How to buy the Vorze U.F.O TW from outside Japan

What is the U.F.O?
The U.F.O is a nipple massager made by Vorze that spins an attachment that rub against your nipples. Vorze sells 3 models; UFO SA, UFO MOBILE, UFO TW. The UFO SA was the de-facto UFO, but it’s been discontinued and the UFO TW takes its place. The UFO Mobile is a cheaper, smaller model that I’ve read good things about, HOWEVER, they are not able to run scripts. For this guide, I will be referring to the UFO TW, but you can also follow the same steps for the Mobile.

As far as I know, the U.F.O models are only available in Japan (though I’ve seen listings on some websites for insane markups). And is notorious for how hard it is get one. So I’ve decided to create a guide from what I was able to figure out.

Why should I get a UFO
Voice Works
There are a ton of groups in Japan who make erotic audios or “Voice Works”, and one popular genre is nipple teasing/training. You can find these audios on DLsite and you can get scripts for these audios on Fantia.
Falafel has a great post on How to Get Scripts from Fantia.
If you know Japanese, I highly recommend trying out Voice Works.


Japanese Adult Videos
In a lot of JAVs, the actress will play with your nipples so having that extra level of immersion where you can actually feel them touch your nipples really elevates the experience. Afesta has scripts for the UFO, but you can’t download them (afaik), you have to use their media player, and you can’t use them in conjunction with the Vorze Cyclone/ Piston or a Handy. If someone knows how to download these scripts let me know PLEASE


How to buy
The UFO TW can be bought from NLS for 50,820 JPY ($335 USD as of October 2023). However, they don’t ship internationally, nor do they take non-Japanese issued credit and debit cards. But there are a few ways around this.

The toy can also sometimes be found on through Yahoo! Japan Auction. If you go down this route, you won’t have to go through the steps below, Buyee takes Visa and is able to ship internationally. But the UFO TW doesn’t appear that often on the site, and they have usually been used. If you’re okay with waiting and if used sex toys don’t bother you, then this might be the way to go.

NLS doesn’t ship internationally so you will have to use a proxy purchasing service. I used Tenso.

In order to use Tenso, you must provide them with a proof of residence (your drivers license, or a credit card invoice) to show that you live at the address that you’re shipping to. If you’re uncomfortable with sharing that kind of information, then your real only choice is to use

Keep in mind Tenso charges a hefty fee, I was charged $70 for my package
Use Tenso’s Calculator to check for your county.

Check your countries customs laws. Make sure they don’t ban imports on Sex Toys. If you’re in the US, you are all good.

NLS has 5 methods of payment: Cash on Delivery, Japanese Convenience Store Deferred Pay, Credit Card, LINE Pay, and Bank Transfer.

Convenience Store Deferred Pay
Through this method, you are able to pay via a local convenience store. However, this is not possible for obvious reasons.

Cash on Delivery
This is where you pay the delivery person when they bring you your package, however Tenso refuses any packages that come to them by this method. There may be other services that accept it and charge you, but I haven’t been able to find any.

Credit Card
NLS only accepts Japanese issued credit cards and debit cards. Even supposed international cards are blocked by their payment system. However, according to customer support, they do accept non JCB prepaid debit cards. So if you’re able to find a prepaid Japanese Visa gift card online, then this may be an option for you. (I haven’t tested this method so I can’t say with 100% certainty that this will work)

LINE Pay is a service that the LINE messenger app offers in some Asian countries. Its use is restricted by where the phone number that was used to create the account is from. So if you have a phone number from an eligible country, this might be a good method to go about it (but I don’t know the details about LINE Pay so there may be other restrictions on it, like what type of card you can add to the account for example).

Bank Transfer
This is the method I used. You transfer the amount of your order to NLS’s bank account and they use the name on the transfer and the amount of the transfer to match it against your order.
My bank doesn’t offer international transfers so I used Wise.
After you place your order and set this as your payment option, NLS emails you information on where to transfer your money to. The below information may change in the future so always check the info in the email

  1. After creating your Wise account, click “Send money” at the top left. Make sure you make your Wise account under the same name as your NLS account

  2. Enter the amount in Yen. Be sure to enter the exact amount of your NLS order. Wise has a feature where they make sure that amount exactly is sent regardless of fluctuations in exchange rate.


  3. Choose Business or Charity

  4. Enter their details:

Their email:

Name of the business / organisation: エヌエルエス
Bank name: [ゆうちょ銀行] Japan Post Bank
Branch name: [〇五八店] 058
Account Type: Savings/General
Account Number: 7020698

Their address can be found at their company page but I’ve written it below, to make it easier to copy and paste.
Country: Japan
City: Hanamigawa Ward
Recipient Address: 〒262-0013 千葉県千葉市花見川区橋町1664-15
Prefecture: Chiba
Post Code: 262-0013

  1. After you confirm your details, it will ask you what this is for. Choose “Payment for Product” and add whatever description you think is appropriate.
    For origin and destination, you can put NLS’s business address and your Tenso Address.

