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Update 2023: it’s gone as the system got greatly abused :disappointed_relieved:

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With economy going shit (COVID, war, bad economists, rich are getting richer, poor are getting poorer like never before) and VR becoming more mainstream it’s probably a good time to implement low rate tier for SLR products.

User will see a join page option “Can’t afford? Claim lower rate”

They will have to verify their account and select the claim reason like:

  • public service, military or government worker
  • student
  • low income
  • current cash shortage
    with don’t want to respond option.

They will get 9.99/mo and 99.99/annual offer (likely the same for scripts).

For sure the system could be abused, but we should give it a try and see how it works.

Really curious to hear your ideas. Will take some few months to release as we are badly stuck with everything. In the meantime you can enjoy SexLikeReal deal: Get the best VR porn discounts for the 2022 holidays and 2023

Just to give you an idea SLR barely makes any profits for the past 7 years, and everything we make is re-invested back into people.


This is a step that will make VR porn massively more accessable to normal people and will help catapult it into the mainstream within the next few years when the metaverse takes off and many more people will have access to VR headsets.

I really hope greed doesn’t ruin this. I don’t know whether it would be practical to verify people’s claims but that may help prevent abuse of the system. Or even just adding some hoops to jump through, requiring a few emails back and forth so that it’s not worth the effort for people that can afford the normal pricing


As Inventiv said, this would be a huge step in the direction of helping VR porn join the mainstream of porn.

There definitely will be some losses with a minority abusing the system by getting content for cheaper, but those people would likely have gone the pirate route in the first place so even that can see some ROI.

If you think about Apple as an extreme example, I know many people who can’t afford an Apple product and should not have one, yet they do because of payment plans that are seen as affordable. While an extreme example, that provides a different type of product that everyone uses daily, VR porn on the other hand hasn’t reached that level of usage so it needs help being pushed into the limelight, with affordability being one of the main concerns for people.

In addition many can’t afford the expensive subscriptions to VR sites despite having VR headsets (myself being an example until a few months ago, while I’ve had a headset for about a year), while I am sure I would’ve foregone the hassle of “alternative sources” if the subs were in a lower range which I could justify in terms of usage and content.

In the end it really feels like a step in the right direction and while it may be masochistic in the beginning, it will eventually yield great results, after all sex has been one of the main reasonings for people and animals since our inception and I doubt it will change any time soon.


I can afford 100-120€/year so this would allow me to keep my subscription active instead of subbing for a month and unsubbing again 2-3 times a year. Sounds fastastic and the only difference for SLR would be that I have access to your site all the time instead of for 3 months only. Thank you!


I’m a paid subscriber with pretty comfortable finances ( for now) and I think this is an excellent idea, with that said I am curious do they also get to download 3 scripts a month like those of us who currently pay for the plan do and even if they do that’s fine but then I would ask are there any plans to increase the download limit for the monthly normal rate subscribers?


Well, i live in a country where the minimum wage is around 290$ per month, of course i have some extra income but i pay to rent 200$ per month. And it makes really difficult to sign up to SLR for me. I’ve been really thinking about getting a subscription but just let’s assume that i bought a monthly subscription for 10$. Even 10$ is much for me per month but at least it could be easier and more sustainable for people like me and i would definitely try and buy a subscription without hesitation. Not everybody earns in euros or dollars :slight_smile:


Totally understandable.
If you feel you are looking for a deal just message support with suggested monthly or annual rate.

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As a student that don’t have too much money left after rent, phone bill, student literature and food this will be great. Being able to stay subbed instead of having to subscribe, unsubscribe and then resubscribe when I have spare money, especially with access to scripts since I’m running free scripts only currently to save some change except one individual script I bought of SLR, would be great. Hopefully everything works out and people who don’t need it won’t abuse!


For those interested. Just did this myself.

Messaged SLR and got a reply within 2 hours with a code. Doesnt include the scripts yet but have been advised they are going to be adding this soonish for a small extra amount. Not sure if im meant to say what the rate is currently so I wont but its decent.

If this became the price point for the Streaming model they want to move to it’s more than reasonable.

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Feel free to apply for discounted rate Contact us | SexLikeReal :+1:

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You should be able to upgrade to scripts as well

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FYI @everyone
There are no $19.99 annual offers. SLR support will not give you these as they don’t have any codes for them.

Fixed that :+1:

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@doublevr just applied recently, still haven’t gotten a code. Is this still a thing?

last i asked half a year ago they only offered me $12.99/month which im not able to afford.
If the $19.99 annual comes back ill be interested in signing up

Did the WINTERCOMBO promo expire? It’s not showing up for me

The dirt cheap is gone as it got greatly abused.
Use SexLikeReal deal: Get the best VR porn discounts for the 2022 holidays and 2023 instead.
Keep in mind you can’t reuse the codes

Understood - what I’m saying is that the yearly discount w/ scripts discount code “WINTERCOMBO” doesn’t seem to be working. The other codes seem fine.

The discount codes in the blog should be updated shortly (the “WINTER” ones were turned off a week or so ago), but please give it a day or two before checking as it hasn’t yet been updated.

@justsomedude101 Are there any discounts on the monthly + scripts?