under the sheets but as soon as you start the movement action and the whistle and slurping noise starts going…ummm…not so quiet anymore.

It was interesting but like other said programming for it will be interesting.

I didn’t feel anything until it was on maximum power and it’s fine if you don’t move but if you start to thrust it breaks the seal and then you have to start all over again.

Could just be me too. I’ll have more opinions once I can test it some more but the new sleeve is really nice!