Video re-encode/upscale request topic

Hey there, I’ve been noticing a few topics popping up that are requesting a video to be upscaled or of the sort so I decided to make a place for such requests to go with an more set format for doing the requests for those willing to help out. Please search first to see if your video has already been requested or upscaled already.

Do not request for an specific person to do your request.

Due to site ban do not request pubescent loli videos

An example of how the process can go for a short video

This is from a test I did that still holds relevance.

  1. Start with 720p 30FPS 107mb 2min video (6.7kbs bitrate and AVC encoding)
  • Upscale, taking 1 hour (roughly)
  1. 4k (2160p) 30FPS 10.7gb 2min video
  • Interpolate, taking just over 30 mins (roughly)
  1. 4k (2160p) 60FPS 16gb 2min video OR 124mb and 7.8 kbs bitrate if AV1 encoded with no need to do step 4 in this example.
  • Re-encode, taking 15mins (roughly) Often resulting in loss of quality
  1. End with an 4k (2160p) 60FPS 201-344mb (depending on codec) 2min video. (bitrate now 12.7-21.7 Mbs)

Note re-encoding small and low resolution file sizes can be done in a matter of minutes, the above example was to showcase nearly the entire rough process generally. System used for example was an 12th Gen i7 @ 3.6-4.6 ghz + 2080 TI RTX .

The cost of that example was roughly just under 2 hours of the system working hard and barely usable for other activities than web browsing. Another video test I’ve done of an 1080p 25 ish min video ended up taking 2 days to do an 4k and FPS increased version (along with taking up over 200GB of disk space) so I had the following in my face more than once:

As yeeeep…that’s an upscale of an completely different video (roughly 35min long) and you can see it was just after halfway done…meaning estimate at the start was 12-ish hours, which at that time I was expecting the the next steps to take slightly more than 6 hours.

-Note: This did not happen since it seems like fast encoding/interpolating (FPS increase) only really occurs for shorter videos with low bitrate. So the next steps took just as long as the first one, each.

So as a result of that I feel what g90ak has also said in their What is g90ak? How do I upscale/clean videos? topic, could be an understatement for how your experience could go depending on the video (as pressing button doesn’t equal instant good 4k):

So when requesting or thinking about fulfilling a request on this topic please keep this all in mind as if your requesting something to be done quickly, it could easily take more than just a day.
Additionally people fulfilling usually don’t have time to find original versions of your videos so provide the best version you can.

The same goes for fulfilling requests as it’s doubtful you’ll be able to use your computer well at the same time for a few hours minimum while also increasing your electricity bill.
(Also say if you are taking on an request so others don’t take it on)

Request fillers aren’t obligated to find the best version of your video, so supply the original version of the video or closest possible you can find. Otherwise expect bad results if anyone takes on your request. e.g. 480p reupload from xvideos (horrible end result) of an originally 1080p video found on pornhub. (best possible end result)

How to request

Here is a simple copy and paste form for yourself to fill out/change and post below to make it easy to know what your requesting. (if you can’t be bothered to fill it out properly, why should you get this done for free?):

Once again due to site ban do not request pubescent loli videos

If you file contains [Furry] then leave the following in, otherwise remove it and this text:

Disclaimer my request contains [Furry]

  • I want my file / eroscript topic’s video:

    [Upscaled / Downscaled [720p / 1080p / 1440p / 2160p] / Interpolated [0 FPS] / Re-encoded to decrease size]

  • Eroscript topic has the video link, linked here: / Please message me for links / Here are two different links to download the file without an account:

  • I cannot use the following sites to download from:

  • File details are as follows Name: [blank], Length [0 min/sec], Size [0 mb/gb], current resolution [0p], [0 FPS].

  • File Disclaimer: My file does NOT contain anything that breaks the site wide rules.

Once your request has been filled please edited your post to say this via something as simple as Request Fulfilled at the top of your post, so request fillers and requesters know that it’s been completed.

Video doesn't work/stutters/choppy or only audio plays? Look here before complaining.

If a video doesn’t work for yourself please firstly update your computer’s codecs by going to Download K-Lite Codec Pack and download and install the pack, any version will do. This is because encoding like AV1 requires updated codecs to have the video be shown properly or without stuttering…if your hardware can handle it. (some systems will struggle to do 4k 60FPS) So please do these checks.

Please note that people doing this work are well with-in their right to tell you if some part of your request is simply not possible and so will not do the original request, some may offer you alternatives that will work but that is up to them. Presuming they have the time to look at this topic and are willing able to take on an request where you could be asking them to give up hours if not days to do fulfill.


I’m honestly surprised nobody has taken this up! Seems like it would have some demand, but I guess after the throwback event, there isn’t as much stuff that needs it currently.

I’d be happy to help out with taking upscaling requests & also searching the best source material (if I can find something better that the user also provided). :+1: :blush:

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Same here! It’s always nice giving back to the community (:

Yep just waiting for someone to make a request is all, until then doing my own things.

Upscale/FPS increase request topic , Video resolution mega poll and recommended multi-axis script along with single-axis script which is a Fap Hero.

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