[MountBatten] Avy & Oniichan's Honey Moon v1.2 | *Multi-Axis Update!*


:ledger: Update Details

This update adds additional .roll and .pitch scripts for multi-axis support. Tested on a budget OSR2+.


These additional scripts will specifically affect:

  • The 2 fixed starting animation (pitch + roll movements)
  • Avy’s rotational grinding animation (pitch + roll movements)
  • Avy’s back-forth grinding animation (pitch movement)
  • Avy’s smashing animation (pitch towards)
  • Avy Orgasm (pitch away)

:package: Installation

If you have not installed the mod before or is starting fresh, please visit the following topic:

If you have installed the mod before, simply add the additional scripts into the scripts folder of Funscript Player.

To use your OSR2/SR6 with Funscript Player, open “appsettings.json” in your Funscript Player’s folder. Set “ConnectionMethod” to “OSR”.

	"ConnectionMethod":  "OSR",			// Options: Buttplug or OSR

Scroll down to “COMPort”, enter the USB port number your device is connected through (eg. COM3)

		"COMPort": "COM3",

:inbox_tray: Mod Download

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:loudspeaker: Promo

No Multi-axis toy? Have one built for you!


That’s awesome. Now I just wish I had a multi-axis toy :smiling_face_with_tear:

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thank you so much for a multi-axis update!

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For those wondering, the first preview image had inverted roll when I recorded it. It has been fixed before uploading the mod.

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Is there a way to use the Syncbot this ?

No. Unless Syncbot receives Buttplug.io support it can’t be used with FunscriptPlayer.

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