MyLittleBastard Funscript Player 1.0.6 (DEMO)

Hi everyone,

See revision 1.0.6 of my program :smiling_face_with_3_hearts:
(The revision 1.0.5 had bugs, the 1.0.6 is the replacement)

What new in 1.0.6 (Replacement of 1.0.5)

  • Possibility to move medias between directories
  • Faster and more stable thumbnails extraction
  • The programme is now 200 MB smaller
  • Some bugs solved
    • Menu title misplaced with most of screen resolution
    • Freeze during thumbnail extraction
    • Blank HeatMap
    • Other (See Releases notes in the menu)
    • Impossible to extract thumbnail (Resolved in 1.0.6)
    • Imcompatible with some Regional setting (Resolved in 1.0.6)

Main Features

  • Video Player and Funscript Player as one single program
  • Medias Explorer with thumbnails and heatmaps
  • Bluetooth and Wifi communication
  • Local server (Funscrip uploading on wifi)
  • Button to calcul the offset and memorize it for the future uses (Wifi only)
  • Full screen and windowed mode
  • Random mode
Secondary features
  • Possibility to set a background image
  • New setting to remember the last zoom in Medias Explorer
  • Possibility to move and delete medias in Medias Explorer
There is some feature I plane to add
  • Favorite list
  • Play lists
  • Memorize Volume / PlayRate / StrokeMinMax for each individual medias
  • Markers / Chapiters
  • GamePad (Maybe, it will depend of demand)
  • WarmUp (Begin video at low StrokeMax then step up during the playback)
  • Vibrator (Maybe, it will depend of demand)
Also, the Funscript Player is just the first mode that I want to made.

The next mode will be a HMV mode where a music will be played at background and many small video will be play successively, at the same time of the background :

  • Video synchronized or not with the music
  • Each time, the result will be different
  • Possibility to record the session to play it back
  • Posibility to play a small part of any longer video
  • Bluetooh only
  • And more…

It’s really a big project and I don’t know if I will have the patience and the will to go through with it but I promise to do as much as I can. I think I already have a good job done, I had a lot of fun doing it and I really can’t wait to continue.

Give me your feedback
Ask me any question and don’t hesitate to informe me of all bug you got.
If you have some ideas, I would to know it :smile:

There is my Patreon.

I made a website to answer the most obvious questions :

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Old revisions

MyLittleBastard 1.0.4 (DEMO).rar - Google Drive
What new in 1.0.4

  • Delete media
  • Long click (Maintain mouse down to open context menu)
  • Annoying bug solved (ListView mode in Explorers cause program freeze)

MyLittleBastard 1.0.3 (DEMO).rar - Google Drive
What new in 1.0.3

  • HeatMap
  • Random mode + control of repeating probability
  • More automatic play / upload options
  • Keep media ratio
  • Default thumbnails time
  • Improve icones redimentionning when zooming in Explorers
  • Settings layout more user friendly

MyLittleBastard 1.0.2 (DEMO).rar - Google Drive
What new in 1.0.2

  • Movable windows
  • Local server (Funscrip uploading)

Cant change the Folder Path.


I get this Error Message:

Inexisting Path

When i click on “Open parent directory” i get Error Message: Out of root path

It’s because all videos must be in the Medias location path.
Go to the setting to select yours.

I had to do it like this to reduce the time it takes for my program to list the videos and match them with the correct funscript. Otherwise, I would have had to scan all your hard drives, and the processing time would have been too long.

I will change the message to say Medias location path insted of Rooth path.

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THEY ARE in the Medias location path
Also its Shortcuts not Shorcuts :wink:

Try this :

  1. Close the program

  2. Delete all file in …\MyLittleBastard 1.0.0 (DEMO)\My LIttle Bastard Funscript Player_Data\StreamingAssets\ UserData

  3. Open the program and Verify if the shorcuts are working.

  4. Set your medias location path. Normaly, at this point, a progress bar is supposed to appear at left of the screen (If you have more than ten videos)
    If no bar aprear, it’s normal if the thumbnails has already been extracted. Verify in the thumbnails path mentionned in the settings)

If not working, try to open/close the program.

If not working, send me two thing :

  1. Copy Paste the path of the directory in a Windows explorer (I talk of windows stuff, not mine)
  2. Send me all file in the UserData directory.

Let me know if it’s working

Deleted and Redownloaded MyLittleBastard.

Then i headed straight into the Directory Settings and set up the File Paths. ALL WORKING NOW!

Please add an Option to change the size or rows of the Thumbnails when youre in the File Explorer.
Folder and Video Icons are pretty BIG

Press Ctrl and use mouse wheel
(I will make that the program remember the zoom for next revision :wink:

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WHOAAAA YOURE A GENIUS!!! :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :pray:
THX that u already added it!

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You make my day.
I do it very very soon :wink:

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Dude! you need to add an option to change the Background! :heart_eyes: :fire:

Witch background?

It’s the video the background, no?

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The blue Background :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s true that if you play a video with a different ratio, you see the background.
I will see what I can do. I don’t think that would be complicated.

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Also a very cool feature would be to be able to move Videos, Shortcuts on the
“Desktop” (Blue Background). You know like on Windows Desktop :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is an Example

I like the idea. But that are realy more complicated than background image.
And this idea goes in the same direction as two of mine : Favorites and PlayList. These list will be display on a panel, probably at left of the screen, and all medias in these list will be jointed with their thumbnail

I have still added your idea on my Notes

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Hi everyone,

See revision 1.0.1 of my program :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

See detail on top of this topic

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OMG thx SO MUCH for adding it!!! :kissing_heart: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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No problem.
That was a cool idea :grinning:

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Tried it a little… This has potential!

There is just one feature I would like to request - script local host. This exists in HandyControl and ScriptPlayer in which the script is hosted locally for the Handy to download (instead of through

This can be helpful to me because it greatly shortens the time it takes to load a script, and reduces disconnects during playback. I think it will benefit many other users as well :yum:

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