Once payment has been confirmed they will send you an email.
[With Google Translate on]
My email came about 30 hours after I made my transaction.

Conclusion / Review
I’ve had a Lovense Gemini before, and while it did feel pretty good, I’ve found that it can be a bit lacking. If you have it on too lightly, it will fall off during extended play, and if you have it on too hard, then your nipples get sore after a while. In addition, mine came with really strong smell that I could never get rid of.

I bought 2 additional attachments along with my UFO TW, and all together it cost me $445.16 ($374.25 on NLS and $70.91 to ship it). While the UFO TW is pricey, the pleasure it gives is on a whole nother level compared to the Gemini. I don’t know how to best describe it, but the Gemini’s like a phone speaker and the UFO TW is like bookshelf speakers hooked up to a 1000W amp. I put on a voicework and a script for it from Fantia, and it actually FELT like the person was there. If you don’t believe me, believe the numbers; this device was sold out in Japan for the first few months after it came out.

Given that the UFOs are basically two stepper motors, a controller, and a rubbery enclosure, I really didn’t think the high price tag made that much sense. But there is a lot of nuance in the design of the UFOTW.

  1. The heater included in the charging dock is underrated. Once it’s heated up, the UFOs feel very comfortable against my body. They feel less like things attached to my chest, and more like an extension of my body.
  2. The cups are really good at staying on your chest, as long as you don’t bend down (forming an air gap between the cups and your body), the cups stay on pretty firmly. They’ll fall if you start doing jumping jacks, but they’ll stay on if you walk across the room.
  3. The attachments are surprisingly soft. I expected them to be stiffer, more finger-like, but I really think they hit the perfect balance between stiffness, texture, and flexibility. If anything, most of their R&D went into the material science for the attachments.
  4. The stepper motors also have really good torque, I can press them pretty hard against my body and they’ll keep spinning.

Unfortunately, the hum of the motors in the UFOs is pretty high pitch so it gets through active noise canceling (in my headphones atleast), but it’s quite enough that I can ignore it. What also sucks is that most UFO scripts are paid, and most of the back catalog is made for the UFO SA, which didn’t have independent spinning of the left and right. Afesta, for example, has only UFO SA scripts, so when they only touch one nipple in the JAV, it spins both sides. Don’t get me wrong, it still feels good, but it isn’t immersive. One thing I want to see change, is better and more accessible scripts for JAVs. I plan on trying to make my own, and if I do and I’m happy about their quality, I will be posting them on Eroscripts, so keep your eyes out :eyes:. But first I need to build out some tools, since Intiface only allows rotation in one direction, there isn’t a way to play UFO CSVs on DeoVR, and OpenFunscripter doesn’t really have the tools to script rotations.

Also if there’s any information that I should add or change, please let me know. I’ve been lurking on Eroscripts for a long time, but this is the first time I’ve ever posted. Hope this post was helpful.

How long did it take for your UFOTW to come?
I was able to get mine 8 days after my payment was confirmed.


Thanks for this guide. I’ve been malding for a long time because I couldn’t get my hands on one of these toys. Do they not like money?

Edit: Quick question are you able to connect the handy to the Afesta media player and use the piston scripts?

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I don’t believe so, but I’ve never tested. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Just checked the only options for connectable devices they give are these:

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literally just got a ufo TW like 2 weeks ago, its pretty godtier when combined with vorze piston & + version

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Do you use intiface or something else to run scripts?

Actually the real question I want to ask is if u were able to get the vorze piston and ufo working at the same time with 4Dimension Player

I found a version of it on amazon jp . i think it’s not the app controlled one, but it’s still a vorze UFO.
here it is:

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Yep, saw it as well, but its been out of stock for a while. Also you can’t use funscripts with it which is lame :confused:

I used to use intiface+scriptplayer, but now i use SyncPlayerBLE.

I find this software better suited towards vorze products.

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What type of script did you load when using intiface and were you able to connect more than just a UFOTW? I want to use UFOTW together with handy but I don’t think SyncPlayerBLE supports non vorze product

u can trial syncplayerble, from fantia helphat, only plays like first 3 minutes of script. Havent owned a handy before, so i cant answer that part.

funscript and csv should work for supported devices on syncplayerble as long as u name the extension correctly for example “videosnamehere_UFOplus.csv or videonamehere_UFOplus.funscript” should play

I found 2 script players for the UFOTW:

This one lets you play multiple scripts for multiple devices, but it’s kinda buggy and its paid. It has trouble connecting to the UFOTW, and if your handy gets disconnected, it doesn’t automatically reconnect it.

This one is free but it only plays UFO scripts.